How far North are the barn swallows?

Ok COTH Barn Swallow lovers, I am eagerly waiting for their return…how far North are they? Any updates appreciated.

Last spring while grooming my mare in the barn aisle, I heard the familiar sound of a swallow. A female flew in and perched on the rail in front of me almost like she was celebrating her return. Made my day…and looking forward to updates.

Well, they aren’t in IN yet.
At least not in my barn…where the $#&! Eurotrash Starlings forced them out last year.
I look at the abandoned nest & :frowning:

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I have not seen any yet.

Some returned to my ban in PA about a week ago or so. The full gang is not here yet.

Saw the first one in the barn last night. It was just 1 though, and usually we have 2 pairs that nest in our barn. I’m about 45 miles north of Seattle - significantly more temperate climate than most of you.

Our tree swallows are back, but the barn swallows haven’t arrived yet here in SW WA state. I love my swallows (Mr. CC sets up fans to cool them in our barn as they build in the peak…every year).

They’re running late here in CT too. They almost always arrive in 2 big groups here with the first group showing up almost always on April 15th.

This year I had one lone female show up on the 14th and she’s been alone until 2 days ago when a lone male showed up. She ignores him and flies away if he comes near.

I’m missing at least 12 of them who usually nest in my barn. I’m not seeing any swoop around feeding and no changes made to any of the nests yet. :frowning:

It’s been a weird spring here, I miss my swallows. :o

We are on the 49th on the west coast - none here yet, & not due till May.

My barn swallows have all returned home as of late last week (mid-April) in further-North-than-Calvincrowe-Washington (Seattle area).

They’re here and happy in Shelton, WA. Starting their mating dances, swooping right past the horse’s heads, we already have a few flies so we’re happy to see them.

My swallows have not arrived yet near Calgary, AB.

I haven’t seen them in North-Central IL yet

I promise they’re on the way—they showed up in NE TN late last week. :lol:

Thanks everyone. I thought they would be late given the winter and spring we have had. Appreciate the updates…and waiting not too patiently for them to arrive. I plan to have a glass of red wine, sit in my chair in the barn alcove and smile!!!

Mine reappeared about 2 weeks ago. I was surprised to see them that early…we have had a few frost warnings since.

I bet they were wishing they were still in South America. :lol:

Mistyblue already covered CT, but she’s lucky to have two…I haven’t had one yet!

still waiting here too.we usually have 3 pairs nesting.

I’m pretty near Mistyblue and showidaho (I’m 100 miles north of NYC) and they haven’t shown up here either. I have it written on the barn calendar when they’ve arrived in years past, and this is the latest since I’ve been keeping track.

Barn swallows have moved into my barn this week, I’m in Maine

North Central MD, 4 miles from PA line, mine haven’t showed up yet. But it is supposed to be in the 30’s tonight, ugghh. Will it ever end??