Gallop, an equine literary magazine

I have been wanting to create an equine literary magazine for years. And now it’s happening. Introducing, “Gallop” to debut this Spring.

I am collaborating with Ron James, editor of the award-winning on-line travel magazine, “Wine, Dine and Travel” that I write for. He will bring his magazine wizardry (and many of his 300k readers) to the pages of “Gallop.”

My vision is to offer high-quality reading material and art for the horse crazed or even mildly interested. Short stories, essays, memoirs, poems, book excerpts, photos, drawings, book reviews etc. Think Granta, Ploughshares but just about horses.

So please send any of the above to me a At this point, I can’t offer payment. Just the glory:) of being in “Gallop,” and the gratification of helping one horse-crazed woman realize a dream. Please feel free to share this post.

If you are curious about my credentials: I am the author of the horse-show mystery series: "Horse of a Different Killer,” “Chestnut Mare, Beware,” and “In Colt Blood,” featured in People Magazine and translated into German, Japanese and Czech. I co-authored the novels, “Thief of Words,” and “Shenandoah Summer.” As a journalist, I was on the Charlotte Observer team that won the Pulitzer Prize. My articles have been published in many major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Washingtonian. I have written columns for The Chronicle of the Horse and Practical Horseman. In addition, I taught journalism at Georgetown, Washington and Lee and Hollins universities and taught fiction writing at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Md. I live on a farm near Lexington, Va., with way too many horses.


Jody Jaffe


Congratulations! I love your books!!!

Looking forward to it!

BTW, this will be a free on-line publication. I am not making any money. This is, as my son calls it, purely a passion project (meaning I will only lose $:) So it’s exactly like owning horses!


Sounds interesting! Please keep me posted. I write horsey poems and short stories and might be interested in submitting pieces when Gallop gets up and going. Thanks for posting about it here.

Even better. I have an equestrian-themed novel lurking in the wings. Might have an excerpt of that for you to consider.

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Gallop update. First off. To be clear, this is not a commercial venture. I am not selling ads or subscriptions. It is free!

Gallop ( is my present to all the horse-crazed people out there who like nothing more than immersing themselves in horses. I am not making any money on Gallop. In fact, like with everything I do that concerns horses, I am losing money. I am using our Covid relief $$ to pay a small honorarium to contributors and I’m forcing my editor husband out of retirement to be my assistant:)

Second: If you haven’t seen the article in Horse Nation about Gallop, here it is:

Third: We have a stellar lineup of stories, poems, memoir, etc for the debut issue coming this spring. Here is a small sample:
“Last Tango in Glasgow,” a cartoon by Pulitzer prize winning Wash Po cartoonist Ann Telnaes featuring two horses who find love late in life and amble off into the sunset. Or as much as you can amble anywhere with an alpha mare.

Amadeo: a powerful poem about a blind wild stallion who crashes into the sea. Written by well-known literary writer Kevin McIlvoy. Check out his bio:

An essay about the sadness in horse books by Wall Street Journal wine columnist, Lettie Teague.

Flash fiction about Mr. Ed by Len Kruger, the funniest writer I know.

The start to my new mystery, “Commander Speaks,” starring a prickly imported German jumper who has a lot to say. And he solves crimes.

Lots, lots more. Please send your submissions to Looking for fiction, memoir, essay, poems. 2,000 word limit. Double space.

Thank you and happiest of (snowy here in SWVa) trails,


Sounds like it’s getting close! Great article, looking forward to the debut!

I understand you want to keep to your certain vision of what you want. Can you please post here about that vision and what you want, as guidelines for submissions, or PM them to those of us who are interested in submitting our work?

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Thanks for your post. “Gallop” is an equine literary magazine, meaning it is where art and horses intersect. I’m looking for short fiction, moving memoir pieces such as the one we are running about a woman who used to go to the track with her father; poems (long or haiku), paintings, sculpture, wood cuts, water color, etc. The only requirement is that it has to feature a horse, hopefully with prominence. I’m looking for original content that is not available the web. Rights stay with the author/artist. Please send double-spaced copy (limit 2k words) to

However, that said, sometimes it’s more clarifying to say what I’m not looking for. “Gallop,” is not a general interest horse magazine. So I’m not looking for profiles of horse folk, Q and As with trainers, tips to make you a better rider or photo spreads of beautiful farms. The Chronicle and Practical Horseman have those bases very well covered.

Thanks again for asking,
Happy trails

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It’s been my dream to create a literary magazine that celebrates the beauty, generosity and magnificence of horses. Here it is. Free, ad-free and on line.

Thanks for reading.

Please send submissions and comments to
Happy trails,



Yippeee!!! I’m at work right now (sshhhhh), but can’t wait to read it!

It’s so beautiful, @jody_jaffe! Congratulations are well-deserved! I’m honored to be included in the debut issue.



Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the issue. I love both horses and literary fiction, so for me, this is a fantastic combination. Thanks so much for all the hard work that went into making this available!!

Oh sounds very cool! My artwork and some of my photography is up on my website at if you see something you’d like to use.

Just read Gallop yesterday - it’s wonderful!

My goal is to take a look at my daughter’s scholarship essay (to tweak for submission) about competing at the World Championships for juniors in equestrian vaulting and that feeling when they were on the kiss’n’cry platform right after their final freestyle performance with the Swiss Junior Team waiting for the scores to show up … and then the frantic moments of math when the scores start appearing to discover that Team USA had, indeed, earned a place on the podium behind Germany and Austria.

Who doesn’t love the fierce spirit of a chestnut mare? Read Courtney Lane’s powerful ode to her Red Mare in the debut issue of Gallop, an equine literary magazine. via @issuu

Looking forward to reading it!

For those who have asked when the next Nattie Gold book is coming out, I have two of those on the back burner. (One set in Lexington Va, where I live and the other featuring her daughter Nellie). But every time I sat down to write, an officious German gelding by the name of Commander kept barging into my thoughts, demanding I write his story. So I did. The first two chapters of “Commander Speaks,” are in the debut issue of Gallop, an equine literary magazine. The plan is to serialize it in the magazine (assuming I get submissions for continuing issues - send to Here is a link: