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Eric Lamaze Submits Forged Medical Documents to Court

I wouldn’t dismiss TBI / mental health / addiction issues at play, however, if you read the lawsuit docs, this has been going on for a while. It starts to stink of crap is hitting the fan so all of a sudden there is brain cancer… I’m not saying that’s what is going on, but having to forge documents? If he knows he has a ‘glioblastoma’ - then he has had an MRI / CT / biopsy. There would be no need to forge any letter about anything.

Glioblastoma is usually a quick disease - average life expectancy for a healthy 25yr male is about 2yrs. My Mom lasted less than 3 months from symptom onset. There are outliers of course, but the average speaks for itself.


Per the article and his former attorney:

In a final presentation to the court on September 5th, Danson noted that “Eric is very sick, but maybe not with cancer.”


I hope he gets the help he so clearly desperately needs. Faking brain cancer is a special sort of evil.


According to this article, it appears the cancer diagnosis may have popped up to avoid litigation and then snowballed from there (you’ll have to Google translate to english). https://www.horses.nl/overig-nieuws/opmerkelijk/eric-lamaze-fraudeur-eerste-klas-hersentumor-verzonnen-om-rechtszaken-te-draineren/

His lawyer and long-time friend told The Globe and Mail this morning, "After the fraud was presented in court, Mr. Lamaze’s lawyer asked to be removed from the case, telling The Globe and Mail he was “blindsided” by the episode and that he is no longer even certain his client is ill with glioblastoma.

“I have believed since November of 2017, like the rest of the world, that Eric was diagnosed with cancer,” said Tim Danson, who has been Mr. Lamaze’s friend and lawyer for almost three decades. “And there would be no reason for me to certainly not accept what he has stated to me and what he stated publicly – he’s given interviews, right? So I’ve always believed it, until – as I said to the judge in open court – that I was blindsided by this new information. So now I don’t know what the truth is.”"


Wow, that is really disgusting. If I’m correct, I thought I remembered him saying that he stopped riding because of the health issues? So he gave it all up to fake his own cancer? I remember people cheering him on because he jumped grand prix courses with a mask on “for his health.”


This is not a recent development. The case this article focuses on goes back almost 15 years and he’s also been sued n other jurisdictions. There are plenty of both active and settled lawsuits involving him in Florida.

As far as whether or not he has glioblastoma? People have been privately questioning that for a long time. It’s hard to believe anyone would fake it but some of the other things he’s done are also pretty out there.


Phineas Gage?


Considering the survival rate for GBM is horrendously low and the survival once diagnosed is just as horrid, I have a hard time believing he’s been going on with it for so long. I have a brother-in-law who died from GBM in 2017 almost exactly 15 months from when it was diagnosed. If it’s true he’s survived this long, he should be thanking his lucky stars.


Similarly, I had a sister in law who died of GBM. I don’t remember the exact chronology, but it was less than a year.


So very sorry for your loss and for everyone who has lost someone to this disease. It sounds like a horrible thing.


Don’t we all remember when he got banned for drug use way back when? Was that in Australia? I remember vividly watching him tumble down off that pedestal for me back then and was so disappointed.

I had since resurrected by school-girl admiration because he seemed to do such a 180 and those videos of Hickstead… I mean, broke your heart.

It’s too bad if it was all too good to be true. He was my Captain Canada replacement for a while (for the tiny bit I follow showjumping).

It all reminds me of those books by Jilly Cooper :smiley:


Wow, it’s something when you click an article, read it, and think “I wish he’d just stopped at the horse fraud, I’d have felt much better if he was doing normal horse sale cheating stuff.”


If his ethics and integrity are so compromised, it makes me wonder how he was around the horses.


That was in Canada. Random testing for members of the Canadian team (of all sports) before the Olympics.

Median survival is 14 months,
5 year survival is 6.7%
10year survival us 1%

This comes with extensive chemo and radiation . Chemo is difficult due to the natural barriers which protects the brain. There are emerging therapies, but still a poor prognosis


And, this is survival - nothing about the quality of life during this time.


Wow. How sad. I had no idea.

not defending him, but a quick google doesn’t seem to suggest he ever said he has glioblastoma - just
“brain cancer”, whatever that means

And before the banning from the Australian Olympics, he was banned from the Atlanta Olympics on Rio Grande for Eric’s positive drug test.

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Euphemism for horrible drug addiction, leading to
lies of immeasurable immensity?