Grey show breeches

I have HAD it with white show breeches. Has anyone seen any light/pearl grey ones at a reasonable price (under $200)?

Smartpak has some in dove grey. Both in the knit and original styles. Don’t know if they fit you though - it’s either a love or hate thing with them.

i have three pair of gray breeches. One summer pair and two heavier cooler weather pair. I got them from Smart Pack or stateline tack or Dover… I only buy when they’re on sale and have never paid more than 35 for a pair of breeches. I’m gonna be dressing my palomino in gray. So whenever i see a saddlepad or breeches in gray, at a reasonable price, i buy!

Romfh Sarafinas come (came?) in a mist grey that was perfect. I use it when I’m not up to wearing white.

The Romfh ones are lovely, but not cheap. Dapper Horse has/had them in grey.

I bought these from Equizone Online and they are a lovely light gray. stone gray full seat breeches

I will say the material is lightweight so they would be terrific in hot weather but if you need something a bit beefier to camouflage “fluff” they may not be the best choice. The light gray color is spot on though!

Horze makes a nice dove gray breeches. EBay has some for sale.

How come all the good ones are full seat silicone or low rise. (or both).
…and, inquiring minds wanna know: What do low rise breeches do for a person? Are they for flat-bellied young women, or paunch-bellied middleage woman?

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Liking or not liking low rise seems to be one of those things that is very personal and best I can tell really has nothing to do with body shape/size.

I am long bodied (short legs) so in my case, the higher rise does not even turn into a bra, but I still hate them. I like the waist of my pants be below my belly. Fat belly, or not as fat belly (never a flat belly), I still want it below my belly. I don’t like things that bind or cut into my fat.
I have a friend of a similar body shape and she hates (really HATES) low rise anything.

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It’s for short people, where a mid rise can double as a bra.

Low rise looks like mid rise on us midges.


Yup, I’m 5’1 and buy low-rise as for me they end up in the right spot.
I have a pair of joddies that must be high-rise but for normal-height people and they go up to my bra wire. :grin:


These are tights, not breeches. I would not show in them.


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of dove grey show breeches all year. I want something: (1) thin enough for summer but not as thin as tights and (2) nice enough to show in but not too expensive (preferably under $150). My two top contenders have been:

Ovation Euro Melange: Great price. Fantastic feel IMO—very soft fabric that is perfectly stretchy but not too thin. Silicone seat. I adore them. However, when I actually wore them for a show the crotch seam chafed me horribly, so I kept looking.

Pikeur Luganas: Higher price point but currently on clearance at SmartPak. No silicone. Not as soft and stretchy and comfortable as the Ovations but if the seam doesn’t destroy me they’ll be worth it.


Great price on the Pikeur - of course they don’t have anything my size :disappointed:

Fits but not cheap


With a jacket on, how can anyone tell tights from breeches when they are in a standard color? (I say standard color because all of my tights are fun weird colors/patterns.)


I have a pair of FITS in a gray. I really like them, but they are pricy (like all their breeches), but I think I got my pair on sale (all my fits have been on sale or bought from ebay/marketplace)

Romfh has a beautiful dove grey colour

There was just a rule change, you can now where whatever color breeches you want!

In DR 120
1.4 Breeches and Jodhpurs. White, light, or dark colored breeches or jodhpurs are permitted in competition. Bright colors
or patterns are not permitted. Contrast piping is allowed


OMG, please for the love of your crotch, run far, far away from these! Learn from my pain, these breeches were clearly designed by a man and have a huge 4-way seam in the worst possible place. It took me several days to recover from this torture, lol.