Hunter/Jumper helmet?

I don’t have a huge budget at the moment (oh joys of being a single mom), and I am looking for a helmet that will be low profile, but something I can wear while showing in some B and C shows this summer, (maybe an A at the end of the year?). A friend of mine let me borrow her Tipperary Sportage yesterday, and I LOVE the fit and it didn’t make my head look really large, and price wise, I can shell out that kind of money, and on top of that, it was so incredibly cool and I didn’t overheat at all.

I just absolutely fell in love. I read some of the threads on helmets, and price wise, I cant shell out that sort of money. I just don’t want to be the odd man out and look ridiculous in a super cheap helmet. Any suggestions on something classy that is affordable single mother budget friendly? I am just getting back into jumping, and a month in, I am like OH CRUD MY TROXEL schooling helmet isn’t going to fly and I really want to do some hunters!

IRH has some nice helmets. Go to a tack shop and try on as many helmets as you can, which ever one fits best is the one you want. This is one area where you don’t want to get a cheaper option if it’s not the perfect fit!!

Charles Owen JR8 looks just like the GR8 and will set you back ~ $150.

I would recommend.

I see plenty of Tipperarys at the schooling shows I back gate at, but very few (almost none) at the rated shows. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them, but depending on your area you may look very out of place, especially if you are competing at 2’6" and up.

If fitting in matters to you (and it’s ok if it doesn’t!) I would look for something black and not shiny – IRH is definitely a good budget option. The IRH Air 10 and XR8 models are ~$170 and look a lot like the Charles Owens.

Ovation makes comfortable, inexpensive helmets. Some of their nicer models, like the Zephyr Elite, sound like just what you’re looking for.

Unfortunately there is only one tack shop that carries english anything, and I am going this weekend to look. Thank you for the suggestions. Maybe I will buy the Tipperary just for schooling and have another specifically for showing as my budget will allow. I am definitely looking at the IRH helmets though (Really nice and budget friendly!!) I wish I could have caught that Charles Owen when it was on sale, I could have picked it up!

OOH I like that Ovation helmet! Perfect for my budget and I may not get laughed at too much if I decided to go to a rated show or two. That has definitely been bookmarked!

I used the Tipperary Sportage 8500 for schooling in the hot summers because I am a “sweaty Betty.” For small, local, unrated shows, you should be fine. However, if you want to step it up a bit more, check out the Tipperary T2. It has great ventilation…though not as great as the Sportage…and a removable washable liner. The helmet sort of looks like a GPA Speed Air. It’s around $200. I really like it as my main second schooling helmet. Or, you could always do the CO JYR8, but those suckers don’t breathe. I have the AYR8, but I think that might be out of your budget.

What is your face shape? Oval, round, long oval? I find that Tipperary’s and CO’s fit oval and long oval faces very well, whereas IRH helmets are for people with round heads.

Good luck!!! :slight_smile:

OOH I like that Ovation helmet! Perfect for my budget and I may not get laughed at too much if I decided to go to a rated show or two. That has definitely been bookmarked![/QUOTE]

Definitely seen that one in my area, still in the lower levels but since it’s less shiny it won’t stand out as much!

As long as its black you wont look odd man out, I see all kinds at shows (even A sows). Honestly. The Ovation is nice and if you need to order it in 3 sizes from SmartPak and return what doesn’t fit. You’ll be fine; just get ones that ASTM/SEI certified.

Honestly, if you are doing Jumpers as long as it’s ASTM you’re fine. What matters is that is fits well and is comfortable. I forgot my GPA at an A show and wore (shockers!) my beat up Tippary Sportage in green. Didn’t affect how my horse jumped.

Now if you are doing hunters, that a whole 'nother ball of wax. But still, if it’s black, matte, and reasonably low-profile/traditional you’ll be fine. Honestly the judges don’t care as long as it fits well and isn’t obnoxious (glitter, sparkles, shiny, colored…) it’s only the folks at the ringside who may say rude things.

A few years back when the GPAs were new everyone was aghast when someone in the hunter ring had one one, “Oh my goodness, look at the misplaced jumper!” If you put in a good trip, you placed. Now no one blinks an eye.

My daughter wears her Tipperary T4 in the pony Hunter ring and she typically pins in the top 3 or 4 (frequently 1 or 2) at A rated shows. She also rides a cute but decidedly “mutt” pony against all the lovely Welshes and so far that hasn’t mattered too much either. Buy what fits and what you can afford. I got my daughter the Tipperarys (she schools in a Sportage) because I love how much of her head they cover. All the way down to her eyebrows (where a helmet is supposed to sit) and way low back on her head. The more head I can cover the better in my opinion, even if all the other kids are wearing their Charles Owens.

Tack of the Day has a bunch of COs on sale:

I have an IRH and an Ovation Zephyr and I really like both of them. I show in my IRH but saw lots of people in the Ovation at the last local show I went to. It’s a perfect helmet to use for both schooling and showing, especially if you do mostly local shows.

I have an Ovation Deluxe Schooler that I wore at quite a few shows last year (A rated). Got more compliments on that hat than my Samshield and it’s super comfortable to boot!

Definitely order from somewhere that has returns. I second smartpak, truly fabulous customer service

Many of the brands fit decidedly different, and different models and manufacturing years within a brand will vary

As much as anyone recommends particular brands because that is their preference…helmets are just one of those things that have to fit YOUR head properly. Helmet fit will all depend on if you have a round head, or a more oval shape.

Try on ALL of the helmets in your price range, and go from there.

You could potentially write down the helmets, style and size down, and watch for a good sale on a tack site, for closer to show season.

Try the Charles Owen JR8 which can be found for ~$150 or occasionally less. It looks almost identical to their much more expensive helmet (GR8) with the main difference being the harness. No one will notice that from a distance. Even though it’s their juniors helmet model it comes in all the adult sizes too.

So of course I took a quick peek on Smartpak to see what’s out there… And I found the Ovation Z also comes in this color and now I think I need a new schooling helmet lol

HOWEVER I think that the black Ovation Z is a great option and no reason you couldn’t get by on this Troxel as well:

The Ovation Deluxe Schooler is also appropriate:

OneK helmets are nice and not expensive. I use mine for schooling, but I wouldn’t mind showing in it. I have a tiny pin-head and the small is a little big since I cut my long hair off, but adjusting the harness made it work again. If COs fit you (that is the only other brand that seems to fit me well), the OneK might be one to try.