FRESH Modern Dressage Stallion to add elasticity, length of leg and hind end power.

Hello All,

I am looking for a long-lined dressage stallion (available fresh) that brings the following to the table:

great temperament
add length of leg
hind end power and reach
smaller more refined head

Mare is 17.1 KWPN Idocus/Rampal/War Drums
pedigree here:

She has done hunters and jumpers with her previous owner and we are retraining her for dressage. She has a lovely temperament and is very rideable. We would be happy with a carbon copy :slight_smile: Breeding for a foal for us to keep.

Here are some pictures and videos:

Currently looking at Sir Gregory, Connaisseur, Soprano…

I had a previous post but my thoughts were a bit unorganized and I was unsure if I wanted a hunter derby prospect or dressage. We have decided on dressage foal. Looking forward to your suggestions and thank you for your time.

KWPN, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg preferred.

Absolutely Sir Gregory. :slight_smile:

I DO love Sir Gregory, but at this point I think Soprano is the more proven of the two and so a safer bet. Plus, as the other post of Soprano illustrates, you will likely get the jumping power you need if you decide you want the derby horse after all.

Soprano is a wonderful boy…the filly I got from him is just gorgeous!

Thank you for the suggestions! I appreciate it.

Could look at Schroeder too. Would work very well with her.


Holsteiner stallion Lotus T has absolutely everything on your list:
He invariably produces foals with great temperaments, very long legs, he passes on his super-elastic, powerful gaits (he has the highest score in movement in his 100-day testing) … And if you ever change your mind, he also passes on top-notch jump.

Thanks Kathy and Andras!

Kathy we were originally liking Navarone for a multi-talented foal. Would you particularly go one way or another? With priority being temperament and hind end power.

I have also heard Dacaprio could give me many of these attributes. Thoughts? We were watching his videos last night and were very impressed.

Rousseau or Sir Gregory

I will just throw out another Dreamscape stallion- Freestyle. He is so lovely, and I think he passes along his temperament…my friend’s Freestyle X Warkant yearling is absolutely lovely and he has gotten all of the traits you are looking for.

YankeeLawyer I love Rousseau however, had heard he was retired from breeding? He was definitely on my list until then. I’m unwilling to go the frozen route just yet.

I saw a Sir G out of a Rampal mare that was impressive. I really like Sir Gregory. Have any of you seen him refining a heavier mare? How old are his oldest get?

BetterOffRed, Jen and I keep playing phone tag. When I first sent her a VERY long email (wanted to be thorough haha) with videos and goals, she recommended Bon Balou and Sir G. I will inquire about Freestyle when I call her again. I have heard great things about his babies.

I have not heard Rousseau is retired?!? Are you sure? He is the flagship stallion at Hassler Dressage:

I thought of him especially because you mentioned you want fresh. I used him on a maiden mare that we could not get in foal with frozen (3 cycles / all with a different stallion). She took on the first try with Rousseau fresh (after ovulating 5 days post insemination). Her daughter, now 5, is really nice. Very leggy and modern, nice mover, sweet temperament. And easy to ride.

I have two Freestyles and love them. Mare is super but PIA, but he improved them, putting on size, shorter back, good minds, and super relaxed, fluid gaits. Let me know if you want to see videos. They are 4 (training and 1st level) and 6 (2nd and 3rd level.)

He has enough get on the ground going you have some good history, and he has super semen.

@ProspectHill- our of the same foal crop as the Freestyle colt, my friend had a Sir Gregory filly out of a Romano X Sandro Hit mare- not heavy, very refined herself. The filly is also very refined, petite. I don’t think she will be that tall… a total lady’s horse.

My friend bred back one of her older mares back to Freestyle, which is due this February.

I have two Freestyle weanlings. They are not that similar. One was from a mare by the Grand Prix stallion Ijsselmeer Ikepono the other from an Idocus mare. The Idocus mare is bay and produced a black colt and the Ijsselmeer mare is chestnut an produced a bay colt. The bay colt is more refined and very easy going and brave. The black colt is a bit more solid and not so brave but very people oriented. Both colts have good movement but the black’s movement is even more suspended than the bay’s…makes you look twice. If you want to see them there are photos and video on my Facebook page.

YankeeLawyer, this is what I saw that led me to believe the great Rousseau was retiring :frowning:

Thank you for all your input! I will definitely ask Jen about Freestyle as well. I would appreciate any videos or pictures you have email: if thats easier than posting on here.

Benetton Dream

Benetton Dream is lovely but frozen