Hufglocken 25% off

Right now with the code SAVE25

Ugh. I am NOT a matchy matchy person. Quite the opposite. Nothing ever matches, because most of my stuff is used from the consignment section at the local tack shop. So I have NO IDEA what possessed me. I have been eyeballing a nice contoured dressage pad with the sheepskin on the underside. And I didn’t even get one with colors I could show in. And then, I got matching boots!! I have no idea what overcame me. 😳

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I am waiting impatiently for my Euro pad order to show up. With the 25% off, the non-sheepskin custom options are cheaper that off the rack LeMieux, Woof, etc. I bought conservative colors this time (navy, gray and white). I almost pulled the trigger on another order with more fun colors but couldn’t decide what to get!

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I’m in the same boat @outerbanks77 but I went with fun colours - one is blush pink with ocean trim and the other kelly green with forest green trim. Maybe I should have gotten conservative ones too…

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Excellent prices if you’re not in a hurry. Still waiting on my order from July 20, this seems pretty common.

Yeah, the Christmas cutoff is sept 30, so I didn’t figure I would be getting them in a hurry.

Yep, assume 3 months to the US. The orders are custom-made in Poland, and then get shipped in a batch to Australia. Hufglocken has to inspect everything, then re-pack and ship. I ordered in June and it appears that my stuff is just arriving in the US.


Saw this and ordered a champagne saddle pad that I think will look awesome under my brown dressage saddle. May order one for a friend, if I can decide what she would like… now to wait.


Out of curiosity, how pricey is their shipping to the U.S.? I couldn’t locate it on their website. Even though I get a discount on LeMieux through my job, I’ve been thinking about getting one of these pads for a while. I know the quality of Mattes is great and I’m willing to pay a little more to have fun options like contrasting binding and piping.

Free shipping I think?

Mine is almost done and ready to ship from the Factory back to Hufglocken. I ordered this one about a month ago! My custom dressge pad took about 4 months though.

Put something in the cart and find out the shipping. It’s no longer free.

Thank you! Free shipping is amazing…and so completely worth it! Four months is tolerable and understandable considering everything that’s happening in the world right now. I figure it can’t be nearly so bad as the 3 months I waited for my new saddle to arrive. :slight_smile:

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My shipping was $15 for a pad and boots

Thank you! That’s also super helpful. I just pulled the plug and ordered a pad. It came to $10+change for regular ground shipping. I think it was $18 or so for express shipping.


Oh, you guys are bad! I never knew this site existed. Thanks. Now I WANT. :winkgrin:

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ARGH! I just ordered a contoured pad in orange with dark brown shearling. (I had to because the 25% discount is only valid until tomorrow.)

Argh… I don’t need another pad, but the colors are so pretty and the prices are so good.

Impossible. What’s that saying? "One can never be rich enough, or thin enough"… or own too many saddle pads.


Indeed! Can anyone help enable me? I’ve very recently (per another thread) starting using the all-in-one pads so the sheepskin can touch the horse directly.

So, I’m looking at a dark colored pad with dark colored sheepskin: navy, graphite, blackberry, black. Horse is solid bay.

Anyone have a preference for cotton or sheen? Is one more durable?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

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Ooo I hadn’t realized it was ending. I ordered three pads last month to replace some worn out ones, but now I have another horse coming in training and actually need more saddle pads.

The sheen pads are a little thicker. The cotton pads seem like they’ll be very durable, but they’re pretty thin. I’ve only been using one of my sheen pads for a few months, so not sure on the durability.

My order came a few days ago - graphite, navy and white. Very tempting to put in another order before the 25% off ends!