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I forgot the damn hoof pick

Between COVID and moving from an area with an active driving group back to North Idaho to help care for my mom, the ponies and I haven’t gotten out much in the last three years.

That means I was in full on St Nick mode making a list and checking it twice for a 4-day combined driving clinic last week. Unlike me, the pony doesn’t travel light: hay (extra hay), pony pellets (in individual, Pony Club -approved, labeled paper bags plus extras), sweat sheet, fly mask, boots, bell boots, extra boots, helmet for me and navigator, extra helmets, armbands, extra arm bands, buckets, leather traveling halter and beta under halter, extra leather and beta halters, extra buckets, grain tub, haynet, salt, marathon vest, navigator’s vest, mane comb, tail brush, Coggins and CVI, map of facility, schedule of lessons, stall guard, harness, extra bits, extra harness pieces, first aid kit, braiding supplies, grooming kit with hard and soft brushes, rubber whatsit, cactus cloth, soft stable cloth, face brushes, and sweat scraper; two ear nets in colors that complement the pony, carriage, carriage ramps, spares kit…really, all the things. All the things, neatly squeezed into two very heavy rolly totes.

After checking off boxes on the list for the fourth time, I was really only worried about hitting rush hour traffic and the possibility of Mr O’Pony noodling around like a squirrel on meth because we’re out of the habit of going new places and meeting new friends.

As it happens, not only was there noodling, but there was also NO HOOF PICK. In all the list making, and all the box checking, I forget the damn hoof pick. On the last day, as I was packing up, having used the curved end of a mane comb all week, I realized I keep a hoof pick in the spares kit…


Beautiful horse! Last horse show I went to solo without my usual barn mates as they had a last minute emergency crop up. I also obsessively tried to remember every little thing. I did really well. Only forgot one thing ….a human hair brush for moi. I used my horse’s lol. All in all did you have fun?


I did it the other way around, needed a tail brush, shared mine with boy!


Ha, hoof picks? Don’t feel bad.
We have several of those cheapies in every grooming bag or box, by every stall, hanging in all walls of washrooms, on all hitching rails and gates, doors, by every faucet, you can’t miss one somewhere, except when you are in a hurry, hoof picks have this neat trick of becoming invisible. :roll_eyes:


We had a really good time, learned (and re-learned) a lot, and made it there and back safely. Will definitely go to the clinic again next year, and feel like we could realistically noodle around at a weekend event later this summer.


Awesome! Your horse is lovely what is his name ?

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Darby O’Pony. He’s a Welsh section B, but he considers himself Irish American. : )
I love him to pieces.


Love love love Darby!!! :unicorn: :heart: :shamrock:


He’s very fond of peppermints

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I think we need more pictures !


I am the person who is known by my fellow riders as over-the-top obsessive about packing for shows. So naturally I am the person they will come to when one of them forgets something. I could list many items as examples, but no one has ever asked me for a hoof pick.

Some things are almost beyond belief. I mean, who goes to a horse trial and forgets to pack a girth? Luckily I had four, assorted lengths. Perhaps my favorite request was for a riding helmet.


Not a trial, but a long weekend horsecamping 3h from home.
TG, friend had a loaner, TGx2 as my horse needed a 58 :grimacing:
Girth was hanging on my gate when we got home.

@ThreeWishes I can go you 1 better.
Weekend show & I did not pack a change of shoes for myself. Or shampoo.
I spent 2 days in my tall boots before I could sneak away to a Target & buy cheap sneakers & shampoo. Horse shampoo PH is no bueno for my hair :confused:

@cattywampus Mr O’Pony is very hsndsome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And forbearing.
In the pic it appears he is trying very hard to not give you side-eye.
Probably thinking “Hoomins!”


I’ll just show my self out……


I mean, I got pictures of this pony. Mostly they are views of his nose before peppermints are inserted, or views of his bum from the carriage. This is a rare Whole Pony View getting ready for a cones lesson.


Well you could print off your lisr, add hoof pick and be ready for the next excursion!! Ha ha That is a very nice, all-inclusive list for anyone to use when going out to compete.

Glad to hear things went well and you had FUN.

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Totally amending list to add hoof pick. Can’t believe I didn’t have it on there.

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My absolute cockup this winter

I flew to my national indoor champs for archery and forgot to pack my limbs. You cannot run to a store and just buy limbs the day before.


Ruh roh. What did you do?

Scratched and sat in hotel for two days. Not a lot of exciting thing to do in Sacramento in March

Are limbs like the whole bow? Like you need two? I’m not into the terminology, but looked on Amazon. That’s what it looks like?