Fasig Tipton NY Bred Yearlings

Sale begins Sunday (tomorrow) 7pm EDT. Catalog here; https://www.fasigtipton.com/2022/New-York-Bred-Yearlings#/

Photos and videos are up. There are some really nice yearlings in the sale…


The Kitten’s Joy colt (Hip 320) looks like a nice type.

The Maximus Mischief filly (Hip 356) caught my eye as well.

Nice looking group. Even most of the awkward looking ones look like they are just going through their ugly duckling stage. I just skimmed through but 387 and 431 caught my eye. As did 565, super flashy with a big walk.

The 387 Mendelssohn filly is very nice. I like her dam line too, with runners and producers throughout. She has that pretty Bernardini head and neck, and Kingmambo on the dam side as well. Nice walk.

431 is nice too.

565 does makes an impression. Decent female family as well.

I like the 313 Mitole colt’s breeding. The 314 Bolt d’Oro colt is really nice as well.

There are too many nice ones to mention. I hope the sale goes well. I think it will. The quality of yearlings in the NY sale has been getting better and better every year.

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308 is a handsome filly.

It is a really nice group! Great hind ends in the group which is to be expected with quality TBs.

I wonder when 387 was foaled. She is a solid, mature looking filly. Really nice to look at. She’s going to be a stunning mare. Of the ones I looked at, I think she is my favorite. She gave me the best over all impression.

She’s a February foal. If you click on the hip number, the pedigree for that horse appears.


I started watching these sales largely because of your threads here. Evaluating racing TBs isn’t my forté so I’m a little excited that 387 was on my list last night while I was scrolling the catalog. :joy:


Hey, I’m not involved with racing either! I’ve owed TBs since the 90s but used them for sport. I used to follow racing bloodlines much more closely back when I owned a TB stallion but shifted breeding directions since. I can always appreciate a good looking horse though.

And thanks, @skydy. Also glad you shared the lot. I love looking at youngsters. Many WB breeders hide their yearlings behind the barn. Lol.

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Nice strong body on that 308 filly. $150k hammer.

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309 is a chonk

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Early March colt. It really is remarkable how just a few weeks or a month’s advantage over the later spring foals shows in their physical maturity here.


It is fun isn’t it? I’m glad that you enjoy the sales.

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The yearling that TB folks hide behind the barn are usually ready for the September sales. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m impressed by the composure of most of these horses. A few of them have been fidgety but most have walked right in like they owned the place and all business.

I know they’re prepped thoroughly at home but it’s still something to see them step in to the auction ring and present themselves so well.

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309 is really nice. Missed that one. Looking at his breeding, I think he will balance out into a very nice horse.

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They liked “my” 314 Bolt d’Oro colt.

Good call on that one! $355k hammer

It’s often that my favorites are not the favorites of the buyers. Sometimes they are.