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I bought a pony! Meet Lola

… and it’s another palomino Morgan mare. She’s 8 years old, nicely trained, and very calm and sweet (but has an impish side – she IS a pony after all, at 14 hands if she stretches.)

We are headed to a barn where we can get some help with training, getting used to each other, etc. There are wonderful trails – and yes, she trail rides. Feronia is at a different barn, but I might move Lola at some point.

She’s sturdy and up to my weight, but I am going to try to lose a bit for her sake.

Video from when I tried her

She comes from a breeder I really respect. Anne Wyland breeds very fancy trail Morgans that are rich in the show lines of past decades, and definitely can hold their own in the show ring. A lot of them come in pretty colors!

They come in all levels of spice, and while some are quite tall, others are little. Lola is on the low end of spicy (but not a deadhead), and one of the littler ones.

Here’s her baby pictures.

Here’s her pedigree:

I am just so happy!


The video didn’t link for me, but it could be my computer that needs an upgrade to stay friends with the browser.

Foal photos so cute! :grin:

I changed the link - give it a try.

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Woohoo! Best of luck with your new dance partner. I think she will bring a smile to you every time you see her. Cheers!!

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She has Upwey Ben Don and some Orclands!
I love Morgans.
She is lovely.
Have fun!


Congratulations!!! Upwey Ben Don is one of my favorite Morgans of all time (and I have Lippitts - go figure. LOL)


Upwey Ben Don was super handsome and typey, regardless of what the purists think. My older mare has 2 fairly close crosses to him via Kingston.


And… I live in the area where Orcland Farm and Waseeka Farm were - about halfway in between.

My older mare has been seen by 2 vets who are Orcutts - Dr. Bob Jr, and Helen (Orcutt) Noble. And the farrier for the Morgan filly I had years ago was also an Orcutt.


Congratulations! She’s super cute.

She will have the best home, with the best adventures!! Congratulations.


How nice to meet a new horse that is pleasantly pudgy instead of a hatrack 2. :smiley:


Congratulations :heart:

Congratulations! Always room for another palomino Morgan!

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I don’t have the experience for the hat-racks, and I board, so as we’ve seen with some of them, things get complicated if the horse needs extra feed.


Congratulations! She’s beautiful!

With that mane and tail, and her coloring, you’ll have little girls hanging off her legs everywhere you go, lol! :rofl:


Congratulations. From those baby pictures she looks like a little spitfire :two_hearts: :star_struck:

Congrats! She looks awesome, and I’m sure that you will have fun with her on the beach!

Oh quietann she is gorgeous! You definitely have a “type” :wink: So happy for you!!

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Oh, she is just beautiful! A palomino Morgan is one of my dream horses. You’ll have so much fun!

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Beautiful! I’d love to find one like that!

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