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How is this legal? 4 y/o showing 4th level

Loved Will Take Charge on the track! I haven’t seen any of his progeny yet, wonder if that will be a line to keep an eye out for.


Agreed. I personally don’t get the tactic of not listing breed in the ad - it just seems like a way to get a lot of messages from people who ultimately won’t be interested in the horse. Someone who doesn’t want a TB badly enough to blanket rule out an entire breed isn’t going to magically change their mind based on a few messages.

I also personally assume anything that doesn’t say “warmblood” is not a warmblood - usually sellers are pretty quick to lead with that…

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In the mid 2000’s I bought a 15 yr old TB, he was tatoo’d but must have failed quickly as prior owner got him at 2. Anyway she, over the years, brought him to PSG. I promptly took him back to training level because it was all I knew, but he happily taught me stuff, was a saint anywhere you took him and we did my first PSG when he was 20. At that point we just missed our silver medal scores with comments that “needs more collection” which trainer and I opted not to push. But he won many classes along the way, and was occasionally mistaken for a warmblood. Loved him to pieces.


I suspect the price is a smidge high for what the horse is/has done and that, along with the breed, that’s part of the issue. It is a nice horse and the price isn’t nuts but you can also get one with more experience/training for that price and many people would prefer that. I wouldn’t pay QUITE that much for this horse but I would pay close-ish. So she’s not WAY off the mark. But she’s on the high side for sure.


My guess is they’re trying to reel in the people in the middle of the spectrum who wouldn’t necessarily go shopping for an OTTB as a dressage horse, and would probably scroll past a video labelled as such, but not so prejudiced that they’d flat out turn him down if they found out he was OTTB even after watching the video. Idk if it’s effective, but I’d imagine that was their reasoning.


I agree with you. I wonder if he is just a TB, not an OTTB. The distinction seems pedantic but its important. With his age and lack of registration with JC, I bet he never even made it into training. Which explains why he has progressed so quickly in a dressage home.

This is not a knock on racing – without racing I wouldn’t have some incredible horses in my life – but the horses who were race-bred but never race-trained are worlds ahead of the horses who raced part of their life, in terms of overall body comfort and how quickly they progress in a new career.


but as a 4yo not really showing any collection at all, should he even be getting a 61%?


Makes sense, I’m just skeptical that works.

After watching the video I have to agree with this - most of the judges I have scribed for would comment on the lack of collection for the level being shown in this particular ride

Curiosity got the best of me and I searched out the results from the show to find out who the judge was. I’ve never heard of the judge before, but she is a S. The scores from other classes she judged did not seem particularly elevated - maybe a touch higher than I’d expect, but nothing that should’ve driven this test up to almost 63%.

But there is also a difference between being appropriately collected for the level but not having spectacular gaits getting a decent score. I’ve seen plenty of those rides - the not so nice but very correct ride placing over the “fancy” horse.


All I can say is I really like the horse and I am shopping for one in that price range. I have one that is about at the same level but imported WB and more skilled with collection who has a waiting list of buyers for a much higher price than this.

I suspect the market is softening hard and I am betting he won’t sell for that price.


Ad I am looking at says 3rd level.

She has edited the 4th level language out of many of her posts as recently as about 11 am today (well after I posted this thread) but I have plenty of screenshots to verify how she was marketing him prior to today…


Interesting…and more than a little disappointing. Poor horse


Hmm. The horse seems nice and like it could get “satisfactory” scores.

Its changes are smooth enough and the collection isn’t great, but I have ridden off breeds to high 60s scores based on being consistent and accurate, which this horse is. It would be hard to give it a bunch of 4-5s. Lots of 6s seems right to me.


Ad I’m looking at says " Excels in dressage, ready for 3rd Level competition."

As mentioned multiple times above, after this thread was posted, the seller changed the language on her ad.


Seeing if this will work - here is a screenshot of the edit history of her post from two days ago where she has removed the language specifying that his show was at 4th level.


And edited out the fact that he’s 4 :wink:

So she’s 100% clued into the issue being that he’s a 4 year old advertised as competing at 4th level.


Apparently :smirk:


I honestly don’t understand why you are coming so hard for a sweet, well cared for looking horse and a quiet, kind, and talented looking rider. Horse is about to be 5 anyways as a TB. Nothing he is doing in this dressage test is more damaging than if he was still racing.