Frivolous thread - what color bling browband?

We still have a few months until we even think about entering our first show, but I’m lusting after a bling browband of some kind for my very plain bay TB. I entirely suck at coordinating colors, so I’m turning to you all for advice. Other than the browband we will be standard black saddle, black bridle, white pad, white breeches and shirt, black coat. Because those are the show clothes I own. So even though I’m tempted by the non-white breeches, it’s not enough to make me go out and spend money to replace my show breeches.

He’s a dark bay in the summer and a very dark bay in the winter. Forgive my terrible posture in this picture - this is the only half sweaty/half not picture I have. And because it is FL, every show will definitely be at least half sweaty!

back when custom browbands were starting up and easy to find by local makers, I selected beads in a golden brown tone that match my plain brown horse. There were also small gold beads and crystal as accents. And why yes, I ordered a matching stock pin.


If for a show, you can’t go wrong with silver, white, or black. The brown/gold combo above is nice too.

He does look great in blue!


I don’t have a picture, but my bay horse sports a blue and crystal browband that someone made for me. I show in a Navy coat, black boots and tack.

I went with a pearl and metal browband - a little bit girly, a little rock-n-roll. Now I can use it with any color horse.


This would be nice, or anything in green:

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I couldn’t pick just one, so I now make them myself. I started with the Chicago screws on each end so I could replace the strands but my latest few were sewn in. You can pick up beads on the cheap at Michael’s - they run really good sales!

What is your favorite color? I’d start there!

I found a lovely seller on Etsy who makes affordable custom ones, search ‘The Bling Bay’. Leather quality is good, she’s excellent to work with, and they ship out super fast. I bought my bay baby horse a gradient one from dark navy to royal blue in the center. Oh, and an all black one. The black crystal browband she’s got listed is the custom design I had her make for me!

Ooh, now you guys are making me want to pull mine back out. Here is one I made my boy if you would like inspiration. It is freshwater pearls with silver spacer beads from Michael’s. I will have to look for pics of his other one and my previous chestnut horse’s.

My chestnut’s proved easier to find than anticipated. Also a pic of his face for reference, but I don’t seem to have one of him wearing it. Yes, I am a hunter rider, but I like a little sparkle sometimes :grin:



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I love the blue!
I worked with someone through Facebook who I think has an etsy site, so if you’re interested PM and I can connect you… she designed this specifically for me. Interestingly, I actually like straight browbands in my gu but she likes extra space around her ears, so wave browband it is.
I don’t know if the image will show. I’ve seen some work again recently, though it hasn’t worked for me even though the preview shows it…

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I got one for my gray off of Etsy - cant remember who made it, but there are lots on there. This would look great IMO:

Worth noting - on black browband you want some lighter stuff so it stands out.


@2tempe, wow! That is gorgeous!

I don’t have a great pic of my gray’s first one, but it was hematite beads with silver diamond squares in the center, separated with pearls.

I think he would look beautiful in a brightly polished brass clincher

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Finally figured out, I got mine of Etsy, from HopkinsShowPrep. They have many examples but will do custom work and help you get it right. Here is what I bought for my gray; wanted low key with a hint of real color. I’m not a sparkly person. I show in Navy coat. Original option had darker blue stones but they didn’t show up.


The short answer is: Anything you want!

Pick a color YOU want to look at every day (or every show). Your horse doesn’t care. The judge doesn’t care. Rail birds are irrelevant.

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Mine was made for me with my favorite team’s (Seahawks!) colors! And yes, I got the matching stock pin. Looks great on my dark bay horse.

Okay, y’all have not helped at all, I only have more options that I really like now. :rofl: Those are all gorgeous!! I think I am leaving towards the brass clincher (least likely to make my dressage trainer keel over) or a white and blue crystal.

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[CHANTS] blue and white, blue and white…

Or maybe blue/dark teal pearl/crystal with the brass? Your guy looks like a blue/teal guy to me :grinning: