Foal patrol 2021?

anyone heard if there will a foal patrol for the 2021 season?

A quick google shows

Here’s the info about the 2021 season. Mares at Mill Ridge, Three Chimneys, Paul’s Mill and Old Tavern will be featured.

NMRHOF Foal Patrol Season Four to Debut (

Tapit is on now.

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He looks in foal from this camera angle. :smile:

Maybe they’re beefing him up for his busy season.

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He’ll be 20 in a few days. I guess he has a right to have an old man pot belly. His sire and grand sire tended to go that shape as well.

Here’s a photo of Dad:

and Grandad:

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There are what appear to be several mice in his stall.

Too many mice really. I’d be surprised if they knew (before now) that they have that much of an infestation.

Such a lovely stallion, and I will be looking forward to watching some lovely ladies as well.

In season 2 Foal Patrol began to feature a stallion. Frosted in season 2, Gun Runner last year, now Tapit.
Not much to see with the stallions–obviously they are not going into the breeding shed–mostly the stallions hanging out in stall and field. I think the mares are more interesting–one can follow their progress up to and after the foaling event. (Site has been very properly careful about that–turns off cameras when things are not going well, which on a few occasions they have not.)
The one highlight I saw with regard to stallions was last year when Gun Runner chose to get a good run out of his system in his field. Oh my, the horse looked like he still had a couple of races left in him. :grinning:

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Maybe he has mice for buddies instead of a goat or chicken companion. Lol.

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He’s got a mouse posse for sure.

It seems as if the feed is no longer live.

Maybe they were getting too many cold calls from local exterminators.

I did notice it seemed like they either stopped the feed or edited the video when he was getting wrapped, which seemed like sort of an odd thing.

:rofl: :rofl:

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Love the photos of Tapit under the feed–especially him playing in the snow! White horse, white snow, cool.

The website does not seem to be doing well so far this year. Tapit’s camera feed this morning was listed as “age-restricted”. Not suitable for viewers under the age of 18. Just what are they going to cover (pun!) regarding Tapit?–all I saw was him standing and sleeping in his stall. And his mice.

They do have the camera up on one of the mares.

Not as many mares this year either