Favorite 100g Turnout Blanket - 2022 edition

For awhile, there weren’t too many options out there for 100g fill blankets. But now that they have increased in popularity, I’m wondering what brands people are liking.

I’m currently using 100g liners with my Horsewear Ireland unlined sheets (Amigos and Rambos). I would love to replace those with actually 100g (or close to it) blankets.

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I love all Horseware products as they have lasted me many years and have always fit my horses. Here in Germany, there are more weight options than I had ever seen in America, i.e. 50g, 75g, 150g, 250g. Not sure if it would be worth it with international (I assume) shipping but here you can see various brands with the weight options that I mentioned to get the gears in your mind spinning: https://www.pferdedecken-shop.de/pferdedecken/ :slight_smile:


I am also a huge Horseware fan - they just seem to fit better. I have 2 100g for 2 different horses.

The first one is the Rhino Wug 100g. Absolutely love it. Fits great. Maybe a little shorter in the drop but still fits my horse (16.3 warmblood) great. Might be a little short because she’s only a 75 even though she’s tall.

The second one is an Amigo - the surefit closure one, three surcingles, and neck cover. This also fits great in a 75, this time for a 14.3 senior QH.

I generally like the Wug fit, so unless you have a need for a true neck cover, I’d go for the Wug.

I tend to order Horseware stuff through Adams Horse Supply. They have such a good selection and upgraded options for the Amigos that other sites don’t seem to have.

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I love the 100g Rambo.

This and the medium covers my blanketing needs probably 95%.

No other brand has the v snap front, so I stick with Rambo. Can’t stand other front fastening systems, they all rub!


Another plug for the Rambo.

It was expensive, but I slowly transferred the herd’s ensemble from various blankets brands (Bucas, Northwind, WB, Big-D) to one brand: Rambo.

I just think the vsnap closures and shoulder drop/formation seems to fit my large shouldered, high withered horses better. We have TBs, STBs, and WBs here. Plus the durability cannot be beat. I used to have to repair/waterproof or replace every season.

I’m another that has phased out of multiple blankets for just 100gs and midweights. The 100g is so versatile.


I love my Tekno-fleece turnout from Schneider’s and 100g Horze Avalanche high neck. I think the Avalanche fits my TB better, but the Schneider’s is closed front so it layers perfectly to make the two into a medium-ish blanket.

Edited to add: I’ll be the one who doesn’t like Horseware in general and especially Rambo’s. They’re always too narrow in the chest, though I like the WUG neck. My TB is big barreled and low withered with a decently broad chest (rubs and binding at the shoulders is our biggest fight). He fits better in the QH type blankets, I guess.


I’m not crazy about the Horze. It doesn’t fit great compared with other blankets I have for my guy (modern-type WB).
I just ordered a Weatherbeeta for SmartPak, since they’re having a sale. I really like Weatherbeetas and just hope the quality is as good as for when they’re not making it for SmartPak.
I love the Rambo but it’s out of my price range.

I do have to add that I love having a 100g. Helps so much with blanketing decisions.

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I love my Rhino high neck wugs. Both my TB have one. My younger tb is building an entire collection of rhinos as they seem to fit him the best of all the horseware blankets. (He has an Amigo sheet with the disc front and I hate it. It’s fine, but the fit isn’t great.) I also have a 100g Rhino with neck that I haven’t tried yet. But I really like the Rhinos and tend to buy close out colors. I have a bunch of other weights but those are my 100g.

I will add, my boys are very easy on blankets and my elderly TB has some that are going on 17 years old. Not horseware and most are spares at this point, but I can’t speak to durability as my boys are very VERY kind to their clothes.

I have been very happy with HORZE blankets- they fit my WBx well, and after 2 years still look new. They stay waterproof as well, which is more than can be said for some blankets.

I have the Horseware Ireland Rhino 100g Wug and it’s great! I love the 100g fill, it’s easy enough that I can throw it into the washer machine without a struggle. Between the Wug, the 250g Rhino Plus with Vari-Layer, and a 0g Horze rainsheet, I feel pretty comfortable with blanketing for the winter since I can layer the two Rhinos if I needed an uber heavy. Not likely since my horse is hairy and inside at night but it’s nice to have the option!

I bought a couple 100gm Weatherbeetas with detachable necks, loving them so far! I got them shipped from England to Canada at a really good price, so I ordered a 220gm as well.
I’m not a fan of Horseware blankets, never been a great fit for my horses.

I have this one and I love it! Going on year 4 now!


I have the Rambo Duo and love it, and love that it comes with liners I can add / remove to make that 100g turnout way more versatile.

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I’m another in the Horsewares camp; I have 100g Rhino Wug and it is my go-to for almost everything.

I have two Rhino Wugs in 100 gm weight and 1 Rambo regular neck in 100 gm. I actually like the Rhinos a bit better, as I like the high neck and I also have never had a Rhino blanket soak through in the rain - even after days of rain. I have had my Rambos get a bit damp after several days of rain.

100 gm is my favorite turnout weight. I live in SC and our winters are pretty mild, so this weight works about 98% of the time.

Thanks everyone!

Follow-up question: does anyone make a 100g in pony sizes? I need a 60”… could possibly get away with a 63”. There is an Amigo 50g pony blanket, but I can’t find a 100g in smaller sizes.

Are you looking for a true blanket like a stable blanket, or a 100g pony sized…(and what pony size do you need?) Turnout blanket?

Weatherbeeta makes these in pony sizes, one of the 100gm turnouts I bought is a 51" :slight_smile: pony didn’t really need a new turnout, but it’s tiny and purple and adorable !


This one comes in little sizes:


(Check the size chart, the sizes listed are back length?)

And it has a v snap front!

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Thanks everyone!

I picked up 2 Rhino Wugs on close out from Adams. And by luck, Amazon had one size 60” Shires available at a good price. I can never justify the cost of the Horsewear Ireland pony sizes because they are almost always more expensive than the horse sizes. I find that maddening!