Former FEI President Princess Haya Flees UAE With Her Children

Not really eventing only but not sure where to post. Hope she is OK.

Holy crap.


Wow. Hope she and the kids stay safe.



Never tell Michael Etherington-Smith how to set an Olympic course.


huh, reminded me of this fairly recent article.…sultPosition=1

Princess haya is princess latifa’s stepmother.

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According to that article, Haya is the person who was instrumental in setting up the interview with the Human Rights Advocate.

Holy crap is right.

I met her and Sheik Mohammed in one of the coolest moments of my life. They treated me so well that I’ve always defended him. But over the years, it keeps becoming harder and harder to do so…


She “requested asylum”, so I assume that means the legal right to stay in Germany indefinitely.

“As such, Mohammed bin Rashid is said to be furious and now undeclared conflict exist between the UAE and Germany.”

Undeclared conflict? I wonder if there is any legal necessity for Germany to send them back without their consent. Hopefully not.

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I suppose he is using that language to justify sending commandos to Germany to try and haul them back like he did to his other daughter.


Seriously folks, just don’t get married. Makes life a lot easier.


I agree, but not usually an option for women in middle eastern countries.


That’s Islam for you. Her life is in danger and those children (as well as her) belong to her husband. What a horrible situation to find oneself in.


More like that’s what happens when you combine religion and government.


Fleeing spouses and children is not unique to the Islam. In fact, this is one of the major shortcomings of the Hague Convention on Aspects of International Child Abduction. Under this convention a child under 16 is considered abducted if one parent takes the child across borders without the other parent’s consent. It wasn’t contemplated in the context of mothers (or fathers) fleeing with their children in domestic violence situations, so there are no protections or exemptions for domestic violence situations. I don’t remember the exact statistic but if I remember correctly the majority of Hague cases have been mothers fleeing domestic violence. There are 98 signatories to The Hague convention and this is an international problem, not at all attributable to just one religion.


It is unfortunate that in his part of the world, his activities, shocking to us, are the norm. and this is is whether dealing with your wife, your horse or your dog, or, your daughter…


I wouldn’t pin this on Islam. More like the culture and the laws of the country of origin, the UAE (and other nations in the Middle East). Islam gets pinned with a lot of things that aren’t really Islam, as many cultural practices long pre-date the advent of Islam.


Nevertheless life for females in Islamic countries is far from desireable. Males own them and the children too. Females are not allowed to discipline males, I’ve seen that myself and know it.'s true. Hopefully the Princess acquires the safety she seeks. Cultural, religious whatever, the end result is the same.


I obviously don’t know the particulars but I feel for her. I fled an abusive marriage several years ago and spent the better part of two years until the divorce was final terrified of my own shadow. I was convinced he would try to do something, and statistics back my fears. I can only imagine her fears when the other person has powers of state and military behind them. I hope she and the children stay safe.