Hufglocken 25% off

Thanks! I like thick so maybe I’ll give the sheen a try :slight_smile:

Do all the Mattes pads have the logo? I can’t suss why some shown have the logo and others do not. Anyone have insight?

You can choose whether or not you’d like the logo on, and what color you’d like the thread. :slight_smile:

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Some of the pre-made ones come they way they are shown. If you design your own, you choose.

I caved and got a Black Sheen square pad with a fleece underside/front trim and shim pockets, with silver and royal blue piping (and a black ear net I didn’t need to match).


They are doing 25% off again with the code MERRY25. One of my mares seems to be fitting her saddle best with a layer of sheepskin, so I am seeing another order in my future if this discount code is good for a while.

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I just ordered another pad yesterday :lol:

hmmm a little retail therapy to distract from the stress of this election is just what the dr. ordered!

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Anyone else having issues with shipping? I ordered one in mid August and was told I’d receive an update when it shipped and nothing since then. I know COVID has slowed things down but 3 months seems like a pretty long lead time. Anyone else having a similar timeline?

I ordered August 31st and have gotten 2 e-mails saying the pads are still being made in Poland and that they’ll let me know when the ship to Aus.

From July 1st on, production time is listed as 6-10 weeks, then it needs to ship to them, and then they ship it to you.

A friend of mine ordered several and they took 3 months to get to her.

I ordered mine on July 27th and they were delivered on Nov. 3rd. I only got two emails - one when they were being made in Poland and one notifying me they were shipped from Australia.

Three months is typical as said upthread. I contacted them because I couldn’t find my order details and couldn’t remember exactly what I ordered, and they responded almost immediately and we’re super helpful.

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I just ordered one last week after being hounded by their adds on Facebook while searching for a 6 pocket shim sheepskin half pad in the $100 range used. I finally gave in and browsed their site a few times (not realizing at first that the prices were in AUD and I needed to switch them to USD). I remember seeing a good review from The900FBPony so decided to give it a go, especially since the 6 pocket shim pad was all of $80 new, shipped :scream:. The site said 4-6 weeks shipping but seeing 3 months now is discouraging - I kinda need the pad sooner than later! I may have to find one to borrow until it arrives. Fingers crossed the quality is good (bought the Hufglocken brand pad, not Mattes).

Three months is for the custom Mattes products, due to the 6-10 weeks of production time in Poland. I would think an off the shelf product will be shipped much faster. Their customer service is very responsive, so I’m sure you could email ask, and even cancel the order if it’s going to take too long.

I ordered mine Sept 16, and I received an email today that they are being made.

Mine is being made now too! I ordered one earlier this year and its on its way to me now!! Just left Aus. The one I just ordered a few weeks ago is already in production so it looks like they are getting a bit quicker.

Received notice yesterday that my order from August is being prepared for shipping. I really want to order a few while there is a 25% off discount. However, I need to see one in person first to make sure there isn’t some weird fit issue with my specific horse before going hog wild ordering.

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I ordered September 30. I got an email that things were in progress on October 25, and another email this week saying production is ongoing. Hopefully they’ll ship soon.

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I placed an order July 26, and received shipment notification October 12. However, the shipment never progressed according to the tracking number.

Customer service was quick to respond, but ultimately they were unable to locate my shipment and issued a refund. Really disappointing, not sure if I’d go through that again or just pay “normal” prices to get a more timely shipment :frowning_face: