Gray Hunt Coats

Your opinions wanted. What color horses complement? Appropriate in what divisions? What shades of gray? Stand out in a crowd positively or negatively?

Am I the only one who is a little curious about the recent influx of new posters?

I had a lovely grey coat that I used for years - it was a light grey with a light blue window pane and it was beautiful. Sadly (and surprisingly), I outgrew it and haven’t found another coat that looked like it since then…:cry:

I’m not a fan of the brownish greys that you see sometimes, but that’s my own opinion.

My friend rides in a dark grey jacket in the A/O hunters on her grey mare. Looks fabulous. It’s an old jacket though so you can’t buy the equivalent.

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I ride a blood-bay horse with 4 white socks and a blaze. My coat is a medium charcoal grey. It’s got a faint lavendar stripe to it but you’d have to get close enough to be picking me up out of the dirt to see that. I think a nice grey coat goes with any color of horse; grey is my favorite color of coat (but then again, I’m 100 years old and not worried about convention). I don’t think I have ever looked at a rider and thought “oh, that color of coat really clashes with the color of the horse”. Of course something garish would never be proper (this year at WEF during Easter weekend a man showed in the Amateur Hunters in a pink sportcoat; we older riders do get to have some fun). Ride well, and a properly fitted coat of any generally acceptable color will be fine.

I love grey. It’s so flattering and it looks good on any horse (in my opinion.) mine is versatile enough to wear with a light green, white, or blue shirt. I always wear my grey in local equitation classes because I stand out better.

Supershorty, I’m with you. Many generic questions by brand new posters.

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Sorry twostride. That did sound rude. We just don’t often get eight or more generic questions by brand new posters in a day or two.

I do like gray coats, but I think other colors look better with the tan/beige breeches. But gray coat with black/dark horse is very nice.

I love gray- my favorite! Especially dark gray with a baby blue shirt. Out of style these days, but that’s ok-- I can wait.

I have a light grey Grand Prix coat that I love. I wore it all through college showing in the IHSA (eq). Looked good on almost any color horse. While I love my grey coat, I do wear navy for a more traditional look at certain shows. IMO a better ride is more important than what color coat you’re wearing (as long as it is reasonable and allowed in the class). Get what you like

I love grey, and show in a grey coat occasionally (seen =131112481&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0"]here) I don’t see it as often as I used to, but I think it’s perfectly acceptable. Then again, I’m not one to be a slave to fashion or the latest trends and I tend to think that as long as you are wearing clean, well fitting, conservative attire and have an overall put together appearance, you should be fine. :slight_smile:

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vxf111 Please don’t tell me baby blue shirts with grey jackets are out!?
I just bought my dark grey Animo coat. It took a bit of coaxing as I was wary to stray from dark navy and black. I love it. I’m also an event rider so technically in Stadium it doesn’t matter.

I happen to also ride a light grey horse who goes in dark grey boots.

In my neck of the woods all you see are white shirts and black (or dark dark dark navy solid) hunt coats. Period. I miss color!!! Maybe it’ll come back in the spring? Wear what you like, regardless… But color seems to be gone lately. Blame Amino and crew for the soft shell dark coat and white shirt trend.

isn’t this BB board open to anyone who wants to join? Isn’t this a forum in which equestrian enthusiasts can come to learn and exchange ideas?

I think some of the lighter shades of grey wouldn’t look as good on some horses as darker shades… I am kind of tired of all the navy

I don’t think the grey coat/blur shirt is entirely out of style, it’s just really only seen on weekdays and not weekends when people have a warmup division or a blue/red round. I personally have a dark grey with muted teal piping, plaiding, and lining that I wear with a muted teal shirt (it matches the lining perfect, I was so lucky to find it on sale), and I’ve gotten nothing but compliments and lots of them. I do only wear the blue shirt on weekdays though in unrated things. Horse is a chestnut. I think it’s more the shade of grey than the horse color. Different shades will go with different colors.

I have a dark bay and I think my light grey coat looks good on him… besides it matches my hair, and the pink lining makes me happy!

So not to hijack the thread…but speaking of Grey Hunt Coats…

Does anyone know of a technical fabric hunt coat that comes in grey? I really love grey coats, but already have one nice wool coat and would rather have a nice technical fabric hunt coat for when its hotter.

I show in a light gray coat on my dark brown/nearly black mare. It looks fabulous on her. I also wear it on my plain brown gelding in the hack. I think it helps him to show up on the rail a bit better.

And, (horrors), I wear it with a lavender shirt. I’m an amateur…I don’t have to subscribe to the navy/white uniform.

I love Gray!
I have a lighter gray coat that I wear on weekdays (summer only) on my gray mare.
It has a subtle pink windowpane and I pair it with a white shirt or a very light pink.

I also have a medium charcoal gray with a kind of burgundy-purple stripe. I wear that on weekends and I think it looks nice on both my gray mare and my bay gelding.

I hope gray never goes out of style!

I think stuff being work “only on the weekdays” or “only in unrated classes” or “only by ammies” is a sure sign of being out of style. It’s a shame, if you ask me. And at the end of the day- you can wear what you want, fashion be damned. But I doubt anyone would really dispute that black and white are in and color is out.