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Will FEI t.v. broadcast the entire games? I am assuming if they do, it will be on the Pay-Per-View. Does anyone know?

I help run StreamHorseTV, which is the website that has listings and links to horse show livestreams. We are waiting for final news of what will stream and when and where, but this is the info put out by the event: https://tryon2018.com/article/nbc-sports-group-to-televise-fei-world-equestrian-games-in-september-2018

There will be a lot of coverage, which is fantastic. Look for updates and final schedule as the competition date nears.


I asked Tryon yesterday about this and their reply was “Hi , programming schedules have not yet been released from either the FEI or NBC, but should be shortly. Stay tuned!”


Rather shockingly, after Normandy there were NO videos / DVDs available for sale of the non olympic disciplines… they couldn’t be bothered producing them claiming there was no market… Personally I feel it should be compulsory to produce them… after all… Its quite a big deal for owners competitors etc!


They have some options available now: https://tv.fei.org/packages

(Can anyone tell if the WEG content will be included if you already have a regular subscription? It rather looks like it’s an add-on.)

Why is the annual + WEG pass cheaper than the annual pass? Grrrr since I already paid for my annual pass.

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Clip My Horse are also covering it. https://www.clipmyhorse.tv/en_EU/eve…uestrian-games

All events.
Not free but it may be better use of your money.

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If you are a USEF member, check your email… they just sent a coupon code for 50% off, so $30 for the annual FEI TV subscription plus the WEG pass.

I’m only a ‘fan member’ and got it – I think I paid $25 but they often have codes for free fan memberships.

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@wsmoak you are my hero. Thanks for sharing that tidbit since I rarely check my personal email. So I got the subscription and figured I’d look through on demand.

So is the consensus that we need the WEG pass? I already have an annual subscription :frowning:

I tried to get in today. Couldn’t tell why. I have written them and hope for a reply soon. I will let you now what they say

I e-mailed and was told we would need a WEG specific subscription…not sure why a normal annual subscriber would suddenly be blocked out from coverage, but at the same time I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised.

That’s so frustrating! And you’d think they’d at least inform their subscribers of the need to purchase the additional coverage.

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Cancelling my FEi TV subscription now, that is complete BS. Thanks for the heads up, and hope other loyal subscribers will do the same!

Joining you. I joined for coverage of the indoor SJ championships and kept it for WEG. Now I need a different subscription. Ridiculous! Canceling and joining CME.

This is most of what they sent me today. I still cannot find the sign in part. I have left off the sign in questions I had. Hope this helps some. You apparently do have to upgrade, but it is free?

You can upgrade your annual subscription for FREE to watch WEG events. You can do this by clicking on your account on the top right-hand corner and scrolling down to ‘My Subscriptions’, you will need to click on the plus (+) button on the right-hand side beside ‘My Subscription’.
You will now be able to upgrade your account for free.

Please do let us know if you have any additional questions.


What is CME? I’ve had issues with FEItv in the past, but signed up for the WEG pass yesterday…i wish i knew earlier that i had options…i should have checked here first!!:no:

Meant CMH, clipmyhorse. Link above.

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That Clip My Horse link says it can only be broadcast in Germany :frowning:

Yeah. I don’t think CMH is carrying it in the US. I suspect FEI TV is the only provider online. There was an announcement a while back that NBC, NBCSN, and the Olympic Channel would have some tv coverage - but I haven’t seen anything in 6+ months on that. I think BBC intends to air some highlights as well.