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Feral Kitten - Mobile

He is just adorable! Little Mobile hit the jackpot with you!

With his coloring, he reminds me so much of Ella, who I lost this year at age 13 to hepatitis. I hope he brings you just as much joy as she brought me (most of the time, lol!)


What a cutie! Those ears remind me of my friend’s Maine Coons.

Did the vet suggest some x-rays of the pelvis, just to see what’s going on in there?


It took a few days but he’s figured out playing, his fav little toy is a little Pom Pom ball. I just installed a locking cat door on my office so he can get time out of the bathroom. Until he’s more confident I didn’t want him in the bedroom where he can hide under our king bed. That’s the only other room with a locking cat door. Eventually we’ll replace them all.


The vet said we can do an xray if we want. Th initial thought was just to treat and see how he does for a week since when he went to the vet I had him less than 24 hours and wanted to make sure the litterbox wasn’t going to be an issue. If it’ll make a difference in long term treatment we can xray.

I do need to be careful about expenses my dog just had surgery to remove 4 masses, a 5th one has shown up and so far the pathology dept at the university doesn’t know what’s causing the masses. It’s not cancer but a bunch of abnormal cells that they’ve never seen in this manner before. Go figure I always have the special ones. I’m waiting to find out which specialist they think she should go see. Knowing that this little guy will now need a much much more expensive surgery than just a neuter I need to be careful about where I spend my money.

I am hoping to get a little cat tree/scratcher for him on Amazon Prime day he really likes to climb and eventually my husband will have to actually do his laundry and he’ll lose his perch lol. The big cat trees we have I just think are too tall until he’s older.


He’s exhausted spent a few hours with me working. He is easily startled and is going to be more time to acclimate than the other kittens/cats I’ve had.


Stoooop it! He’s too cute for his own good! I love the little tufts of hair at the tips of his ears! :heart_eyes:

The first video is hysterical. He’s like, “I’m going to eat the bed. But first, I’ll nap.”

I notice the booby trap at the bottom of your cabinet. Is it hollow space back there? We have a spot like that in our kitchen. I thought we lost one of our cats as a kitten…until she came crawling out. They find the best hiding spots!

I’m living through you until we get our kitten at the end of the month. She’s his size now & has to stay with the foster until she weighs enough to get spayed. I’m jealous you have him so young. He’ll surely be bonded to you.

Good luck with your dog. That has to be frustrating. Hopefully, they’re just benign lumps.


He’s that super perfect kitten fun stage where they discover the joy of TOYS… and they make a mess out of everything LOL!

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He is too cute. I love that all the toys in the bed are bigger than he is. But he’s going to kill them. grrr

That tail sure is dead - I was watching the first video an it looked like he was able to wave it around but those last two videos he is clearly just dragging it around because it’s attached to him. I don’t think he will miss it and it does not look painful. Poor little thing I wonder what happened. I am glad he lives with you - you are clearly smitten with this kitten. :heart_eyes:


He is so sweet!

What an absolute cutie! Thank you for taking him in!

He is full of personality. Our friends with kids came over and he was a total love bug with everyone. Then he started darting out the bathroom door and howling bloody murder when we left him in the bathroom soooo he’s officially moved to the office and is much happier thank you very much. I think he’ll be happier without the tail he’s def just dragging it around because it’s there.


I’m sorry about your dog. I hope a diagnosis and treatment is found. Mobile is adorable!

He had his checkup yesterday. In one week he gained 1/3 of his weight! He went from 1.4lbs to 2lbs. We did X-ray and it’s not pretty the vet is surprised that he does have full control to use the litterbox. He’ll have the tail amputated where the separation on X-ray shows at the same time as his neuter. He has some scabs and marks on his rump that will hopefully heal we think it’s from the initial injury hopefully not him doing it to himself because of nerve damage.


Poor guy!!! He’s lucky to have found you.

He looks wonderful and I’m glad he’s not having any problems using the litterbox.

He’s a gorgeous kitten. :two_hearts:


Its amazing how plucky and full of life he is given his injury. What a sweet lil guy!


Thanks for updating us. Poor little guy! He’s very lucky to have survived his injury & to have found you. I hope his amputation goes well. :pray:


He looks like a little Norman!

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He looks like a happy little guy!


That X-ray… ouch!

He is so lucky to have you, and I am jingling hard that everything works out. Love that little guy! :heart_eyes_cat:


Man, that’s some damage there. It’s like he is missing a whole chunk of spine. And is that a break of his leg under that large section of bone? that poor little baby. I am glad you have him and he will now have a happy and safe life. He look so happy and joyful. And getting to be such a big boy now.