Happy 5th Birthday Juliet!

I hope I am not jinxing myself by posting this but I think I finally have the bugs worked out and my foal cam will actually remain online long enough for you guys to see her foal. She is 327 days today and massive! Milk tests say we still have a long ways to go. This will be her 4th and most likely last foal. She has gone at day 353, 340 and 342 respectively. Cross your fingers that the cam works!


I see a fat mare! :slight_smile:


I’m getting " Service Unavailable" but my net sometimes isn’t the most reliable.

Would love to see a fat mare as well! :smiley:


I can still see her so I think it is ok on my end. She has spent the past several hours trying to sleep standing up without doing a face plant and is now practicing her cat stretches. Thank Goodness for milk testing!

Oh I cannot wait to see this one!!!

Me too JB but not tonight! She is super uncomfortable and is making me nervous right now.

I see a fat mare too :smiley:

I have your cam up on my Mac-based internet explorer, and Altamont’s cam up on my Windows-based Internet Explorer… does that make me a fat mare TV addict?! :eek::lol:

Watching too :slight_smile: Good luck. I am sure you a very excited!!

I was just about to head out to the farm as she really did look colickly but she seems better now. Her calcium was close to zero and pH 8.4 so no way she could be foaling.

She does look more comfortable now - I can’t believe how HUGE she is!!!

I don’t understand why she is doing all these cat stretches. Colicky horses don’t do that do they? She did them over and over again during her last labor but that was a dystocia so she was most likely trying to reposition him.

Your cam is so nice, bright and clear. I hope I won’t miss it. I watched last year!

Mine did increasingly more and more cat stretches the closer she got, and the foal was positioned perfectly

She had about two hours last night that looked exactly like her labors. This cam is so clear that when she is positioned right I can even take her respiration’s which were super high. In the 40s at one point. I got the banamine out of the closet and went to get my shoes and coat several times but then she would settle down for a little bit so I would wait. I would have gone anyway but didn’t want to wake the farm owners by driving up the driveway unless I had to. I finally went to bed when she started eating her hay. That was the first red flag as she usually munches all through her labor. I even got my first marestarer call so it wasn’t just me who was worried. Hopefully that was her repositioning and we are in place for delivery now. If that is going to be a nightly occurrence I am going to end up moving into the barn for weeks.

Just want to say that I hope everything’s okay.

I’m requesting photos (lots) when you actually have your new arrival. I LOVE Redwine and am anxious to see pics of all his babies.

You almost got 2 calls! When she kept kicking a bit and pacing, I found the website for a phone #, just in case. Oy, she was restless. What a relief is settled in.

Calcium jumped from 100 yesterday to 250 today. I am only using the spa strips this year as opposed to chemetrics so not sure exactly how accurate that number is but it is definitely progress. Thank God for pH because her calcium climbing relatively early has become a pattern for her. She tested in the “do not leave unattended range” for 8 days with her filly! Last year was the same thing except pH got me to within about 3 days of foaling. Her pH has 't budged yet so I am going to ignore the calcium for the most part for now. She is day 331 today.

Given that pools need a pretty small range of ok-ness, you’re fine using the numbers for what they are :slight_smile: As in, pay attention to a rapid climb, pay attention to the high end, as much as you would pay attention to the calcium in the first place :slight_smile:

Chemetrics has a lot more choices for readings in between 100 and 250 so I might not have been as big of a jump as it appears. I am keeping an eye on her but trusting the pH for the most part.

Aw poor thing looks so tired. She caught herself from almost doing a couple face plants just now. ( 1am your time)