Exit the Great Peronace

If, somewhere, in the back of your mind, you now and again worry that Nick Peronace is still out there, somewhere, ruining yet more gentle children’s school horses, fear no more.

Nick’s new claim to fame is being an investigative reporter and the founder of My Real News Today, where he holds the estimable title of Editor In Chief.

Who knew! He is apparently a professional journalist, despite his inability to use punctuation.


He has a facebook page of the same name, but he is usually in facebook jail for his hate filled speech. His recent 7 day ban, he has reported (from his alter) was for inciting violence and terrorism, with, fingers crossed, he says, hoping “his side” is going to start a civil war by starting to shoot people who don’t agree with him (see jpg below). Now he claims that only he has the “truth” behind all the politics going on, today. But my point in providing this brief info isn’t to depress you with yet another hate filled person, but relieve you that he is out of horses all together.

Nick sold his mare some time ago to a lovely home, where she is loved and pampered. He is out of horses, and his interests have moved him to pronounce himself superlative in other areas, and horses and young or new riders are safe. From him, at least. [ATTACH=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“medium”,“data-attachmentid”:10743944}[/ATTACH]

7 days.jpg


Be careful he might write about you in his next book. The link for the website doesn’t work either. =\


Don’t you need to have a first book in order to have a next book?


Does anybody remember his lawsuit against the Chronicle? I wonder what happened with that.

Don’t you know, the judge was corrupt and was bought off by us meeeeeaan COTHers.

Seriously - I can’t recall if NP outright lost or if the case was dismissed for lack of merit. I think it was the latter.

ETA, the Mastro seems to think we all have bottomless pockets and nothing better to do except pay off various people just to make his life hard. I only wish I had that kind of cash; if I did I’d certainly not waste it on him.


It got thrown out.



May 23

Don’t you need to have a first book in order to have a next book?

well there’s this https://www.amazon.com/Name-Love-Oceans-Brought-Together/dp/B093RZJM7P/ref=sr_1_3?crid=13A8J9ILLQ7OH&dchild=1&keywords=in+the+name+of+love+nick+peronace&qid=1622473501&sprefix=in+the+name+of+love%2Caps%2C217&sr=8-3


Nick apparently didn’t like one of the reviews of his book, which was rated as 1 star. It was a totally legitimate reviewer, if you checked his/her history. They have reviewed many books. But apparently Nick had a fit and got it removed. What a crybaby.


Dang! You are actually able/allowed to get negative reviews removed??

For the record, that review was very amusing and spot on :laughing:


Maybe he had all his relatives hit the “report abuse” button? He take dish it out, but can’t take deserved critiques of anything he is involved with.


I still see the one-star reviews…

I kinda wish I had Kindle Unlimited still. I did try it out, but was less than impressed with the “free” selection. “Free” is in quotes because there is quite a large block of time added up that I can never get back.


Because he’s the Maestro!! No mere mortal shall contradict nor criticize Maestro Beefman!


The one-star reviews are missing one.

He didn’t like being called a narcissist and using vanity publishing.

Hey Nick: What is the title of your “I hate COTH” book?

You know he is reading this.


I see two one star reviews when I go there.

One that compares him to an Italian restaurant and one that just says the book is no good.


There were 3 one-star reviews.


book review 2021-06-01 at 3.55.11 PM

Since I know not everyone can see the above screen shot; I was only able to see it for less than a minute on COTH before it disappeared. It reads:

Reviewer: Iholbrook

One star Please don’t pay actual money to read this drivel.

This mess is why vanity press exists. Poorly written and even worse is the lack of editing and any sort of cohesion. The author appears to be a rather delusional narcisst [sic]. I’m so glad this was a free read on kindle unlimited … at least I don’t have to ask for a refund."


The review that compared his book to dining at an Italian restaurant was priceless and cleverly written. It was a great metaphor, which is something lacking in Maestro’s writing.

Well, that and commas.


The part I liked best about it is the fact that at one point didn’t NP insist he was some great Italian chef or such? (Or am I getting him confused with some other confused person?)


I believe he offered up a recipe for risotto made with Minute Rice. Yes. Minute Rice. For risotto.