Happy 5th Birthday Juliet!

Thanks Polydor its not quite 11. She has been falling asleep on her feet for weeks which is why I went ahead and bedded the heck out of her stall with straw. Last time a huge straw bed encouraged her to lie down for a while but no go this time.

She is recovering from the embarrassment of another near header . . . .

Poor thing seems so sleepy. I can’t wait to see this one Laurie! Good luck.

Thanks everyone. She is outside from about 7:30am until 2pm weather permitting. I know its boring to look at an empty stall so I thought I would let you know when to not bother looking. I will start putting her out for smaller amounts of time when the milk tests tell us to keep a closer eye on her.

Calcium was back down to 100 tonight but the milk is definitely whiter and her bag is FULL.

how was the pH?

It hasn’t budged yet. Still 8.4 So far the only thing that is surprising me is how full her bag is. I actually had a little trouble getting a hold of the teat because it was so full. She normally doesn’t even pay attention when I get the sample but these past two days she acted like I goosed her.

My mare’s (maiden) got quite full at times - not nearly as full as now, with her milk fully in, but pretty full, in the 2 week range before foaling.

Guess it just goes so show that every pregnancy is different because she has never been this full this early.

Well, I think I am on foal watch! Calcium was 250 and pH looked to be either 7.8 or maybe even 7.2. I am going to start checking her twice a day now.

Yeah, I am definitely on foal watch now! It doesn’t really become official until you have your first dream about missing the foaling! I told everyone not tonight so no one was watching and I slept right through it. I couldn’t tell if the dream foal was a colt or a filly but I was loving the four white socks and a blaze!

Definite progress tonight! Her pH is down to 7.2 and calcium looks to be between the 250 and 500 range. Her bag is so full it was hard to get a sample tonight. She definitely objected to my handling where normally she doesn’t bat an eye.

Can’t wait!!!

I am dying to say there is no way she holds out until 342 days but mare’s have a way of making a liar out of you. Her earliest was 340 days but it’s hard to imagine her even making it that far as quick as she is progressing.

[QUOTE=Go Fish;5504939]Just want to say that I hope everything’s okay.

I’m requesting photos (lots) when you actually have your new arrival. I LOVE Redwine and am anxious to see pics of all his babies.[/QUOTE]

I’m expecting a Redwine baby in May but I unfortunately wont be there. I bought it inutero so I will be just as suprised as you! Please post a ton of pictures! Good luck. We all will be watching:winkgrin:

I hope the foaling is easier than last year. I love your cam. It did give you trouble, but it is so clear and bright and I hope she parks herself right in the middle of the stall… lol

Thanks FI. She is at a different barn than last year. It’s the same camera but this stall is so big that this was the best way to get a good view of the majority of the stall. There is a pretty big blind spot right underneath the camera but it is only big enough for her to stand in. If she were to lie down next to that wall we wouldn’t be able to see much but would be able to see if she was sternal or supine. Hopefully it won’t end up being a problem because I agree that it gives a great view of the part of the stall we can see.

I just watched a clydesdale mare foal on MS a few minutes ago. She picked the only spot of the stall where we could not see anything!!! Modest mare I assume!
I have the Barn Alarm set up and your cam is up with Glenhill’s. Keeping fingers crossed for a good and easy foaling.

I have Grandma on foal watch in California so I am off to bed for a couple hours.

Calcium was up to 500 and pH was down to 6.8 at 2:30pm. I think we are soon to be in the baby business. I am planning on heading to the barn around 10 unless she starts looking interesting sooner.