Great Meadow live stream

Anyone else having problems watching the great meadow live stream on horse and country tv? I have a subscription but it’s not showing any live events? Are they not streaming all of the 4*?

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Yes - says there is no live stream today :thinking:

I kept my subscription this month just to watch this. The tile for Mars says 8/26-8/28 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
To me that means you broadcast the event 8/26-8/28. Rant over. FWIW, based on prior experience, I entered a ticket on their site.

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I expected it also…it is on their schedule…but not streaming now…they scheduled Aug. 26 which is today

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So did Great Meadow. From their website:

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I haven’t managed to get it to work on chrome or safari but it is working on my iphone app…wish I knew why

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I put in a ticket also. Not working on my Desktop widows or my macbook pro

Got a message back… only working on their app… not working on website… I asked where to get the app

It’s streaming on the H&C facebook page

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You can get the app from the App Store if you have an iPad or iPhone. I did get it up and running on my iPad.

Live on FB

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That sucks, app uses data if you aren’t on wifi!

Well that’s annoying to find out this now - missed several rides I wanted to see!! I never thought about going to their FB page and look there. Thank you for the information!

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facebook: just figured out you can make it rewind so you can view previous rides that you missed.
thank you for posting the link to the facebook page!!!

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Livestream working.

Not KOC down talking TBS again. I swear she is the least educated in TBs I have ever heard commenting.


I have feared starting up with H&C again, but tried to re-sign, and was told I was already a member! I signed in and was led directly to the live stream! I haven’t even paid yet! It was the easiest ever. Merging with FE! must be a good thing. The camera work is very good too!



And yes – thank you so much for that link! Awesome :wink:

omg they said back at 2:10 and I missed half Boyds test its 2:08 and hes already going lol

What does the DR mean? I assume it was something to do with Team?

DR is dangerous riding