First away show! Tips? UPDATE: Post 29!

So…I’m going to my first away horse show(HITS Saugerties) that’s ever been a week long, and I am wondering, what should I pack that’s underrated but important? My barn is bringing buckets, wound care, fans, etc, but tack-wise and human-wise, what should I bring?
Here’s what I have packed.
For the horse:
Saddle, bridle, martingale, leather cleaner, extra stirrup leathers, 3 show pads, grooming equipment, purple shampoo, some treats, schooling and showing girth, schooling pad, fake tail, ace bandage, spurs, 2 crops.
For me:
3 pairs of show pants, 4 show shirts, rain gear, helmet, 3 pairs of gloves, 2 belts, show jacket, shadbelly, boots, boot shine.
I’ll also be staying at an AirBnB house with a barnmate. Anything I should know/bring/watch out for?
Thank you in advance!

I have a small tool kit in my tack trunk - pliers, electric screwdriver, work gloves, scissors, etc, plus some WD40 for those squeaky/rusty stall or gate latches. So much easier to fix simple things than to get a groom to do it when they are so busy. Good luck and have a great time!


Smart! I have a large collection of screwdrivers(why have someone else fix something when you can do it yourself, ha), so I’ll take a few up.

Extra hair nets and extra towels/rags for barn. Also, if you’re picky about your pillows, don’t forget to bring one from home.


Thank you! I’ll have to run out and get some cheap towels.

Things like zip ties can also be very handy for the stabling area. Snacks and drinks to avoid horse show food prices throughout the day are good to have, too!


Very exciting! I’ll be at HITS too, so we can both keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t actually hit 100 degrees on Thursday lol

As far as packing, heres my list if it helps:

Flat bridle
Jumping bridle
Schooling boots
Flat boots
Show pad
Half pad
Wraps (standing and no bows)

Tan breeches (enough for all days I’m showing plus one extra)
White breeches
Two jackets
Show shirts (one extra)
Extra hairnets
Jumping bat
Tall boots
Extra socks
Extra underwear
Schooling breeches
Snacks (horse show food is expensive, so grocery shopping in advance is helpful)
Tack cleaner
Boot polish

Basically, I make sure I have all my supplies that I have at home, plus extras because you never know what will happen. My barn supplies standard equipment (buckets, feed, etc) so I just have to worry about my personal equipment. I have a set of show specific gear that lives in a backpack. I just replenish things after each show if needed, so I can grab my bag and go.

Have fun!

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Thank you! This was super helpful! I’m showing in the hunters so I don’t need a breastplate/bonnet, etc, but the rest was super helpful! I’m planning to go grocery shopping on Monday( I leave Tuesday), and get enough food for me and my friend that’s staying and showing with me.
Have a great show!

I’ll be at HITS this week too! Im hoping we don’t all melt.

I always make sure to pack a few pairs of scissors, more towels than I think I’ll ever need and black duct tape (I love the Gorilla tape). Black duct tape can fix any boot zipper emergencies in addition to all the magic of regular duct tape. An extra fan for helping to dry legs is also helpful.

I also pack a big case of water, band aids, Advil, Tylenol and sunscreen. I usually stop at a gas station every morning and grab a bag of ice to fill my cooler with to make sure I have plenty of cold drinks.

Put your name on everything! It’s so easy to misplace and get your stuff mixed up with other peoples. It makes it easier for everyone involved if your name (or horses) is on everything.

Oh and SEVERAL SEAM RIPPERS! They grow legs and walk away when you need them to unbraid!

Good luck and enjoy!


A ring bag or backpack to tote things with you, sunglasses, sunscreen, ibuprofen, a spare shirt or two to change into after you’re done showing.

My ponies would say the real necessity is horse cookies haha


Rain sheet. You will never use it for 99% of your life… but that 1 time you need it, you, your tack, and your pony will be relieved you did.


Hairspray! Feminine hygiene products if there’s any chance Aunt Flo may pop up.


I always almost forget to bring a non-riding outfit in case we go out to dinner or I get done early and want to put on regular clothes for a few hours.

Oh, and safety pins! EVERY time I forget them, I need one badly.

Water bottle that you can refill each day.

Any grain/feed you have to think about? Stall toys if your horse gets bored? Cooler or sheet for keeping clean? Wraps, standing or polo? (Your barn might provide some/all of those things.) I also like to bring my own grooming goods even when I partake in full grooming service, just for bonding time or a touch-up.


Be prepared for all sorts of weather. Do bring a light rain jacket, just in case of a summer sprinkle. I keep mine in the bottom of the ring bag as it won’t help you get back to stalls if you don’t have it. With a warm sweater underneath it can help on cool early mornings.

With that kind of heat, think what you will be comfortable in for hours in the sun. Big hat, long sleeved breezy shirt that can keep you cool. Effective sunscreen and also sunscreen for lips!

Power cords as long horse show days often mean that watch/phone/iPad etc. may start running out of juice. Having the ability to top up will make life easier. A chair if you think you will be parked ringside for a bit, just makes things more comfortable.


I really like @lcbaker’s list as a great additional list (above and beyond the obvious tack and clothes you will need). To go with the line about putting your name on everything bring a sharpie. More than one is never a bad thing. Another thing to bring is a small pad of paper and something to write on it (the sharpie will work if it has to, but a regular pen is always good to have). It seems someone is always needing a piece of paper to write something down. Since you will already have tape of some kind in your tool kit, that means any note that needs attaching anywhere can be taped in place.

Always bring one more pair of socks and breeches than you think you will need. There is never too many towels at a horse show. You will be surprised the things that can be solved by a towel.


lowe’s/home depot is great for these! They usually have packs of cheap white towels and packs of microfibers for not too much


Summer heat - humidity… I buy a pack of those cheap white washcloths. I tuck one into a pant pocket for the day to use as a sweat wipe. And they make very nice courtesy presents to others! Every year I buy new fresh ones and put them in the trailer.


If possible, bring a bike or some other means of transportation. It’s a pretty big place, so if your stalls are not right by the rings, you’ll be glad to have a way to get back and forth.

Good luck and have fun!

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More clothes to change into than you think necessary! Depending on when I show, I like to wear shorts/ t-shirt in the morning and then have a different set to change into after riding to get out of your sweaty show clothes. Don’t under estimate the joy a pair of dry socks can bring!

Also a cooler that you can leave in your tack/ junk stall so you can bring drinks or snacks is super handy.

Have fun!


some cash for tips, might want to stop by a bank go inside and get some $2 bills