I got to see the New Year in, stuck in Hospital! Share your pneumonia recovery stories

“A hospital? What is it?”

“It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now”

And I feel so much for having at last worked that in.

Seriously though, I took ill on 28th, felt worse on 29th, and got taken over by the NHS. Called 111 and they sent me to a hospital, where I got triaged, saw the Doc, and got referred to the large hospital from Hell. Carrying a piece of paper saying that the chest people have accepted you, means feck all…so I spend all night 7 hours, on a chair, then get a gurney in a cubicle and oxygen, have 3 drips run, and an X-ray taken. Seems the first Doctor I had seen several hours before knew what she was about, I have pneumonia.

Looking at my third night in, and really hoping to go home tomorrow. Everyone working here deserves a freaking medal for coping with the :poop: show that Covid, flu, pneumonia and whatever else is going about.

Ok moan done, really hoping to escape tomorrow, I need some real air, real people etc. question is I have been scaring myself reading the recovery time from pneumonia, at 65, am I going to be fighting back for a while? :rofl::rofl::rofl: yes that does mean when will I feel like riding again?


I’m so sorry and hope you have turned the corner and out now. If you are stuck in can you get some podcasts going to pass the time?

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I hope you feel better soon!


jingles for a quick recovery .


Yup, feeling like a human again, very hopeful of getting out tomorrow, just trying to work out what rehab will be like…



I hope you’re feeling better and do get to make a break for freedom tomorrow. Just don’t overdo it if you do get out.

Jingles for a quick recovery!!


I’m glad you’re feeling better! Hope you’re out soon.


Aww poor you! I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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Hoping you are feeling better by now.
I had pneumonia two months ago and my doctor tested for all kinds of things, it was just plain pneumonia from asthma exacerbation and two rounds of prednisone finally cleared things up.
What my doctor also said, I was borderline needing to be in the hospital, but hospitals were full of very sick and infectious people, he didn’t want me there if he could help it, so try at home first.

The recovery is lengthy, I am just now starting to feel well, barely.
You need to let your lungs heal and they take as long as they take.
Good luck getting back on your feet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Took a bit of a downturn last night, but improving now.


Good for you, keep rallying, lung troubles are tough.

Hope that you are safely back home.

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Let us know how you are today when you get a chance. Jingling that you are home now.

I’m sat on the chair with me bags packed, waiting discharge papers and meds….should be out soon, feeling so much better today.


Good news!

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Wonderful! Hope you’re out by now!

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Home safe, now to get well


Good news. Take good care of yourself.


I hope you’re feeling better today and slept well last night. Rest and recuperate.


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