How about a matchy matchy fashion show thread?

Alright, everyone, I’ve crossed over to the dark side.
You win.

Formerly a dedicated disciple of the “The Only Colors You Put On A Horse Are Black and White” religion, I’ve now moved to a dedicated dressage barn where regular lessons and fancy clinics abound.
I’m not going to be horse-showing any time soon (:joy:), so I figured, what the hell, may as well have some fun with outfits!

So, what do you say we do a fun thread with our matchy matchy ensembles? I have a three day clinic at the end of this month and am looking for inspiration!

Post your ensembles and let’s have a fashion show!



I like to have something neutral and pops of color. Because I have chestnuts, I really like browns, but whites can also work, and black is easy to match.

I’m NOT good at matchy, and thinking about fashion tires me, so I keep it very easy. Classic black and white or navy and white always work. Note that my lighter brown boots are schooling boots, but have doubled in at shows because show boots have a busted zipper way too often. The boot/saddle match is the most color coordinated thing I’ve ever done, and I actually had the boots with me when picking colors from samples.


I LOVE fashion! Horse-dressing is especially fun!

I’m boring with gray on my pale palomino mare. I painted this bridle to get just the perfect colors:

My western dressage guy will be in turquoise and teal accents. Good news is …i get to use a lot more color with his buckskin-ness.

Coming up i have a gray who is still in the dapple phase…not going to dressage lessons yet though.
and two bays. One just a bay-bay mare (just got a leg over her last week…so she’s a ways away too) and a gelding who is blood bay. The Blood Bay looks great with bling and is a going concern so i’m beginning to gather his outfit…he’ll dress in midnight blues and maybe a hint of a medium-dark blue.


I LOVE this idea! I can’t wait to see all the photos. Seeing photos of COTHers and their horses gives me joy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t have any current matchy matchy photos, but next time I have a lesson… :camera_flash:


Oh boy….I have a bit of a matchy obsession haha

Here’s a taste lol


These are all stunning. That one with the grey in the snow is my favorite.

I have the purple Lemieux set that you have… Maybe I need to bust it out next time I ride. Those Lemieuxs are expensive but they are really worth it! They wash and wear so well. My favorite thing about them is the little tabs at the top, that you can hook through the saddle’s D-rings.

I didn’t know they had a mint (light turqouise ?) set… I’m in love with that. I kicked myself for not getting the yellow/mustard set they had last fall. It would have looked so good on my bay.


Yes! I have that one too ahhaa they are not cheap but I buy mine direct from Lemieux and the prices are so much better. Also from Equiflair they have amazing sales but they don’t ship to Canada anymore :frowning:

The quality is great and they wash well. I love their stuff haha


Wow, you may have a new career as a dressage influencer! Love the photos and all the colors. And the photo of you and the gray in the snow, with the lavender and the weathered fence in the background is gorgeous. That should be framed and hanging on a wall somewhere.



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So fun! I have no matchy-matchy pictures at the moment but just bought a new buckskin mare and am looking for inspiration! That lilac-y pink/purple on the grey in the snow makes me think I need a set like that for my grey mare (and her grey filly) in the future as well.

Netg I love how the brown looks with your chestnut and your boots are gorgeous with the saddle!


Thank you! That was for my instagram hahaha I love to take nice photos for the gram but def don’t want to be an infulencer hahaha


Orange on Chestnut is the best and so many people think it won’t look good but it does. My chestnuts XC colours are orange and blue.


I must beg to differ regarding brown on a chestnut.To me it just looks dull dull dull. I love chestnuts and would want to accentuate their color, not make it drown in brown…if I had chestnut I would use black tack, a cream pad and a navy coat…just my ridiculous opinion


My other chestnut is very red and can’t pull off as many colors. I show her in Navy, and coincidentally have a chocolate brown set that I really like on her


This is Lemieux sage green and I love it! (Sorry for the clearly-not-dressage pic but I want to be an enabler.)

And Weatherbeeta has a knock-off mustard pad currently on Jeffers for $40…just saying:


Ah, found a pic of the chocolate set on the red mare (before I found the matching breeches)! And also the “nougat” pads with white piping and black binding which I love on the big mare.


Those are great color ideas for a chestnut. When someone asks on these forums “what looks good on a chestnut”, I always think to myself – well, what undertone exactly is your chestnut?

Bays seem to come in a varying shades of brown, but they’re only ever reddish in undertone. A chestnut can be reddish, yellow, even purple in undertone the closer to the liver spectrum you go. Our “cheezit” Chestnut has a reddish undertone and looks brilliant in brown. Our liver chestnut looks dirty and drab in brown, he really pops with the pastel or light colors.


Oh my gosh, that sage is a must have… I love it.

I’m sorry. I must be an old fogey, but I think they all look tacky and juvenile (Ok if the rider is under 10 years old, but not older).