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Has Anyone Used Riding Warehouse?

I was thinking about getting the new Majyk Elite boots in turquoise at the ridingwarehouse.com 20% off Labor Day sale… Has anyone ever ordered from them? I was wondering if their ‘over $50 free ground shipping’ was actually free?


Yes, they are 100% awesome and everything they claim to be. They’re my go-to for anything I need to order!

Yes, and you should too. :lol:

I’m in CA, so I use the California shipping normally and it’s been super and free. And the returns are free. The many, many returns/exchanges I’ve made, because finding breeches that fit is like finding a unicorn.

yes! they are great…

If they have what you’re looking for (and sometimes stuff you didn’t know you need!) they are awesome!

Yes! awesome service, fantastic shipping - my first choice when shopping, especially for us in CA.

Another upvote. Just ordered new breeches and a few other items. Free shipping and quick delivery. I’ll be back.

(sigh) I had to click on this and find out they’re having a 20% off sale… there goes the budget this week…

yes, they rock!

Yes!! I have spent an extraordinary amount of money there because their prices and service are amazing!!

Love RW. I’ve ordered multiple times and never had an issue. Did one return and it was easy - use the enclosed return label (free!) and got a refund quickly. Prices are good even before the discounts. Sometimes certain brands/items can’t be discounted, but it will tell you that when added to your cart.

Another one signing praises for Riding Warehouse. They have the best return policy, 365 days from the invoice date. Plus they’re really pleasant to deal with.

Another yes from here. Really easy to deal with, really easy returns, and their prices are generally pretty good anyway.

I blew some cash in their sale on “totally essential” items yesterday, and they were shipped out (free) within the hour. They should be with me on Tuesday…

I love Riding Warehouse and not only is the free shipping free, but in California, it’s usually free next day shipping.

They have a really nice selection of useful stuff. They carry endurance items that I don’t usually encounter in my other catalogs that I’ve liked, plus I can usually do my daughter’s back to school shopping there. :slight_smile:

I’m in NH, and echo the awesome service, even on the East Coast. You cannot go wrong with them!

Love, love, love! I got the 20% sale email and have been trying to think of something I could possibly need…!!!

They’re super

Love them! Never a bad experience. I gave them way too much of my money today and got notification that my package shipped within 5 hours of placing my order! :eek:

I have pretty much decided unless I am getting an amazing clearance deal somewhere or they don’t have it I will only shop through Riding Warehouse.

It’s all the convenience of online shopping with the immediate gratification of actual shopping.

They ship same day and the $5 second day air is amazing. I am just over waiting a week for tack stores to ship orders I’ve spent a fortune on shipping to get.

Living in a tack store desert they have saved my scatter brained self for every show I’ve done this year (and the clinic I have tomorrow.) :slight_smile:

This may be a COTH first- complete agreement so far :slight_smile:


My first go-to when I need something.