FYI: Avoid this KKB Stallion Owner that won't answer those Tough Questions

A woman named Juli Kennis was posting about her “War Horse”. He’s a chestnut with sabino markings (high whites over the knees, wide blaze, etc.) so he’s very flashy. So he’s raced a lot, sixty something races, but has apparently done nothing else. Nothing she will admit to anyways.

That being said, several people asked her the tough questions - just because he raced a lot and is flashy doesn’t mean he’s breeding material. Why should he be allowed to reproduce? They asked for performance after the track, temperament, conformation pics, etc. You know, the important questions to consider when looking for a stud.

Her response was to get pissy and delete every single comment questioning her horse’s qualifications to be in the breeding shed. She only left up the, “Oh he’s so preeeeety!” posts. If that wasn’t bad enough, she then blocked people who were asking questions. I know this because I was one of them and I received messages from several others who received the same treatment. These were the straight forward, tough questions that any responsible breeder would ask of a stallion owner.

You might want to avoid this Juli Kennis if you’re looking for a stud. She clearly doesn’t have the mindset to be a responsible breeder and she won’t answer any questions. Don’t waste your time.

What’s KKB?

Honestly the world is full of folks with crap stallions, on social media and IRL. Most of these are just local folks with something they haven’t gelded. Some of them are delusional and defensive.

Honestly it’s on the mare owner to do their research and find a good stallion, not just go down the road to someone on CL or FB. And honestly it never works well to confront a delusional seller. Most of us sigh, smile, and move on.

That said, pinto pattern TB are a Thing and a stallion with 60 starts could be a quality horse. We’d really need to see him to know if he might fit in a lower level breeding program. Lots of Appendix QH and Canadian WB come out of mediocre OTTB mares. There aren’t actually that many TB stallions standing outside of the race industry. Playing devils advocate, some Paint breeders might like a Sabino TB stud.

Anyhow, honestly it’s not worth getting into online fights with random local individuals trying to stand Krazy Kolor studs or sell fugly horses.


Ok I Googled the name and she seems to be a perfectly respectable stallion owner who has the sabino registered jockey club, CWB, APHA. Nice looking horse, good conformation. On a FB group called TB exchamge.

The FB group makes it clear that the mods just deleted stuff from and maybe
blocked someone who really went to town with the attack and they still have up a screenshot with that person’s name visible. Assuming that’s the OP.

Anyhow, by and large attacking people on sales ads is not really done, and in this case it’s actually a good looking stallion that people can breed to or not, as they choose.


Two thoughts:

I’m not sure why inquiring about things like temperament or performance record is being referred to as asking “tough” questions. Those questions are basic horse marketing.

Asking a stallion owner why her horse should be “allowed” to reproduce is tactless. I would want to delete and brush off such comments, too. I understand the sentiment behind it, but the court of public opinion needs to cool their jets. This isn’t 2008. A breeder does not need an approval card from FHOTD when determining if their horse is breeding quality. Even if a horse is of dubious quality, there are different ways to approach the question of why the breeder feels people should send their mares to said stallion.

@Scribbler KKB is a COTH term. Krazy Kolor Breeder.


I don’t think OP directly asked Breeder “why should your horse be allowed to reproduced?”. It was written as a rhetorical question, and that people asked (legitimate) questions about temperament and performance. Questions a mare owner SHOULD ask and a SO SHOULD answer.


Having said that, Breeder states the horse was inspected and approved as a Canadian Warmblood sire. Is this a respectable accomplishment? The horse is a bit of a looker.

OP has posted the breeder on Horrible Horsemanship, which is basically a hate trolling group. Harsh, OP.


I’ve been long banned from horrible horsemanship when I called out the hypocrisy of the group itself. It’s A-OK to use a chain shank or a rope halter on a horse if needed (ie, intensify and concentrate pressure and/or pain if needed to get control on the ground) while never trying to get the horse softer in a flat halter instead, but do it under saddle or with a bitting situation? NOOO shun the nonbeliever…

If you’re in ANYthing but a snaffle, woe be your soul. Says the 50 year old re-riders who bought an entirely unsuitable horse they haven’t sat on in 3 years because they’re doing “ground work”…

Just the fact that the OP elected to post it there says enough about her. NEXT.


