Forums constantly logging me out when on mobile devices

I’m sorry if this is discussed elsewhere, the glitch thread is getting really long! I saw reference to someone else having this problem, but don’t know if there was ever a resolution.

I have my password saved by COTH and my browser so I don’t have to log in every time.

But lately when I am on my iPhone, some days the site keeps randomly logging me in and out. When it is happening, it does it so frequently I can’t even read a thread or reply, because it will log me out right in the middle of typing and give me an error, or log me back in and refresh the page right in the middle of reading.

I was having the problem about a week ago, then it seemed to resolve, now it’s doing it again. I don’t seem to have the problem when on my laptop.

Suggestions? Is this a problem on my end?

Can you try switching to the desktop view (click the three line hamburger menu next to your avatar in the upper right, then “desktop view” at the bottom) and see if that helps at all? It seems to be a work around for some.

This seems to be a problem for some iOS users (but not all?) and the devs are aware and working on a solution IIRC.

Sounds very frustrating! Hopefully the desktop view trick at least limits it for you until there’s a fix.

(Oh can you also share any details about your OS version? That might help @Moderator_1 and the developers :grin:)

It’s still doing the same to me with my iPhone on Safari.

On an iPhone and Safari, I clicked on those three bars on the right of the avatar circle, then on the bottom “desktop view” (it was hard to hit, half hidden for me) as Simkie explains above and that logging out behavior is now gone.

I know that cyber busy bees are working on some glitches, that maybe one of them?

It still happens to me all the time on the desktop view. The only difference is that sometimes I get logged back in automatically on the desktop view, which did not seem to happen on the mobile view.

If there’s a pattern to explain why I get logged in automatically on some visits but not others, I have not noticed it yet.

iOS 14.1 on an iPhone 7 if it helps!

ETA: switched to desktop view. Too soon to tell if it’s resolved completely but it hasn’t logged me out yet.

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I sent the developers a link to this thread – thanks for reporting the issue!


Thanks @Moderator_1! And thanks @Simkie!

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I am having the same issue on my iPad using Safari with iPadOS 14.2. I did have different logins for the main site and the forums, which I know was the cause of some issues initially. I don’t think I am logged on with the main page login anywhere, but it wants to default to that one (I want to use the forum login since that’s where all my history is). I am using the desktop view.

@ww3467 Do you have two different Forums usernames, or just different email addresses associated with your main site and Forums account?

You can PM me with the info, and I can help get it straightened out. Just let me know which email address you’d like to keep associated with the accounts in the end.


After a week of the problem being resolved by switching to desktop mode, it started back up again today.

It really seems to be like a once a week thing? I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but this is the third time it a row it happened around the weekend but resolved during the week.

It still keeps happening to me all the time.

I will also say that my touchscreen seems awfully twitchy on this app. I don’t know how or why that would happen. But it has been that way ever since the changeover.

I will update them. Thank you, ladies!

FWIW, mine does it too. I’m running Chrome on iOS 14.0.1.

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It was happening to me as well, iphone 11/safari. Then it stopped for a few days, now I am constantly getting logged out again.
Also notifications are all messed up.
Just an FYI :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s still happening to me all the time. Seemingly at random. How long ago was the changeover by now?

November 9th.

If the question is to imply they should have fixed this one problem by now I am going to stick up for the COTH forum team. They have done a ton of things for us in the last month. Having not gotten to the bottom of this one problem (which I am sure is on the list) is not them doing a poor job.

I will add, that I am not getting randomly logged out (knock on wood). I use a PC, chrome as my browser and this chromebook. The Chromebook is on mobile view.

It started happening to me again last night as well.

It’s always Friday/Saturday for me.

That’s weird. I haven’t noticed any pattern of days for me.

It’s happening to me a lot today (Sunday). Usually I can just click “Log in” in the green bar and it corrects quickly, but it’s been timing out when I try to do that, so I have to close the browser tab and start over.