Favorite sun shirt?

One that really keeps you cool in the humid south? Protects your arms? I’m going on a rafting trip this summer and will need something like this.
And of course I live in Fl so it would be used for riding as well.

I really like the SanSoleil Soltekice shirts. The main fabric has a little bit of texture that seems to keep it from sticking to sweaty skin as much, and the mesh part is really fine and not scratchy or anything. They’re sold of golfing as well as riding, so I’ve been finding them used/as new on eBay inexpensively (golf people don’t muck up their clothes like horse people :smiley: ).


I have no recommendation and actually came for the replies, but these are on Poshmark for as little as $20!

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I love love love Solumbra shirts. I have several.

I also got a Dululth sun shirt a couple years ago, and while it’s also nice (especially with a higher collar in back), it’s not as cool as the Solumbra. The Solumbra has mesh underarms and a vented back panel, where the Duluth doesn’t. It’s also slightly lighterweight material

They both dry quickly, the Solumbra maybe a bit faster.

And yes, I wear them riding for this reason. Well, I haven’t ridden in the Duluth. The Solumbra gets sweat-wet and gets cool as a result. I’m working in the barn with a sports bra and a t-shirt/tank, then I take the shirt off and put on the Solumbra, top 2-3 buttons done up, then every other button (for more air flow) and go.

Kastel or Tailored Sportsman. I love the TS or the Dover ones with no sleeves but you say you want arm protection.

Search this topic, it’s been asked many times.

Take a look at TGW Golf. They have sun shirts at great prices, including San Soleil and Ibkul, along with other brands. Anything marketed for equestrians is so expensive and golf shirts are the same materials and design.

These caught my eyes as an alternative to a sun shirt. You can take them off if it’s too hot. Just an idea.


My favorites are actually Bette & Court, which is a golf brand. Second is the old kastel fabric that was more of a grid weave. The tailored sportsman colors are great but the fabric is really clingy.

I purchased a bunch of these last year. The material on the sun shirts feels weird to me when I start sweating. These are much lighter.


I saw the sleeves but worry about my shoulders…. Thx

Sun shirts have become my favorite item of apparel for riding and hiking. I researched previous threads on here before buying any. And now I have a closet full of them. Yes, I have become a sun shirt hoarder. :flushed:

I have 6 of the Royal Highness brand (hate that company name!) and while they have the cutest prints and they’re very affordable, they lack stretch and the fabric is a bit dense. So they’re fine for Arizona right now, but when monsoon season hits… nope.

I have 4 from SmartPak (their own brand). I like the stretch and the color selection, and they’re a great deal especially on sale, but I feel like the fabric is a little clingy and the mesh portions seem flimsy, like they aren’t going to last. We’ll see.

And then I have 5 Kerrits Aire Ice Fil. These are made from my favorite fabric because it’s extremely lightweight, has stretch, and pretty much the entire garment is perforated, so it breathes. The floral print, both in the blues and the purple, are really pretty in person.

Finally, thanks to all my COTH enablers! :+1:


I’ve really liked the Ariat Sunstoppers. They don’t cling and hold up really well. I have a couple I’ve used now going on year three and I beat them up. I had a Tredstep brand one but the material was very clingy and not nearly as cool. The ariat ones are more of a super light mesh.


How do those Ariat Sunstoppers fit? I seem to be a medium in the 3 brands I’ve bought so far. But I hate fabric that clings because at a certain age ( * cough * ) clingy fabric is not a friend.


They seem pretty true to size. I’m 5’6/140lbs and comfortably wear a small (not much in the chest area). They are slightly fitted which I like and I dont find them at all clingy. I live in them once the weather breaks as I have terrible skin for being in direct sun.

Hmmm… I may have to add to my collection! :laughing:

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I am a medium in most things (5’9" 150lb), but in the Ariat Sunstoppers, I prefer a large. Size medium may be more fashionably tight, but I prefer looser. The weave doesn’t cling, vented sleeves and they wash/wear really well.

I tried on a bunch of brands at the tack store and was surprised at how much a “medium” could vary depending on manufacturer. Worse than women’s jeans.


Ha, ha, I know what you mean! I bought a Kastel Denmark sun shirt and was disappointed that it highlighted every little bulge in my middle. The Ibkul fits great and does not “show” all of those little fat pockets. I have a few other generic shirts from Amazon and they are pretty nice.

One thing I keep around in summer is a zip up rash guard. They are very light weight and work well to keep the sun off and keep me cool.

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@Paint_Party, Kerrits Ice Fil for the win here in Arizona! Per Greenway Saddlery, “better than shade”. Other brands are too hot in the summer, even if they are way cuter.
I like the Kerrits western shirts for the winter and spring: I bought them in all three colors. The snap fronts and sleeves are really handy. These are made from a tech fabric and have vented backs.


Sounds like Kerrits are worth the look. Thanks all!

I quite like the Smartpak Piper crew necks! They are a similar fabric to their zip sun shirts, with the mesh under the arms too, but they have a looser fit and crew neck collar. They are super comfy!

LL Bean Tropicwear https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/123692?page=tropicwear-pro-shirt-long-sleeve-misses

Looking at the options I’m not sure I have the ‘pro’ I might have one of the regular models, mine don’t have much stretch in them, but this may be a better option for active sports.

I also have a couple of shirts like this from Duluth Trading Company that are much lighter and thinner, but I don’t see them on the web page anymore.

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