Plus, the original writer of FHOTD kept a questionable quality done-nothing stallion (a buckskin, of course… speaking of KKBs) herself for many years. Anyone who called her out would get dogpiled on by her loyal followers.


The horse in question. He does not present as a “junky” horse. While he’s not approved in a registry with sporthorse performance requirements (APHA, TB, Canadian), he doesn’t look like he deserves a pile-on.


Not to mention this horse’s pedigree features many names that have been mentioned as being desirable for sport (Damascus, Sword Dancer, His Majesty).


Damn, where is this guy? hes TB?


East coast


I suspect that OP aka “Master of the Universe” won’t be back now that he/she hasn’t gotten the response he desired. His post did make many of us go search out the stallion, whom I find to be quite handsome. He was bred by one of the most respected breeders in central Kentucky; he features many good horses–for both sport and racing–in his pedigree; and at a time when many TBs are retired after their 3yo campaigns, this horse made 63 starts (including 10 wins) through the age of 7 and presumably retired sound.

If I were looking for a flashy TB to breed to, I’d certainly call and ask about him. And I wouldn’t begin by ranting and raving about tough questions. I wouldn’t be surprised if the horse’s owner has some acceptable answers–if OP hadn’t started his approach with an attack.


LOL I came back here to mention some points, but see that others have already struck! I just wanted to say that there are lots of horses standing at stud that I, personally, would not choose to breed to. Breeds and individuals within breeds, that I simply don’t like, based on my experiences. And some of them may surprise you, because some are quite popular with some people! But I wouldn’t say which breeds or which individuals, because my opinion is my business, and no one else’s, and it is not my plan to hurt someone’s feelings, or have a scrap with someone. Make your own decisions, and I’ll see you in the competition arena.

I agree with others here, this is an attractive horse, with a good record of soundness in the most demanding equine sport, and proven ancestors in the production of top quality sport horses. I don’t care one way or the other about his markings, but some people do.

Breeding decisions are always “personal”, depending on what theories any breeder subscribes to, and what is important to the person paying the bills. Those who don’t have their own theories or experiences often listen to others for input, (possibly a “breed inspector”) which sometimes works well, and sometimes doesn’t. Frederico Tesio was referred to as “That Crazy Italian” in his day, and turned TB breeding on it’s ear. Welcome to breeding horses.


So he’s good looking, successful at the track, well bred, and approved Canadian WB but because he has no post track career other than breeding he doesn’t deserve his balls??

Ok, Karen.


That’s the thing. No one “piled on.” Basic questions were asked amidst the teenager-type gushing about “He’s so pretty”.

Someone asked (paraphrasing), “Has he done anything besides race? Does he have a show record? Since you’re marketing him to performance markets vs the TB Racing market, a show record would be helpful.” This comment was deleted.

So the OP asked, “Why was my comment deleted?”
And she was suspended.

I got suspended when I replied to someone who said, “Who cares if he has a show record? He’s gorgeous.” And my comment was something like, “You can’t ride color. If I’m going to breed a horse, I’m going to have a goal in mind. I need to know the stallion has been successful in the discipline I’m breeding for. I need to know if he has talent.”

Because being able to run races does not correlate to success in the jumper ring. Surviving for 60 races isn’t a reason for a horse to breed, unless you’re looking to breed a race horse.

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And you would be wrong in your ASSumption. Some of us have jobs that don’t allow us to play on COTH all day.

No one said the horse was ugly. No one. The ONLY questions asked were, “What has he done besides race that make him a candidate for breeding for sport horses?”

And every single question was shut down.

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There are plenty of horses out there that have post-track performance records who are well-bred. Asking what he’s done and why should I breed to him is not a reason to get shut down.

Nice try Boomer.

I’m not moved by your assessment of the stallion owner, and I’m suspicious of your motives.


I’ve never heard of HH until now so wasn’t me.

But then again, I wasn’t the only person she dissed.