Fetlock rubs from xcountry boots

My gelding tends to get rubs on the left and right side near the base of his fetlocks from his hind boots. I bought a set of the Equilibrium Airlite boots to use for xcountry schooling and shows, but it seems that they somehow rub him. I made sure to buy the correct size, so I don’t think that is the case, maybe he is just that sensitive? Mind you, he is a horse that will rub from most bell boots too, the only pair i’ve found that have been ok are the centaur neoprene ones. Are there any boots that are better for sensitive horses? Also, has anyone tried the Equifit compression “horse socks” to prevent rubs? I’m tempted but I worry they will get soggy and fall down when we go through water on course. Thanks!

I’d go cheap, first, and try baby powder. That helps a lot with my very, very sensitive horse.

I’ve also heard a woman’s stocking (cut a tube the length you want) will also work well… usu also with baby powder.

Never used it but worth a shot.

I have been there… sorry to hear it. I am very picky about boots because of this.

I’ve had success with the Dalmar airflow boots (racehorse version - which don’t have a front cannon guard). However, others have put out dire warnings about the tendon guard shattering. Do your research before making a decision.

I used to use Porter boots (those hard foam boots that you wrap with Saratoga wraps) - I think they’re basically out of style now. I would apply gold bond powder liberally prior to the boots. I tried using those tubes underneath but never had much success with the right length, not snagging them on the hoof, no wrinkles under the boots etc.

Do not pay all that extra for compression socks. If baby powder doesn’t work, most use tubigrip. You can buy it from any medical supply store or online. Arm size works for most horses. You cut what you need.

There is a good video on YouTube for Kentucky xc boots that shows you how to put them on.

People have been using them to stop rubs from xc boots for years (as in more than 20 years). It is fine going through the water on course.

I think this is the video mentioned by BFNE:


[QUOTE=Mouse&Bay;7134074]I think this is the video mentioned by BFNE:


Yes that was it…couldn’t remember exactly who it was…

Tubigrip was my next suggestion. The only reason I don’t use it is because it’s a pain at one days when you want to change boots between phases.

What size tubigrip?

The option is to keep him bare legged unless he is somehow interfering with himself. Personally I think eventers boot up to much.

Meh…booting up too much is when your horse isn’t allowed out of the barn without 4 boots and bells…for ANYTHING, including all night turnout. Boots for galloping over solid fences with studs in their feet is just being careful.

Of course, I have a horse who did a tendon walking 20 yards to his pasture, so I admittedly do err on the side of caution (though, he rarely gets turned out in boots).

I agree, yb. And one may think they don’t need boots until very nice horse somehow rips tendon hacking out on a quiet day. This happened to me just once, and many years ago… and was enough to convince me to boot up from then on.

Really…have you never had a horse over extend onto the back of the front cannon…or get an awkward distance and knock the fence? Even the best jumpers can get a whack sometimes. Imagine a big log on your shin…owie. I love booting up because I am protecting my favorite thing in the world.

Try the tubigrip, or Premier Equine boots…I’ve had luck with them.

arm size. I think it is C or D.

Just wondering if you ride in a sandy area? My friend had a problem with xc boots rubbing her horses and eventually realized that the sand was getting caught in the boots enough to cause rubs. Problem was solved by thoroughly rinsing the boots after each use.

I live in Central NJ, so not very sandy, and i’m really good about cleaning them after each use, I think he is just very sensitive :confused:

What level is he at? If less Training or below, what about Woof double velcro? I used them for years on my gelding and they never rubbed -although I did have to be careful about hosing his legs - if I missed a day, he’d get ‘cannon crud’. They also go in the washing machine and seem to last forever- used daily for nearly over 10 years now.

I have a pair of decently protective (and cheap) front boots from Dover - worked really well on Mare #1 (impervious to all conditions) but Mare #2 gets rubbed on her fetlocks - they just fit her differently and they are stiff - unlike the Woofs. Bummer b/c I like them - don’t hold water, clean easily etc.

Might go back to Woof boots for a while, just hate to buy more boots after buying the airlite set :confused: Got the equifit sleeves and tested them today. Wasn’t super impressed, the one on his back right slipped all the way down to his ankle by the end of the ride despite me taping it, the other leg stayed put, but when I pulled it off, there was debris up under the stocking (how it got in there is a mystery to me). Despite that, the rubs didn’t seem to have been irritated so i’m going to try it tomorrow at my event and just tape up better

Other than the rubs, do you like the Airlites?? I seem to be in constant search for xc boots for Toby. I have some that are ok, but not great for his skin.

has anyone tried the Majyk Equipe/Boyd Martin boots yet? I handled them yesterday and they seem promising as far as fitting and not rubbing. I’m not happy with how my premiere equine hind boots, and I didn’t like the ecogold hind boots. Front boots are much less of a problem, and I loved the ecogold fronts.