hello! anyone have opinions on samshield helmets and one-k helmets? i currently own a charles owen and i really hate it. i’ve fallen off over 10 times and i just learned that you should get a new helmet after every fall? im also starting to break-out from the sweat building up in my helmet! all my friends own samshields and one-k’s? what’s your opinion on the 2??

I can’t comment on Samshield, but I have a OneK Defender (shows) and a TraumaVoid Lynx (schooling).

Both are lightweight and have good ventilation. Both have removable liners which I wash regularly - which might help with the breakouts.

My Lynx has the Mips technology and a dial fit system. When it’s time I will replace my OneK with Mips as well for the improved safety.

Yes, you should replace your helmet after a fall, or 5 years, whichever comes first. There can be damage to the helmet that isn’t apparent by looking at it, and many manufactures will refund a portion of the cost of a replacement helmet after a fall. It isn’t worth risking a TBI riding in a compromised helmet!


Thanks!! i’ll look into one of those to! and yea i’ve had my helmet for 4 years so i guess it is almost time to get a new one haha!

Same here. I am hoping OneK comes out with more options in their MIPS line. I’m schooling in the TraumaVoid and can’t see going back to riding in a non-MIPS helmet (even though there is a silver OneK that I really want!). If you are taking lots of spills, I would opt for a helmet that has a good replacement policy and isn’t too expensive. The more expensive helmets aren’t any safer. With the breakouts, it might help if you’re not already, to make sure you wash the liner frequently. Maybe keep some face wipes at the barn and use them right after you ride. I think some people put a panty liner in the forehead part of the helmet as well and change it out each ride.

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Glomming on to say that you should get what fits, what best protects, and what you can afford. I got a Charles Owen and it caused massive headaches. Got a Samshield and my noggin loves it. But I now want a MIPS helmet, so I will now go back to fit, protection, function for the next one.


Samshield doesn’t have a model with MIPS technology and One K does, so for me that decision would be a no-brainer (pun intended!).

I would look at all the manufacturers with MIPS, find the one that fits you best, and go with that. You get significantly better brain protection at a significantly lower price than most Samshield models.

As for replacing your helmet every time you fall - not necessarily. If there’s no impact to your head, no need to replace the helmet. Any head impact then yes, better safe than sorry. Most helmet manufacturers have a fall replacement program which helps offset the cost of a new helmet.


I have a Trauma Void MIPS helmet and a OneK MIPS helmet. I like the Trauma Void but love the OneK. They are both comfortable and well ventilated but the OneK has a more substantial and nicer looking and feeling harness.


Look into one with MIPS technology. I’d you like the look of samshield, you may like the Tipperary Windsor. I have one and I love it. I actually have two.


It’s hard to know what you will like until you try on various helmets. If you don’t have a local tack store and DO have a credit card you can buy your top picks, try on at home, and then ship back for free. Riding Warehouse and I think Smartpak have free shipping both ways. I can only personally vouch for Riding Warehouse. They have great customer service.

I tried really hard to make the Defender MIPS work because I previously had the regular OneK Defender and that’s the preferred helmet per trainer, but the fit wasn’t the same despite getting the same size.

I do love, however, the Tipperary Windsor. It has MIPS, a dial fit, and has knock off Samshield aesthetics. (I didn’t realize this until one of the fashion-forward teens at the barn excitedly asked if I had gotten a Samshield.) Sure- for half the price?


I think it’s the same regardless of whether it’s a MIPS. My new defender doesn’t fit like the old one. :frowning:


I love Onek, its what I show in. Very comfortable helmets. I’m still waiting for them to release the MIPS helmet in more colors and styles; but that’s true across brands right now.
If you fall off and hit your head, you should replace your helmet. If you aren’t sure if you hit your head, replace your helmet. If you fell off and landed upright, or on your butt, or on your hands and knees, your helmet is fine.

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I’ve had 2 HARD falls in Samshield helmets. I’ve replaced my helmet after each fall and continue to buy Samshield because I trust the outcome. I’m amazed at how comfortable the falls have been - even the one where I landed on the back of my (with my head taking the landing first) and rolled over the top of it.

I prefer the Shadowmatt style liner and have it even in my premium helmets. I know people talk about MIPS and I think it’s great if the helmet fits your head well. For me, the best fit is Samshield with the grey liner and I can’t express enough how “comfortable” falling on my head has been in the thing.

