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Gate question

I’m full of potentially stupid questions, so bear with me.

I’m looking to buy a bunch of gates. Various dimensions. Some regular tube, others wire filled.

Is there anywhere to buy these things that offer all the sizes and types in BLACK color? I can find all the gates, but they’re random colors (red, green, blue, grey, black) and if I’m doing this from scratch I want them all to be one color.

Maybe this is a stupid question - if it is, I apologize.

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I think Tractor Supply usually has all the wire-filled and tube gate sizes in black. If they don’t have them in your local store they can order them.


Oh! I didn’t realize they could order them in black.

See, I told you this was probably a stupid question. :slight_smile:


Not at all! Pretty standard question


I have a variety of panels and gates from TSC that are called “blue”. They sure enough look matte black from any distance. Have to get right up on them and kinda squint to see the blue hue. Dark bluish gray is probably accurate.

When I first was pricing mine out at TSC, I was advised that color choices were dictated by region. That was 3 years ago so things may have changed or the info I got might not have been 100% accurate in all areas or what have you.


I feel like every size is a different color. There’s no way my OCD is going to allow this, haha


Yep. I have the “blue” bc that’s the color my local store carries in all the things I needed. Absolutely couldn’t abide the idea of multiple colors. I can see multiple gates from my back porch. They all had to match. So I totally feel you on this


Just checked the tractor supply website. Black is a color choice for gates, at least in my region, and there was an assortment available for shipment.

Looked under fencing - corral panels and gates - color - black. Gave me 14 choices in Tarter gates.

In my area, the only color for tube 4’ gates is green.

Wire filled 8’ gate is blue, while the 12’ are grey.

And on and on. I can get my 8’ tube gates in black though!

I’d call your local TSC and ask. They’re often willing to special order items that you can’t order on the website.

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I hear you on the colors. All my gates are wire-filled and all are green except my arena gate, which is that reddish-brown color. I don’t mind muchly because it was free tho.

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The American and Watchman gates come in black:

Perhaps there is a dealer near you.

I’d take a free gate of any color and just rattle can it (or my mom’s fiance has a powdercoating place, but they’re swamped so I hate to ask). No complaints on freebies, just the new stuff!

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Well hell, my TSC website doesn’t even let me sort by color? Everything else, yes, but color is not an option.

Tractor supply deals them. Unfortunately their website isn’t the easiest to deal with, as it won’t let me sort by color! I’ll give them a call.

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endlessclimb You might check with a fencing service on the gates. I got mine from them when we had more acreage enclosed.

I also wanted the pipe gates with closer together bars at the bottom, which they called 7-bar gates. Tighter spacing is supposed to prevent getting a hoof thru if they paw the gates.

I did not want the wire filled panel gates because of the wide open slots under the top pipe, which are perfect for getting a head thru! They also seemed to be very light weight pipe, not up to big horses. All the in-use ones I see are bent up.

After 2 young geldings got rambunctious at the gate, pawing, slamming into it when waiting their turn to come in, we now we have a hot tape in front of gates horses are normally led thru. No one can hang over, lean on, or paw the gates any more. Gate abuse is asking for an accident, change something to prevent a future problem! The hot tape barrier has two electric wire handles, one at each end. Very visible, can be totally removed out of the way for getting horses thru without accidental touches to make them jump.

My old gates were multiple colors, purchased as needed. With age comes rust, so last year we got all but 2 gates painted bright blue. Ran out of good weather! Using tractor New Holland blue, you can get about 3 each, 14ft gates out of a gallon. One coat covered very well, rust did not bleed thru. Paint was pricy at TSC, but covered well, holding up great since painted. Son said “If you want a good job, you have to buy good quality paint. Not the cheap stuff.” I like the color which is cheerful and VISIBLE by not blending in with the grass or scenery. You can easily see if a gate was left open to fix the situation before it creates a problem. Not so with my black, green, rusted red gates that you had to go out to determine if open or closed.

Another option might be checking with local (somewhere near you) livestock auctions. There was a “gate-guy” who would show up on sale day driving a flatbed with all sizes of gates on it to sell to you. He could bring what you wanted the next week if he did not have what you wanted right now. We got our best steel gates from him years ago. They have held up the best, are 7-bar steel pipe and were good prices. No local livestock auctions here anymore, so not sure if gate-guys are still working the auctions.

Do get heavier gauge pipe, they hold up much better. PITA to hang, need the wheel to prevent sagging, but heavy gates last last forever.


The wire filled gates will not have horses on them - they will be for the driveway and one perimeter gate.

I plan on having electric at the top of all horse gates, but good point on the 7 bar.

I’ll check with my fence guy on gate suppliers - he’s miffed that I didn’t give him this job but with 8k in materials alone I need to do as much of it myself as I possibly can, and will pay to have help finishing up in the late spring if needed.

Do you have a feed store or farm supply place that’s NOT tractor supply? Call up those guys and ask.

I have (I think) Tarter gates, all in black. Different sizes. Different weights, even. Manager at the local feed store took care of it.


Farm and Fleet, etc. A couple smaller feed stores too. I’ll call around.

FYI, it is not possible to paint metal tube gates —unless you want to sandblast and re-paint (like an auto body shop). I know. I tried. 18 hours later and six gates done —I got to watch as the primer and paint began to flake off . . .and still is flaking off. Yes, I sanded, yes, I used the correct primer, yes I used the correct paint.

Flaked off.

Gave up.