Helmet to replace my Charles Owen because my head is too hot! Update round or oval?

I’ve been a Charles Owen girl as long as I can remember, at least 15 years now. There was a brief stint with a Tipperary that I hated the look of but I quickly found my way back to Charles.

The problem is I am beginning to realize my Charles Owen makes my head very hot and sweaty. Like a disgusting amount. So I’m looking for suggestions on other helmets to consider.

I love everything else about Charles Owen except how hot and sweaty my head is. They fit me perfectly, they are comfortable, I live the traditional look of them. I’m not currently showing so it wouldn’t be for showing purposes, but I do want something nice. I’d like to avoid spending over $300. I’ve been looking at the One K helmets but I’m not sure how the fit and quality compares to Charles Owen. And safety of course!

I had the same issue and I love my Uvex. Super light and airy, not hot at all. They have the new style with MIPS out too. They fit my head shape well and I fit CO well.

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It might depend on which CO model you have, exactly what shape fits you best. But I went from a GR8 to a OneK in long oval and haven’t looked back. I remember wearing it the first time and the temperature difference being notable.

I’ve never used a CO, but really like my OneK (and I live in the desert!).

I second this.

I love my Charles Owen helmets, too, but it’s just too hot to wear them right now. I’ve always been a sweater (Is that the best way to describe it? I’m not a piece of clothing.), and I knew I wanted something other than my Tipperary Sportage to wear this summer because it’s just not quite as traditional a look as I wanted. I bought an Ovation Z-6 Elite this spring, and it’s much cooler than the COs. (It’s also nice that I can wash the liner.) It’s more expensive than the Ovation Schooler, but I think it lets a little more air in. Plus, the leather accents are nice.

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The AYR8 fits me like a glove and I’ve had the same issue, it has been almost impossible to find a well ventilated replacement that fits as well. The IRH IR4G XLT was equally comfortable, but the harness didn’t fit me right. If the harness had fit comfortably, it would have been a great option so maybe try that on. I’m holding out for the CO Luna that they’ve just come out with, when I can find one to try!

Likewise. Once I went Uvex, I cannot go back.

The dial fit provides a dream fit, particularly wonderful in the winter if you’d like a thin cap underneath. Or in the summer if you want to tuck half a ponytail under, or just need a bit of breathing room. Best ventilation in any helmet I’ve owned, plus a myriad of style options.

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Hmm good to know, as I also fit in the GR8 like it was made for me. How does sizing compare?

I wore a 6 7/8 GR8 and my OneK is their small size. Fits great.
I don’t think mine is long oval like JenEM’s though.

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Thank you! I think I wear that size or one size down - I have a peanut for a head…

Uvex’s are great! Just note (OP), I was told by two tack stores that they are too flashy for the hunter and equitation ring (do I agree? No.). Some trainers might not like the dial at the back that allows you to adjust the helmet, but you can easily hide it with hair down.

One K Defenders are my personal favorite and they can work for any show ring as well. If you fit well into Charles Owens, you may fit best in their long oval helmets. If you just want a good, inexpensive schooling helmet that breathes, Troxel is great.

I think I’m going to give the One K a try. I’m a bit confused by the long oval versus round sizing though. Can anyone tell me the difference and suggest which one I should give a try?

I’m a 6 3/4 in my Charles Owen and it fits perfect. So I think I’ll be a small in the One K. I went to the local tack store and they only had one very blingy One K in size small. It was the round fit and fit really well. They also had a medium in the long oval which fit really well except just a bit too big. I’m not sure I noticed a huge difference between the long oval and round. I also tried on a barn mates One K. It was a medium and was really comfortable except being a bit too big. The tag did not specify if it was a long oval or round fit but it was made in 2015 which I think is before they did the different fits?

Any suggestions on which to try? I’ll be ordering from SmartPak so can send it back but I’d really like to avoid shipping back and forth and get it right the first time :slight_smile:

I prefer to get fitted at a local shop, if possible, and then you can order online. From what you shared it sounds like the small fit best. You don’t want a helmet that is too big, even if it’s just a little bit, because it may not do it’s job correctly if it’s not a correct fit.

Also did you try the helmet using the hairstyle you use while riding? For example, if you wear you hair up, did you have your hair up while trying? Just double checking :grinning:

Some great advice I got was to wear the new helmet around the home with tags on for several hours to make sure it’s a good fit…best advice I got! I actually ended up returning the helmet one store fitted me in because it put more pressure in the front instead of even fit and gave me a headache!

I don’t agree with the statement that an Uvex helmet shouldn’t be worn in hunters or equitation. I have a friend that has one and shows in it and has been champion several times at large rates shows out of very large groups. As long as the helmet isn’t line green or hot pink, the judges won’t really mind. They aren’t allowed to score someone based on their helmet brand anyways. I was also watching the big eq and saw one girl with little rhinestones on her helmet gasp. Well guess what? She placed 3rd out of at least 10 other people.

I personally believe that people blame their helmets for the reason they didn’t score well because they don’t want to think that he/she or their horse need to work on improving their rounds.


Safety first. I will wear the helmet that fits and is good quality. If it is good enough for Ingrid Klimke, it’s good enough for me.

They have lots of different styles, including many seen at the Olympics. I haven’t been scoffed out of the ring yet … :rofl: I personally think this is gorgeous! (And yes, you can remove the lettering/branding across the front easily, with no markings)


Or, better yet, get fitted at your local shop AND buy it from them, because if we don’t support our local tack shops and just buy online, they won’t be able to stay in business!


I would LOVE to buy from my local tack shop and am a believer in supporting local businesses. Unfortunately, the only size small One K my local tack show was very blingly and also suede. I asked if she could order me a size small in something less blingy and smooth and she said right now there is no inventory for her to order. She is having the same problem with other brands of helmet as well and only had a handful of helmets in stock period. She took down my name and number in case she gets more One K in stock. Maybe like everything else post-COVID, there are some supply issues? My other local tack shop is only open during regular business hours and I’d have to take off work to go there.

I don’t think my very hot head will be able to survive until the local shop gets more inventory so Smartpak it is! I went ahead and ordered a size small in the round fit, black matte. Hopefully I got the sizing right the first try!

Please don’t do this. It is what caused my mom’s tack store to go under. Everyone came in and had her fit them, didn’t buy and ordered from Dover. That is a crappy thing to do


Yeah, I agree it is a crappy thing to do. But I would have loved to have bought my helmet from my local tack shop. I went in with loaded pockets and money to burn! But unfortunately, the only size small One K they had in stock was a very blingy one with chrome vents, which I just can’t pull off. It’s kind of frustrating as a customer because I drove over an hour round trip with a desire to spend my money and get a helmet that day. There must be some kind of issue with supply because I was even willing to have her order something for me and have it shipped to the store to support the business but she said there was nothing in my size for her to order. She also mentioned that is an issue with other brands and she doesn’t have enough helmets in inventory to fulfill the needs for summer camps and such.