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Human-Equine Attachment Questionnaire

This survey is closing soon probably on October 10th so any more response would be super helpful for our research.
Hi all - I am a student researcher from Colorado State University in the department of psychology. We are inviting participants who are over the age of 18 and who own or rent/lease a horse. Participation will take approximately 20-30 minutes. This is an anonymous online survey. Participation in this research is voluntary. We will not collect names or any other personal identifiers. While there are no direct benefits, we hope participants will learn more about the relationship they have with their horses. They will also be helping to inform the practices of Equine Assisted Services that use horses to promote human well-being.

Here is the link to participate in this research and to complete the online survey: https://colostate.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6nhvYWZEWoinj0i

The CSU IRB (FWA0000647) has completed its review of protocol 3619 The Human-Equine Attachment Questionnaire. In accordance with federal and state requirements, and policies established by the CSU IRB, the committee has approved this protocol under Exempt review. If you have any questions about the rights of participants in this research, please contact the CSU IRB at: CSU_IRB@colostate.edu or 970-491-1553

Again? :joy:

Fill it out on another browser with fun answers :smiley:

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You’re a university student and you can’t spell “questionnaire”?
I can’t take your request seriously.


What happened to the other thread on this where we were all quite critical about the My Little Pony Black Stallion Syndrome tenor of the questions that had no relationship to actual horse people? Did it go poof? If it exists should the threads be merged?

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For your viewing pleasure :smiley:

Ah yes just found that too! Everything I wanted to say is on that thread!

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The semester is ending soon, gotta wrap up that data for the class How To Make A Survey project.

This can’t be “real” research

This is a PhD student.

The CSU fall semester ends Dec 8, it really just kicked off.

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Somehow, that’s worse. Also, I forgot about semesters vs quarters so disregard that. :laughing:

Ok come on… this isn’t an animal science survey about horse behavior, it’s about people and how horses make us feel! Feelings don’t have to be grounded in legitimate horse ethology. But, I agree to an extent, I was kind of hoping the questions would be a little more interesting. I did chuckle at “my horse wouId never judge me.” Strong disagree to that one :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Man, I agree. This coming from a 17 year old is one thing, but a full fledged adult…?

It’s also off-putting to not address any of the very fair questions that have been raised. If this student would come discuss her research, the motives behind it, and where she wants to go with it, that would lend a whole lot more legitimacy! And maybe she would get some feedback that could sharpen the focus of her survey.


She posted this survey on Reddit and didn’t respond to any comments on there either

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