High neck blankets

Any issues with high neck blankets rubbing manes out? Pros and cons?

I’ve used Rhinos and SmartPak high neck (not hoods) on several horses over the years. No issues.

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Not if the horse spends most of its time grazing. The high neck functions like a neck umbrella, without contacting mane. All of the pictures you see in catalogs show a horse posing with its head up in the air, and in that pose the blanket does contact the mane. But what horse in a pasture spends time posing rather than grazing?


I like the Canadian Horsewear blankets. I own a couple full neck and a couple high neck. The high neck ones are fine on some horses, but they rubbed out the base of the mane on my long maned Arabian cross. Not an issue with saddlebred/arabian who also has a high set neck, but shorter mane. The full neck hasn’t been an issue.

I’ve used a high neck from Schneider’s for quite a few years now, and nothing it rubbed. When they are head-down eating, the seam of the front of the neck isn’t really on their mane at all. I also don’t have any issues with the wither area being rubbed.

No issues with my high neck ASB, but my moderate necked QH with the gorgeous long mane can’t wear them, they rub the base of his mane.

Love them for my pony. She’s an App with a fairly low set neck and the high-neck blankets don’t shift back and pull against her chest the way that regular cut blankets and sheets do. (Hug-style blankets practically strangle her.)

No issues with mane rubbing, bc (as everyone else has mentioned already) she spends thw vast majority of her time head down grazing so there’s minimal contact with her mane. She also has a full-neck sheet that fits well, doesn’t rub out mane and offers a bit more coverage as well.

All my blankets, save my lightest sheet, are high necks. No mane rubbing issues.

We have the Horsewear Ireland version and I’ve been really happy with it. If his mane grows out too tall it gets a dent but no rubbing


I have found with my high neck blankets that the area right where it hits at the end will be thinner, or missing a bit of hair.

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Your boy NEVER takes a bad photo. :heart_eyes:


Right? He’s seriously one of the most photogenic horses I’ve seen, as no matter the angle or perspective of the photo, he’s still just adorable!


I have one that causes a little bit of rubbing because the neck will fold up on itself sometimes but that’s not the blanket’s fault, it’s my horse & his fratboy friends being fruitloops.


Awww thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He may be making an appearance as an upcoming Schneiders model :joy:


possibly the cutest pic I’ve ever seen demonstrating a high neck blanket!


Rhino should be paying your horse to model their product. What a cutie.


Rhino Wugs all the way! Stateline always has good deals :wink:

I used Avalanche blankets from Horze. They are very high quality. My gelding was built narrow in front and these are the only blankets I found that can be fitted to keep his shoulders dry. The high neck design has a triangular gussett stitched into the neckline above the withers. This keeps it from sitting on the withers and neck. He was boarded outside but did not have any rubs even though he was blanketed all the time through his 20s. I also had a medium with attached neck cover. It also did not damage his coat.

We have the Weatherbeeta “detach-a-neck” blankies. Rarely use the necks, but they don’t seem to cause any issues when we do put them on.
The boys got 'em a couple of weeks ago when the temperatures were down around -20°F overnight. They were appreciative of the extra coverage, especially George, who has learned to tuck his ears in to keep them warm. Seriously.
A foto; His Muleness inquiring about breakfast on a frosty minus eighteen degree morning:


It would be so fun to see a video of George tucking his ears in! I’m betting he has a method for doing so.