HITS Ocala

was the venue in Ocala sold?

Not to my knowledge. My farm is about 5 or 6 minutes away and I keep a very close eye on NW Ocala real estate because I enjoy buying investment properties. What made you ask?

Nothing is sold until the papers are recorded, but indeed you may be on the right track. I’d check the Palm B

That’s been the rumor since before Christmas. There haven’t been any press releases or official statements though.

I heard it did sell.

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Which venue in Ocala is being discussed?Text

Oops, was browsing threads in the new format and somehow didnt catch WEF…but nita huge surprise given recent events.

Honestly there is a rumor like that every year. This year the rumor is he sold to dressage people. Time will tell if that is true.

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It will be very interesting to see how the numbers are this week at HITS. WEC is sold out.
WEC is offering much more money in almost every division, plus 20K dollar 3ft derbys .

WEC week 6 is a $100,000 trainer prize for the equitation challenge class, with the Jr rider winning a car.

3 derby’s every Friday
75k Grand Prix on Saturday
The facility is amazing

The class lists that I see so far at HITS, is horses and riders all from the same barns on multiple horses competing against themselves in classes. One class of 5, 3 were the same rider and other 2 were from the same barn.

Sorry, I have to ask. Is that dollar amount correct? Not a typo??

Yes, the rumor this year is that it was sold to a German Dressage person.

sHITS is a slum compared to WEC.


Now THAT is funny :laughing: I nearly spit out my coffee…

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Funny but true. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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This is from the Prize List:

"World Equestrian Center Premier Equitation Cup

The Winner shall receive a brand new car & new this year we will feature a $100,000 trainer bonus"

$100,000 is the correct amount. Not a typo.
I’m thinking WEC week 6 might see a bunch of WEF equitation riders & trainers showing up for the class. The car is displayed in the grand area.

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Wow. Interesting. Thanks.

I would think there probably will be quite a convoy from Wellington that week.

It would be a little hilarious if the winner happens to be someone who is too young to have a driver’s license. But I’m sure somebody in the family would be able to use it.

Do you remember if week one at HITS last year was a B show? It’s B this year. I always thought it was Single A. I’m really curious to know what will happen during the A and AA weeks.
I’m at WEC and it’s so packed I can’t even believe it. And you would have zero idea that it isn’t USEF AA. Lots of top trainers. Everyone turned out beautifully. It’s been terrific.


Holy crap maybe I need to get down there! I want a car!


I don’t remember what week it was, but I do remember seeing a B show on the schedule last year and being surprised.

I haven’t been organized enough to show week one in so many seasons I never paid attention. I do know feb is always a busy month there.