Hunter sires? Dacaprio or Diamo Blue?

Does anyone have offspring by Dacaprio or Diamo Blue for the hunter ring? Love to hear your thoughts!

Our mare was bred to Dacaprio (we loaned her to a breeder). Her colt is gorgeous (dark bay with lots of chrome) and has a very friendly, level-headed temperament (trainer told new owner he is “one of the easiest colts I’ve started”). Of course, I don’t know how much comes from Dacaprio and how much comes from the mare.

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I have one I love, he does the junior hunters and is straightforward as can be. He’s the hack winner and a beautiful jumper. I would scoop up another Dacaprio in a heartbeat!

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How tall is he? I might have to rethink that one!!

I have one :slight_smile: She is an absolute doll. She was mentioned in this ancient thread (original post), well before I bought her: Dacaprio?

She is pretty small (15.3 tops) but WALKS the lines. She’s doing 2’6" currently, not for lack of ability; mostly because she is so ammy friendly and that’s her current lot in life :laughing:

She snubs the chestnut mare misnomer in every way. Everywhere she goes she gets compliments on her beautiful looks and manners. Anyone could ride her, honestly. She is just the absolute best.

Mine is tall! Around 17 hands