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Geaux Rocket Ride Injured

Not much detail yet. Mike Smith pulled him up in this morning’s work. He walked onto the ambulance.

Darn it. Prayers for the horse. I was really hoping that Mandella could have another big handicap horse here; he deserves it. One of my favorite trainers.

Open condylar fracture. Not good. Hopefully he stopped quickly enough to not injure himself even more.


That is definitely not good. Usually condylar fractures are one of the better injuries you can get as they tend to heal up well with or without a simple surgery but a compound fracture is a whole new ballgame. Prayers he recovers and is the last BC injury this year


It doesn’t sound good at all. Hoping for the best.

They are operating late Sunday morning.





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So the articles say GRR was taken by ambulance to the eq. hosp. and later transferred back to his barn, for diagnostics and evaluation. What would they do at his barn that couldn’t/shouldn’t have been done at hosp. Can someone explain? If he is having surgery sometime this am why wouldn’t they just keep him at hosp. I’m only cup of coffee into the day so maybe I’m missing something…

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That had me ??? as well. Maybe he’s happier and thus calmer in the familiarity of his usual stall? I find it hard to believe that the equine hospital wouldn’t be equipped to keep him overnight, but what do I know…

I’ve seen it mentioned more than once that Candy Ride tends to pass along a good mind to his offspring, which if so will be key to Geaux Rocket Ride’s recovery.

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My guess is that the “hospital” is the one at Santa Anita and it may have been to stabilize him and then he went back to his barn on the grounds where he was comfortable.

Here is the description of the Santa Anita facility. It is staffed and capable of handing everything up to surgical procedures.



He is having surgery right there on the grounds


Don’t know if it’s true, but I read someone saying yesterday that the facility at SA is not a full-scale equine hospital with “inpatient” stalls. It’s a great surgical and diagnostic facility, but they do not keep horses there. I did note recently that Echo Zulu also went back to her own stall both before and soon after the surgery at the center. So apparently not equivalent to Rood and Riddle, for instance, as a full-scale hospital. It’s for diagnostics and surgery on racetrack injuries.

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Thanks! That makes sense.

He had the surgery and is still recovering at the on track hospital as per the last update


Oh thank you! I’ve been checking for some update for a while…

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Sounds like he’s being a good patient too. Comfortably resting in his barn. Being able to be in his stall in the regularity of his barn might actually help this situation. Less stress on the horse; plenty of things to watch everyday.

I am curious if they would start bedding his stall any differently to try and keep any laminitis at bay in the coming weeks? I don’t have any major experience with severe laminitis but I have heard of deep, dry sand being used because it disperses weight

Hoping for the best, he was such an exciting horse. Props to Mike for getting him pulled up and the leg taken care of immediately. Likely saved his life in this instance



“Rocket is having an unexpected response to the surgery and isn’t recovering as we hoped. He appears to be in no pain and is eating. Our boy is still fighting hard so we will keep fighting for him. Under Dr. Carpenter’s recommendation, he is moving to another facility better equipped to handle his post-op recovery.”

Oh crap.


Having a hard time imagining what complications he could possibly be having that didn’t cause pain but regardless I am glad he is comfortable. Hope he turns a corner for the better shortly. Jingles for everyone involved


Fluid build up around organs? That happened to my horse and it was really touch and go for a day or two.


The most likely thing would be infection since it was an open fracture but that would cause some pain I would think.