How do you wear your hair under your helmet?

I generally wear my hair in a low ponytail. Occasionally I have it in a braid if I have already braided it for work. But I have some baby fine shorter hairs near my forehead that always slip out and get in my eyes or mouth while I ride. I can’t imagine bobby pins feeling comfortable smushed under a helmet so I’ve just mostly out up with it. But I’m considering getting long side swept bangs at my next hair appointment and was thinking about the best way to keep those out of my face. A couple of hairs I can deal with, a big chunk I cannot. How do you all keep your hair under your helmet and out of your mouth?

hair net

bandanna over my hair, tied in the back, under the helmet. helps with the sweat problem, too.

I do two pigtail braids. My hair is fine and slippery. It tended to get out of low ponytails and even my sad attempt at single french braids. This works well for me and it doesn’t interfere with my helmet.


Hairnet doesn’t seem to hold mine, so I use these:
They are very flat, so nothing poking me under my helmet & they keep the hair very secure.

I use the no knot hair net and love it. I have short hair and it keeps it all secure and my friend has long, thick hair and it allows her to keep it all up and perfectly flat under her helmet! Amazing hair net and no pain from those darn knots!

^Agreed. RWR No Knot Hair Net is the best! I have wavy mid-back length hair but a lot of wispies around my hairline and this net keeps it all under control.

I use the RWR No knot net for everyday rides.

For shows, (dressage) I do two french braids, criss-cross them at the nape of my neck, and pin the ends under the opposite braid. Can’t stand the feeling of wearing a show bow.

skinny elastic headband for everyday

tiny short bobby pins and a hairnet for shows

I have short hair and wear a thin fabric headband to keep all the pieces tucked away. It also helps with the sweat.

I have medium/long (about 2" past shoulder blades) fine hair but lots of it. I used to just throw it up in a bun. However, I have found that even without a hairnet I can put it in a fairly low (not nape of neck but not middle of head either) ponytail and balance it on top of my head. I flip over and put my helmet on back to front and when putting it on the front can use my hand to make sure it stays in the helmet and doesn’t splay out everywhere. For shows I’d use a hairnet, but this is how I wear it for schooling. I can not stand wearing my hair out when riding whether it is down or in a ponytail. I want it off my neck.

I do the knotted up low pony tail that sits just below my helmet, but doesn’t really touch my neck for everyday schooling. I use one of the those hairigami contraptions for showing right at the bottom of my hairline. Toss a hairnet over the bun and a couple of those snap barrettes for the wispy pieces. But my hair is super thick.

One caution for the under the helmet wearers - Just be super aware of how different hair lengths can affect your helmet fit.

I wear it in a ponytail sticking out the bottom, with a bandana or hairnet to keep any rogue pieces in check.

Long, thick hair - I wear it in a ponytail. I have bangs that get sort of pushed up/aside under the front, and then low ponytail beneath where the back of the helmet sits. If the ponytail elastic is too high, I get a headache.

Low pony for play, schooling, regular lessons. Low pony twisted into low bun for shows and clinics with bigger names.

RWR hairnet every ride. I bought an open top wig cap at Sally’s Beauty Supply the other day for less than $2. It is the same as the RWR hairnet, but seems to only come in black. So that will be my everyday hairnet and I’ll save the RWR hairnet in brown for fox hunting.

My hair doesn’t fit in my helmet, so I wear it i a low bun at the back of my neck. Buff USA makes awesome headbands that are wide & soft, and I’ve used those to keep loose hairs & sweat out of my face. I suppose a regular cotton headband from the drugstore would work too.

RWR no knot hairnets are the best! I have medium-thick wavy hair (with bangs right now) that’s currently down to my bra strap, and I can arrange it neatly with a RWR net so that it doesn’t interfere with helmet fit. I put the hairnet on like a headband, take my ponytail out, then twist the hair and fan it out until it’s as flat as possible. Once I pull the hairnet up I can reach in the top to tuck any wonky bits into place.

How ever I can get it to stay in. I have wild unruly hair and during my show years, I would wet it down (not soaked) just wet it and hoped my braids and hair net would keep it up.
Now I just kinda wrap and tuck and will braid it and pin up the braids when I compete