FTK July Sale

Online catalog: http://www.fasigtipton.com/2022/The-July-Sale#/

Very sad that I can’t make it to the July sale this year, especially since we have our first homebred colt selling! Unfortunately just too many horses at home to leave for a few days. He is hip 83, St Patrick’s Day - Entice

I’m excited but also a bit nervous anticipating how “Jolly” will sell. He is an ideal physical type for this sale, and I stubbornly insisted the FT inspectors put him on their look list back in the spring. They said his female family wasn’t strong enough-- I didn’t disagree, but he has The Look of a July horse. The week before the inspection, Jolly’s half brother finished 3rd in the Rushaway Stakes, making his dam a black type producer and suddenly the FT inspectors were VERY glad to have him on the list. :laughing: They loved everything about him, and completely agreed he is the perfect physical type for July (I told you so!). Now I just hope buyers love him too, and if he doesn’t run well I would GLADLY take him back as an event prospect!

There are some very nice horses in the sale, as usual. Perusing the online catalog, I like what I’ve seen by first year sires Catalina Cruiser and Copper Bullet (check out the flashy #54!). A few others that I like from available photos:
Hard Spun filly 106
Violence filly 126 (sport horse? YES PLEASE!)
Unclo Mo colt 167
Tonalist filly 194
Bolt D’oro filly 196
Hard spun colt 199
Violence colt 252 (looks huge)
Mucho Macho Man filly 292
Curlin colt 302


Good Luck!

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I noticed him in the catalog and thought he might be one of yours. Good luck!

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Nice walk, by the way. :grinning:

Look at the ermine spots on this filly’s hinds! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdTEm4G1EkY

Thanks! He actually has a better walk than that, with more overstep and swing, but he is naturally quiet/laid back and not as motivated to step it up. :smile: I wouldn’t call him lazy, but he has the “chill dude” temperament of his famous uncle American Pharoah (as do our other 2 SPDs).

*Edited to add the link for those who don’t have time to scroll through the catalog.


Best of luck with him, @EventerAJ!

The Uncle Mo colt (167) is very handsome.

Exciting @EventerAJ! Fingers crossed!!!

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Handsome. Hope He does well- in the sale and afterwards

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Hopefully he has got some looks today!

Thanks! I think he has had around 80 all-shows so far and 30-40 selection (non-all show) looks. The sale has not been terribly busy, and some sellers are quite worried about the lack of action, as apparently views are down nearly 50% from last year. I honestly have no idea what price he may bring, no one really knows what the market will do. Some race trainers say due to daily costs and lack of employees, they are buying fewer horses this year than usual. One said most years he plans to accept 10-12 yearlings, and now he can’t take on more than 6, purely because he doesn’t have enough help available.

Speculation is that the breeding stock sales this fall/winter will be very rough, as it is getting more expensive to foal out mares and raise babies. :frowning: Everyone is on edge remembering the crash in 2008.


Good luck today!

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It is a lovely day here today!

All of Yoshida’s have been RNA so far. :confused:

Excited, yet nervous today! The same feeling I get on CCI cross-country day. I really wish I could be there, I miss the electric buzz of these big sales and holding the shank on a good horse.

Hip 55, the other St. Patrick’s Day colt just brought $80k. He has a better page than ours, but I think Jolly is a better physical.

Prices have been a bit scattered so far, some horses selling really well and others falling a bit flat.

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Vino Rossos have been a lot hotter than I expected.

The two year old pinhookers are all over the Maximum Mischiefs. Makes sense…they are a bit QH type, look like they will be fast 2yos, and priced in the middle range for potential profit next spring.

I like this crop of Vino Rosso’s better than last years (or am I thinking of his from earlier this year?) Never mind, it was his get from earlier this year I was remembering.

Vino Rosso’s first foals are yearlings this year. You may be thinking of November weanlings or January short yearlings. But yeah I don’t remember them selling this well in January.

Audible has been a pleasant surprise to me… I’m indifferent on Into Mischief sons, and I wasn’t an Audible fan while he was racing, but he is consistently making a very leggy, balanced type (without the sprinter QH butt seen in Maximus Mischiefs). I will be keeping an eye on them for sport in a few years.