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Greater Toronto Area, ON - Trainer Recommendations

Since the EMG board is no longer, I’m turning to coth for recommendations for a H/J coach within an hour of west end Toronto that offers ship ins or preferably does ship out lessons. I’m in search of a trainer who has experience with young horses (read: someone who will help me develop a program, not a drug plan). I’m looking for someone who will be an active trainer, not just sit around on the phone sporadically commenting. My horse is young and fairly spirited, and our current trainer isn’t working out. Please PM me if you need more details. I don’t want to break the bank, but I’m realistic about the cost of training in the area.

Also: If someone knows of an A circuit facility that offers board for under 1k a month (does not need to be full service) please PM me.

Edit: The boarding request is for a friend who is not tech-savvy, as her current BO is retiring

Peter Gisborn does ship-in lessons and is located in Erin, ON. From west-end (Etobicoke area), approximately 45min-1 hour. Highly recommend. http://www.petergisborn.ca/

Also, Mac and Christi McQuaker of Gryphon Farms are located in Schomberg and are quite convenient from the west-end (approx 30 to 40 min). Again, you can probably ship in there. Also highly recommended.http://www.gryphonfarms.com/

If you can provide area where you are seeking board, I could also assist with some boarding recommendations that may not be a show facility, but have great quality board.

For example, Tory Glen Farm in Caledon East area has excellent high-end board. https://www.facebook.com/Tory-glen-farm-519436001432167/

Sorry, should have specified. She’s looking in the Halton/Peel area, but would also be open to somewhere in Wellington (Rockwood/Erin/Orangeville etc) Thanks!

Spud, I’m going to PM you later

As you can imagine many of the A trainers are now showing in Florida. I know that Peter is here for the winter months but his training board is well over $1,000.00 per month. I don’t believe he offers board only but best of course to chat with him in person. He does allow ship in lessons at his barn.

If she wants to travel as far as Mono Mills area (Hwy 9 and Airport Road) Jean-Francois Santerre operates out of the lovely Grande Farms. He also permits ship-ins. I have my 5 year old jumper mare with him now and cannot say enough good things about the care and training she has received so far.

Hyde Moffatt is now based out of Caledon Village/Cheltenham area, and will actually be home most of the winter this year. He loves doing ship ins, and is great with young horses (no fear of spirited there). If you know Hyde at all, you’ll know his picture is found beside “active” in the dictionary.

Hyde Moffatt is now based out of Caledon Village/Cheltenham area, and will actually be home most of the winter this year. He loves doing ship ins, and is great with young horses (no fear of spirited there). If you know Hyde at all, you’ll know his picture is found beside “active” in the dictionary.[/QUOTE]

Hyde is SUPERB. You absolutely cannot go wrong placing a young horse in his program. Soft. Sensitive. Empathetic. But knows when enough is enough and makes the appropriate correction.

He’s shown my mare for three years to great success, and I put my little man’s name down before birth to be on Hyde’s list. I simply CANNOT WAIT for that moment when Hyde puts his leg over my dude. Only a few more months to wait!!!

An alternative for a more do-it-yourself approach is my coach, Di Langmuir. Our horses are at Gimcrack Equestrian in King. She will happily do ship ins (there will be an arena fee on top of coaching, but it’s heated, insulated and has fantastic footing). She can also come to you if needed. She works very closely with Hyde Moffatt. Hence he shows those of Di’s clients that need a pro ride.

Board at Gimcrack is very reasonable for the location, and packages are staggered for needs. I pay about $250 less for my youngster than I do for my show horse, who is herself on the mid-level board. (I pay above and beyond for lessons with Di, but again, VERY reasonable).

The groceries are exemplary. Turn out is ample. Staff are for the most part observant, and unafraid of asking questions. They’d rather text than guess, and I love them all the more for it.

The Gimcrack-owned stock are 90% youngsters making their way up, and before this location Di and I between us (and I’m a full-on ammy) have made a great many champions, including ponies, Young Jumper Development Champions and Ultimate Hunter Champions. Baby greens, pre-greens, combined hunters, do-be horses that truck kids and nervous amateurs around like gold.

Above all, I will happily swear to both Di and Hyde’s ethics when it comes to equine welfare. I know they’ve both lost big clients because they refused to do something that wasn’t in the best interest of the horse in question.

I also highly recommend Hyde!!! The best at young horses !!

I was recommended Hyde and Darcy Hayes as great trainers for young hunters by a friend but I was told they were both in FL. I’m excited to hear he’s staying home for the most part. If anyone has Hyde’s contact information please send it to me! FYI I’m not looking for training board, a friend is looking for a new place to board. I’ll pass on the info the her, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Andrea Volasko. I’ve used her for 5 of mine so far and she has my young stallion in full time training. She does a phenomenal job.

Another suggestion is Jen Sweet, she is in the Ayr area and does have ship ins.

Jen is a little far from me, but thanks Fred! Thanks Muskoka, I’ll look into Andrea!

PM returned.

Another suggestion is Jen Sweet, she is in the Ayr area and does have ship ins.[/QUOTE]

I adore Jen. She is so well named – sweet. And another one that puts equine welfare ahead of ribbons.

Another vote here for Hyde and Darcy. Years ago I did some freelance grooming for both of them. They’re great with young horses and are able to take them all the way to the top.

Gimcrack is top notch and will allow coaches to come in and teach since Viv (the owner) is an amateur. Similar turnout to any other A circuit facility, never short staffed, night check, blanketing, individual feeding, haynets if you need them, etc.
Amazing footing inside and out that is well maintained, heated indoor. They’ve got their own transport truck for shipping as well as some regular trailers. And they’ve got a farm in Ocala if you ever decide to head south. Can’t say enough great things about them.

If she can travel a bit East - Tom and Margie Gayford may be in budget for board. Margie also travels to teach, within reason. They are here this winter.


Another forum was started for southwestern Ontario after the EMG shut down, not nearly as populated as the EMG was but you may want to check it out:



Instead of just listing all of the trainers that do the A circuit, why don’t we read the OP’s criteria?

Last time I lived in the GTA, King, Caledon and Newmarket were not west of Toronto, so unless they’ve moved them why bother throwing out names of people that aren’t West of Toronto?

TP, I’m looking for a trainer that allows ship ins or will do ship ins located roughly an hour from the west end of Toronto :slight_smile: So King and Caledon are both good! The person who is looking of board is retired so she is willing to commute longer than I am. I’ll pass on the info. I didn’t even think of Margie in terms of training, has anyone had any experience with her? I don’t know her very well.

@cdn_alter, PM replied.

Hyde does do some ship ins. I worked with him for a while and he is an excellent coach with really solid ethics. He is currently in Caledon but has plans to move. Even if it is far for you, it is so worth it. Both you and your horse will learn a lot.

Andrea Volasko teaches them excellent manners. She doesn’t really show on the As, so if you want your horse to show more on the As, than I’d pass. Otherwise, she is good with putting the basics on young horses.

Peter Grisborn works out of Someday Farm in Caledon and Schellenberg Farms in Milton area. He is also a great coach and does quite well with young horses.

Michelle Vandal is in Rockwood (right by Angelstone) and I have heard good things about her.

I got help from Margie once at a show on my green horse and it was an amazing experience. She had nothing but helpful things to say and was very positive even though my round did not go as planned (with an unintended dismount). I have heard wonderful things about her from many others too.