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Hindgut Supplement Support

After dealing with ulcers (again), my vet recommended putting my horse on Platinum Performance GI or SmartPak’s SmartGI Ultra.

Pricewise, I obviously prefer SmartPak but I also don’t want to continue throwing money away on supplements that don’t work.

Help, please. :slight_smile:

You might consider Gut-X as an alternative. Some decent science backs up its use and it helps with both stomach and hind gut ulcers. Price is decent and their customer service is excellent. I’ve never used PP GI, but I have tried SmartGI Ultra. It did seem to keep the ulcers away for that horse but it was uber expensive and I wasn’t convinced enough that it was the supplement vs lifestyle changes to continue using it on future horses.

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My vet finally put my horse on Sucralfate permanently. We had done 2 rounds of it and it helped a lot but going off it his ulcer symptoms returned. I tried several other over the counter products but this worked best. While it isn’t cheap, it is cheaper then a lot of the over the counter supplements.

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Ditto trying the Gut-X. Their current sale is fantastic. The HA in it is studied to support the gut, and it also uses beta glucan, which is part of Succeed (via oat flour) to support the hind gut.


Mad Barn Visceral+ targets hind gut ulcers.

My mare just said no to Gut-X. Wouldn’t touch any of her feed the gel got on, and dosing with a syringe isn’t an option right now. She is temporarily back on the Abler omeprazole sachets (1 per day). I tried Visceral+; she would eat it, but I don’t think it did much for her.

I just put my mare on Equishure, TBD if I notice any difference. Previously used the Abler sucralfate green pop rocks and I think they did help - they were backordered when I wanted to put her back on them so I got the Equishure and just started on sucralfate tablets from my vet.

I’m interested in trying Gut-X but that’s a lot of $ to spend to find out that she won’t eat it.

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Does anyone have an email for the Gut-X company? I’m interested in seeing if they could send a few days sample to see if I can get it into my very picky horse. Also interested in more details about their 90 day money back guarantee. There’s nothing I can find on the website with details for that.

I have this email that they send their promotional emails from support@100xequine.com, but I’ve never used it to contact them. However, they were super responsive on FB when I had a bunch of questions about the product.

I read somewhere that 1/4 C of whole oat bran or flour twice daily was a budget hindgut supplement. Succeed is mainly composed of this? Correct me if I’m wrong!

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I haven’t done the math to see what equivalencies are, but:

The “oat flour” that Succeed uses isn’t just oats ground to flour. That’s still the whole oat, just in a different form, with all the starch it brings.

Succeed uses oat bran, not the whole oat, which is where a large part of beta glucan lives (also in the endosperm), to make the “oat flour”, so every X amount of this “oat flour” has a much higher % of beta glucan, and hugely lower amount of starch (if any)

Succeed also uses oats with more bran, therefore more bg, than the average oat
Oat Flour in SUCCEED: All About The Beta Glucan Concentration (succeed-equine.com)

So while you CAN use whole oats, or regular oat bran, the % of beta glucan is likely going to be lower, meaning you have to feed more, which means you’re bringing more starch to the table.

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I use Alimend which is HA based.

After trying a lot of things that didn’t work… I have had good luck with Redmond’s Daily Gold, 1/4 cup oat bran 2x a day, and sucralfate on travel days and anytime feed/hay changes. Very affordable too.

Same here. It was the only way to keep him happy.

Thanks all!

I actually started GutX a week or so ago. I’m still having to syringe it in his mouth because when I tried it on his grain, he didn’t eat (and I can’t have him not eating particularly while there’s $$$ misoprostol in his food!).
I’ll try it as a topper again in a couple days.

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Couldn’t hurt, right?

Can you give me more info on this? Same dosage? Twice or 3x a day?

I think this is where I’m headed. Did your vet change the dose? How many times a day are you feeding it?

I buy it compounded as a powder and what works best for him is 10 mg in his breakfast and in his dinner. I know the best case use is to feed separately but this maintenance works well for him.

The vet started him on it 3 times a day but now only twice a day with his feed. It comes in a powder form that I mix with a little water and put on his grain, it’s flavored so he eats it no problem.
You are supposed to give it 30 minutes before meals which I did when we did the initial two rounds but now I just put it on his feed and seems to work just as well.