Now, I don’t advise falling off numerous times, nor do I advise falling on your head. These helmets are expensive! But cheaper than a bed at the Shepherd center.


I had two falls in the last month… one directly on my head (ugggh - it was BAD and I’m lucky it wasn’t worse) and finally got around to getting rid of my CO, and shopping for a new helmet. I wanted MIPS technology in my new helmet after this last fall, and I tried on multiple options at a local Dover outlet.

The CO Myps fit me horribly. I’ve got a big oval noggin, and REALLY thick hair. And for whatever reason… the oval shape of the COs just isn’t quite right for my head. Even on the Ayr8 I had before. There just was still weird slight pressure on my forehead in it, and it felt like the helmet popped up a tiny bit off my head. I tried a regular technology large OneK long oval, and it fit my head MUCH better than the COs… but it didn’t have as much coverage for the back of my head. Also… it had a wide brim in the front that looked goofy from head on. Hard to explain… but not my favorite. They didn’t have a large, long oval OneK with MIPS in stock, so I didn’t get to try that.

Trauma Void MIPS have a reputation for fitting round heads better… so I skipped trying them. I’m definitely not a round head.

And then I found it… the best fitting helmet I have ever tried.

Tipperary Windsor. It has MIPS, plus dial a fit in the back… but it doesn’t look or feel cheap like other dial fit helmets. It fits SO MUCH better on my weird oval head than the CO did, but is lower profile in terms of the look (which makes me happy - I’m self conscious about having a huge head), but has better coverage for the back of my head than the OneK. I also managed to get the wide brim… but the wide brim doesn’t look extreme like some of the others I have seen… and it’s a little flexible. Which I appreciate after my last fall… which included some ne k twisting as well as hitting my head.

Anyway… I totally recommend anyone trying helmets gives the Tipperary Windsor a try. Lightweight, good fit, good technology, and not a ridiculous price point like some of the Samshields. I am copying a SmartPak link to the exact helmet I got… I purchased from Dover though. I like both retailers, but appreciated being able to try them on in person at the Dover store.

There also are some slightly ‘bling-y’ options in the Tipp Windsor. I’m pretty boring, and went for plain. But if I was going to try to pull off a little teensy bit of bling… I liked what they had to offer.


Anyway - good luck helmet shopping OP. I’m so happy to be in a new one that fits better. It’s a silver lining after a really awful stupid fall.


Just bear in mind the MIPS technology offers additional protection that your Samshield and other non-MIPS models don’t.

Standard helmets are designed to protect your skull from the impact of a fall, but they do not offer any protection against concussion or TBI. Concussion is caused by your brain bouncing inside your skull, and a traditional helmet does little to mitigate those forces in a fall. MIPS helmets offer the hard shell protection against a skull fracture or penetrating injury, but also help dissipate the forces created by the fall away from your brain, which reduces the risk of concussion significantly.

No matter how comfortable it is or how well it fits, a standard helmet simply does not provide the level of protection that a properly fitted helmet with MIPS does.

My personal vote goes to the Tipperary Windsor too - first because it’s a Canadian company, second because it’s the first really attractive MIPS helmet (sorry Trauma Void) and third because it’s a really great price point.


I am happy with my One-K MIPS CCS.

One k with MIPS are rated higher than Sam shield. Got for safety over name brand/fashionable.

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I had the same issue. Ordered a new OneK with MIPS in same size as my old one. In fact, my old one was a small that I used an XS liner in and loved it. The MIPS version felt tight/uncomfortable even with just the S liner.

I set it aside for a while and then tried it back on at home for a while, and the liner eventually fitted itself to my head so that now it’s as comfortable as my old/non-MIPS one. So maybe just give it some time to settle.

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I wasn’t aware of the new technology for helmets. When my Ovation starts to age I’ll get a new one with MIPS. Well worth the price of saving my brain, what little there is.


This is good to know! I think I’ll buy the wide brim MIPS CCS helmet in a bit here. There should be sales for International Helmet Awareness Day, which looks like it’s in September this year.

The best helmet is one that fits your head!
Try as many on as you can and get the one that fits. MiPS is wonderful but if none of them fit, then they will not protect your head.