Foal Watch 2021 - 'Tis the Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! :smiley:

Who has foals coming and when? My mare is only at day 248 today, so I’ll be living vicariously through the rest of you for a while yet.

Just one in foal this year.
Widmark mare in foal to Landkoenig, but not due till mid March.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s baby pictures!!

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Humorlee (Distorted Humor) is 331 days in foal to St Patrick’s Day (Pioneerof the Nile, full bro to American Pharoah). Looks like she is 5-7 days out at least. Her page has really improved this year (5yo has earnings of nearly $100k, and has black type on another one, plus 2yo is 1-0-1 in his first 3 starts), and fingers crossed for a major “breed up” in 2021.

Shezagreatgal (Albert The Great) is 321 days in foal to my eventing stallion Saketini (Bernardini). This will be her third Saketini foal, the previous two are just lovely.

Entice (Cherokee Run) is 306 days in foal to St Patrick’s Day. I love this mare, she’s booked to Enticed (MDO) at Darley for 2021 but hoping I might breed her for sport after that.

Bella Veloche (Sightseeing) is 304 days in foal to Saketini. She is a maiden, so all bets are off!

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Wow, @EventerAJ, you’re going to be very busy for the next couple of months! That’s a lovely collection of broodmares you have.

@Montanas_Girl thanks! I’m really thankful for them… Going to be a sleepless February, but I’m glad I get most of it done early!

I’m excited to see what SPD produces, this is his first crop. Hoping are as nice as the Pharoahs I’ve seen. (And curious to see if my Saketini foals are better :wink:).

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The foal I have coming this spring will be a full sibling to my 2018 palomino Half Arabian. I know @EventerAJ is familiar with my saga with her. Not sure if everyone else is, but TLDR version is that she was diagnosed with juvenile osteoarthritis of both hocks last summer. I wasn’t sure how she’d respond to treatment, but she started training last weekend, and these videos were taken today:

I backed her very, very lightly last spring (a dozen 10 minute walk/trot rides spread over 90 days). She was turned out all summer/fall as I normally do with two-year-olds, so she was essentially a blank slate a week ago. I’m BEYOND thrilled with how she’s coming along, and now I’m even more anxious for this year’s foal to get here!

Both of the “class of 2018” threads we had running previously have disappeared since the forum upgrade; this seemed the most appropriate place to share my good news. :smiley:

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@Montanas_Girl Glad to know Sidney is doing well! I was looking for the 2018 thread and disappointed it got lost in the move. Miso is over 16.1 now. I free jumped him a month ago, and we didn’t go over 2’9" but he showed a nice jump in there. We’ve been building and moving to a bigger farm, so his training schedule is on the back burner but that’s completely fine to have an extended break at this age. A couple days ago I separated my 2020 foals, didn’t want any funny business to start between the colt and filly. I put the colt with Miso and he LOVES him. Miso thinks it’s his baby, very protective of little Ninja and makes sure the other horse gives him space. Herd dynamics are fascinating.

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@EventerAJ, broken record here, but just wanted to say all your girls are lovely! Jingles everyone’s foalings go well this year!

Thank you! I’m quite proud of my little mare band and can’t wait to see what they produce. :slightly_smiling_face:

A little birdie (AKA Facebook) told me that @EventerAJ had TWO day-time foals born this morning! :smiley: I’m more than a little bit jealous.

How are everyone else’s mares coming along? Arielle will get her 270 day EHV-1 booster this weekend. She is officially restricted from pasture turnout as of yesterday, not that she’s been doing much grazing this time of year. Her foaling stall has been constructed, and she’s otherwise just hanging around looking UBER round as only a multiparous 13.2 hand Arab (read: very compact/short coupled) mare can. Lol.

Yes I had two back to back this morning, at 7 and 8am! Both a little surprising, neither mare was fully bagged up or waxed, and they’re both experienced, typical foalers. Humorlee was 347 days, Shezagreatgal 336 (her previous two were 344 and 346 by same sire.)

Both colts, bay with star and tiny snip. Quite the pair!


Absolutely adorable, thank you for sharing!

@EventerAJ, oh. my goodness!! Great job, ladies! Definitely a matching set :grin:

Unfortunately we lost Humorlee on 1/26 due to complications from a tear. :cry: Breeding really sucks sometimes…this mare was my husband’s pride & joy & dreams, her loss is difficult in many ways.

We tried a nurse mare who had lost a foal recently for our colt but she rejected him (and her milk was poor anyway). He became a bit dehydrated and was mildly hypoxic at birth, too, so he had a rough start in life. The good news is he loves his Igloo cooler and is doing fine on milk replacer. He’s not out of the woods just yet, but the vet is pleased with his improvement thus far. He was allowed outside for a few minutes today, and it was satisfying to watch him run and play. Compared to Sheza’s colt, he is well behind, but if he hangs on I think he will catch up. He has been very sweet and mellow, I’m hoping he inherited his uncle Pharoah’s temperament.

I do have an open experienced mare that I may try to pair with him, though it will take some time for her milk to come.

The other colt, out of Shezagreatgal, is thriving. He is really nice, well balanced and athletic with a cocky attitude.

Humorlee’s orphan colt

Sheza’s Saketini colt


I saw that on Facebook. (: How heartbreaking. I’m so glad the little guy is doing well, and I hope your open mare is at least willing to help raise him.

Foaling and breeding season is not for the faint of heart.

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Oh, no @EventerAJ! So sorry to hear that about Humorlee! Glad the little man is doing well, though. Both your boys sure are handsome!

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I am so sorry to hear the loss of your mare. Crossing my fingers that little guy can cozy up to your open mare, if her milk comes in, and she is willing to raise him. Hugs.

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I had just finished seeing your first foaling update and was smitten with it, and then saw your heartbreaking news and my breath just stopped. I’m so sorry for your loss, I can’t even imagine. Blessed are the broodmares, indeed. Jingles to her baby that he will do well without her. Hugs to you.

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Arielle is at 270 days today. At this rate, the poor thing is barely going to fit through her stall door by the time she gets to term. :smile:


Any more updates, @EventerAJ? I’ve kind of started cheering for your little guys!