Full board prices in Westchester area

While this is a topic that has been discussed on COTH regularly, there doesn’t appear to be a recent thread that takes into account major things like inflation caused by the pandemic.

For example, a barn in the area increased their full board to $4200 since the pandemic. Now we all know that Westchester, specifically Bedford/ North Salem, is notorious for ridiculous board prices but doesn’t that seems excessive for even there? To give you a better idea of the breakdown…$1400 DRY stall (stall alone excludes shavings & hay) $275 (supplies) etc. etc.

Curious if anyone else is experiencing this same increase? Barns can be so secretive about their full board prices but why not provide transparency on this forum so there is a fair - as fair can be - playing field.

I haven’t paid close attention to board prices in my area recently, but I have to imagine that if that’s what they’re charging, then there are people who are willing and able to pay it.

Alternatively, people won’t be willing to pay it, and they’ll have to lower their prices as boarders leave and their barn slowly empties.

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IIRC, that 4200 is OSF, which has run for at least the last few years as a horse show venue foremost and a “boutique” barn secondly. Meaning, they don’t care if the barn is empty or full, they want that specific tenant only. They make their money off the shows anyway.

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Presumably that’s full care board and full training? in which case, it’s eyewatering and way out of my league, but probably sustainable.

Decent barns with good facilities and care way our here in the Wild West are charging $1K and upwards a month now for board (and with the price of everything, aren’t making bank out of that,) so a Big Name Barn within striking distance of NYC, I’m not overly surprised.

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Up here in the PNW we’re starting to see more barns charging north of $1,000 a month, that’s without training. I had been considering a move back to the northeast but I don’t think I’d be able to afford horses there.

Come out west to New Jersey! Nicer people and way more affordable—I live in NYC and have three horses for what I would’ve paid for one in Westchester.


If $4,200 includes board and full training, that’s not at all unusual for that area and it wouldn’t surprise me if at some places, for example Heritage, it might be for board alone.

You can’t get just board around here anymore - unless you are talking about a backyard set-up. Every place is board + full training just to make ends meet.

Yes, $4k is the norm around here right now. There were a number of places in the $3600 range before the pandemic, but I believe many have gone up.

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I board in Westchester. It’s dizzying. But the price of everything is insane. Bedding prices, feed prices, especially labor costs- those have all increased with the pandemic and pushing board up. Good grooms, maintenance folks, assistant trainers- not immune to the labor shortage happening at large and with a high quality of service to deliver against expectations in this area, barns have to pay top dollar to keep their people.

Feel free to PM- I did a lot of research on pricing mid-pandemic when I was moving back here. More than I care to remember, probably!

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They don’t have to be transparent. It’s none of your business what the markup on stuff is. You don’t like the price, move.

Would you say the same to a jewelry store? “Hey I need to see your price breakdown on this diamond ring here…”

It’s a business.


You’re right, straight board doesn’t exist in Westchester, I should have realized that. :slight_smile:

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