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Help me tall boot shop, please

Alright, my old Mountain Horse boots are beat, and they don’t make that model anymore. I recently tried a pair of Ariat’s, and the footbed was so comfortable, but in no way could I make that height work. I also sold my nice Cavallo’s a few years back because I’m an eejit, but honestly, they were too stiff for me.

So I’m looking for dress boots. My issue is that my calves are almost as wide as they are tall, apparently. My calves don’t look huge, and I had someone double check my measurements because they didn’t believe me :rofl: so I know I’m not off. I also have big-ish feet (size 10).

I cannot find a tall boot with 17" height (18 would be the absolute tallest, with heel lifts, and the boot would squish down weird, probably), and a 16" width in a size 10 foot.

I do not want the Ovation or Tuffrider boots that I see recommended for my type of conformation, because I don’t quite like them. I don’t need something too nice or too $$$ because at the moment I’m just a hobby rider that potters around on her young horse, but want something decent.

There’s a nice “low/mid range” $400-600 selection of boots if your leg is the right shape, but mine isn’t. I might be able to make the Ego7 Aries (not crazy about them though) work or DeNiro Tricolore if I can track down the right ones, but they still might be too tall. I understand that I might have to go custom, but I wanted to spend under $800 because anything more just seems ridiculous even if I have the money.

What brands seem to make the most affordable custom boots that are decent quality, if I have to go that route?


You could get Celeris boots custom for under $800. I think Reitenleder in Germany has the best price. They make their dressage models in a non-stiff boot (bonus, they are cheaper). Downside is that they’ll probably take several months; the factory closes for the month of August. You might also check for samples and see if you can score something pre-made cheaper and faster.


Hm. I could grab a pair of paddock boots and half chaps to ride in while I wait. So not ideal, but not the end of the world. I’ll take a look.

A lot of factories close down in Italy in August and a lot of people/businesses in Germany go on holiday in August. So as usual, my timing is a bit poor :rofl:

Petrie off the shelf has measurements very close to yours in their “KW” designation, and their Padova model has a bit of discreet elastic in case you like breathing room.

You definitely don’t need customs. Peter from Dutch Riding Boots is an excellent advisor and communicates well by email. Ooteman in NL has a “Padova II” model that’s even prettier than the regular Padova. Not a fancy boot but a crazy good price.

Petrie boots run on the softer side of dressage boots these days, plus they also have “dress” soft boots like some jumpers wear.


Thanks! I’ll take a look.

Dover’s Riding Sport field boots are inexpensive, run short, and come in wide and xwide. They’re the only off the rack boots I’ve found that my short and wide legs can wear, and they hold up pretty well for ~$150.

Edit: I do wear a 6, so I’m unsure how much taller a 10 is.

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I love my tricolores - I have short wide calves (I’m 5’5), but I wear size 11, so I had a tough time finding off the rack boots that fit. The tricolores were $700(?) and I’ve had them almost a year, riding 2-4 horses 5 days a week and you can’t even tell they’re used other than broken in (which happened very quickly).


I bought a pair of Cavallo Stanford boots earlier this year and while I lucked into a good fit off the rack, I swear I saw them on a site where you could customize the height and calf in 1 cm increments. Those had a lead time of a few weeks, but that way you could get the sizing right. So far I’m really, really happy with the boots - not too stiff, but not floppy like field boots can be. They’re right in your price range, and quite nice for the price.

eta: it was Rider’s Warehouse, but not all height options are available in all foot sizes, so it may not work for you after all

Have a look at Shires Equestrian. They are generally solid, usable quality and reasonably priced for all their products.

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I’d re-take your measurements carefully in cm. Most of the decent boot brands measure that way, and I actually find it easier to shop that way.

I adore my Mountain Horse - both Estelle and Serenade. I order them from Europe now - although I also have a pair of Petries and a pair of Celeris.

I did this already. Just posted in inches here. I and someone else measured me a few times in cm to make sure we were spot on.


@joiedevie99. I’ve been idly looking at the Estelle online. What is the fit round the ankle like? They look “baggier” than the Serenades.

I’ve just ruined my Serenades that I had just got nicely broken in and loved. The only complaint I had with them was the height of the regular/regular. They were really tall which made them a bit of a bear to break in.

(The thought of ever getting any boot on my poor damaged foot again is a bit daunting atm.)

OP, for cheap and cheerful, a friend of mine bought the Horze zip-fronted boots which I assumed were a much more expensive pair when she first showed up in them. I must ask her how they are holding up.

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The fit is very similar. The foot shape/toe cap on the Estelle makes them fit a tiny bit smaller there for me. The front zip also makes the fit in the foot a bit snugger for those with higher arches like me. That said, they not too snug in the foot to be comfy after the second ride. The leather on the Estelle ankle is softer and broke in faster for me than the Serenade, but I don’t think the fit is any different. The stiffness of the upper leg seems the same to me.

I’m a 47.5cm height, so the 49 of the regular with a heel lift is actually quite good for me.


Thank you!

Are you on FB? Dressage Boots Addicts Anonymous has lots of great info and boots for sale. I have a wide calf and purchased of pair of boots made by Adi Valentino Suyitno second hand, from this site, and LOVE them!


I agree Deniro dress boots are the way to go.

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I recommend The Distinguished Rider (thedistinguishedrider.com) . They carry several boot brands, including DeNiro, at a variety of price points and style options. Outstanding customer service, too.


I just got some HKM boots from equizoneonline that I really like (even though they took forever to come in). I loved my old MH Victoria boots, but they are totally worn out (both pairs). These feel similar in fit. They were < $300.

Gallors are custom and probably the most affordable. I’d second Petries. I have both and I prefer Petries. I have the Grand Prix which is my everyday boot which has worn like iron. I also have the Anky model which is more expensive for show. I have lace ups Gallors which are my least favorite, just because the laces are an PIA because I haven’t tightened the tabs down. I also have a dress pair of Gallors which are stunning, fit like a glove, and are comfortable right out of the box. In fact, I’d order another pair of those in a heartbeat! I am just realizing I have more boots than what may be necessary, yet I’m still mentally buying more boots!

I’ve had two pairs of DeNiro boots and love them! Not super expensive and very easy to break in – soft leather but they last.