Hiiiii, I want some new tack for my new horse and I stumbled upon Equishop. I saw they had a lot of nice things on their website. I also saw that the shop is located in Poland and I want to ship it to the US. Has anyone ordered from here before? and have you shipped it to the US/another country that is not Poland? I just want to make sure it’s a safe website.

Thank you!!!

What can you get better and cheaper including the shipping fees?

I have ordered only once from them and it was a good experience, about 3 years ago. It was a Samshield helmet for a friend and the price was quite good, as I recall. I can’t remember any issue at all, it shipped a day after I ordered and arrived quickly.

Great experience with them recently, even faster shipping than my local tack shop had!

It’s real good :slight_smile: superb prices & fast, responsive customer service (ie answering questions, communication re: orders). Have ordered many times & have been super satisfied. I had a chance to visit their physical shop; great people all-around.

I ordered a Samshield from them because it was around $200 cheaper with shipping than getting one in the states. Had no issues and would definitely order from them again.

I’ve never ordered from overseas. What’s the story with VAT?

Doesn’t apply to US orders. Some kind of tax thing for sales abroad.


VAT=Value Added Tax

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You get it refunded! For Poland, it’s 23%–so, unlike in the USofA, any price you see in, say, a store, is the final price you’ll pay. No tax added onto it at the register.

Since you’re buying outside the EU / in the USofA, you get that 23% subtracted. Once you plug your currency/address into the Equishop site, prices are automatically adjusted down to the price without VAT (or so I’ve found).

Often, when traveling/shopping in Europe, you can fill out a VAT refund form at the register, and then receive your money back at the airport (when flying out of the EU).

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Thanks guys. I knew what it stands for but wasn’t sure how it worked with US orders.

I have used them with no issues at all.

My current favorite overseas source is Equiport (https://www.equiport.co.uk/) - I have had great customer service from them.

Amira Equi has been a good source for me too (https://www.amirashop.co.uk/).

And I know from some old conversations here that some people on COTH have had negative experiences with Just Riding (https://justriding.com/), but I have gotten both Parlanti boots and Equiline breeches from them. Their shipping has been slow, but they are good about keeping in touch with progress reports of getting your item(s) in stock; and, if their website doesn’t automatically remove the VAT, message them and they will send you an invoice to pay with the VAT removed. **Edited to add, I just checked Just Riding’s price on Equiline breeches, and they have skyrocketed since I purchased my last pair in May, 2019 - so they don’t look like a well priced source for those any longer).

Hello I use to sell italian boots (Fellini and Parlanti) in the US with no issues. The reason is the prices wich are advantageous despite cost of freight. These cost are around 60 € (70 $). Don’t hesitate to visit my web site : https://www.sellerie-materiel-equitation.com/en/

Just bumping to add a recent review - I ordered a Mattes pad from Equishop on Sunday. It arrived in California today (Thursday). Bonus: it was ~$130 cheaper than the same exact pad from US retailers, including shipping.

Before placing the order, I did a search here to see if the site was legit. Thanks for enabling, COTHers!


I have had great customer service from this shop in the UK lately as well: https://www.royalequestrian.co.uk/

OMG “Just Riding” is not a company I have thought about for a long long time. Have they given up on their weird stealth marketing strategy where they pretend to be a customer posting threads “has anyone bought from this company” only to have a million replies about the sh*tty service? That was a daily occurance for a while!

I had good experiences with Just Riding for quite a while - I am not totally sure what all the past drama with them on this forum may have been re: their posts. But someone I recommended them to had a really horrible experience ordering a bridle from them (after I posted the above), and I have not used them since. And now that I have found other European companies I like better, I am not planning to.

Hey! Quick question, how do taxes work when ordering from overseas? I’ve never actually ordered from outside the US before, so I have no idea how taxation works. Do we pay some kind of tax when the shipment arrives in the US?

I’ve never had tax collected after arrival through customs, and VAT is excluded if you type in a US address. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything over $250 though.

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Usually tax free. It’s possible Customs would collect duties depending on what it is.

On the topic of Justriding, I contacted them because I was having a helluva time getting boots from a US distributor of a foreign brand. Justriding of course had good prices but I asked them also if they had my size in stock and how long it would take to get them, and they were pretty prompt at responding to the chat–to tell me they didn’t have stock and it would take at least as long as I’d already been waiting for an order that had already been placed by the distributor prior to my reserving the pair. So I didn’t wind up doing business with them but it didn’t seem sketchy.

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