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I have an OTTB and she is a mare and I love her!

I have been horse shopping since last year. I too had geldings as a high priority . In an wanted ad I put down “gelding or non mare-ish mare who loves geldings” but I was scared to get a mare as I see folks in the barn ride the struggle bus with their mares. On Regulate, raspberry leaf , ect. I see others post ads “No mares or TB/TB crosses”. I kept forgetting I had had 2 other good mares and 3 TB/TB crosses that were great. So when I saw my girl, I was nervous. Oh God, what if she turns into a hot mess every months, what if she’s horrible with other horses. Her owner assured me she was not so I got her.

9 year old OTTB 16.2 mare, Amazing Grace, and she is the sweetest thing on 4 legs! You can’t tell when she’s in heat except she’s a bit flirty with my gelding in the pasture. Easy on the ground, lovely mover. She is now my 3rd GOOD mare and 4th TB. Folks if you are horse shopping, even if you are a low level AA, don’t overlook a mare . And don’t necessarily pass by a TB. Look at the individual not the breed. Pic of the best girl!


She’s lovely. What is her breeding?


She is lovely. I love my geldings, but I LOVE my mare. :smiley:


We tend to hear more about the problem mares. I have had plenty of mares and they were/ are all good!

She is beautiful!!


I love mares! I have two OTTB mares right now and honestly think they can get such a bad rep. Beautiful horse you have! Congratulations on finding a good one :slight_smile:


She is an OTTB. If you are into race breeding, she raced in OK under the name Train To Palazzo.


Lovely pedigree!


I had a mare when I was a teenager - a CHESTNUT mare at that. Registered AQHA but a 16.1 appendix bred to race. I bought her out of a cow pasture from a older gentleman named Oscar. I had just turned 16 so I was able to drive myself to the barn (one of the requirements per my parents) and per Oscar she really liked me when we went to try her. SOLD!

She has a bit of a diva. Picky about her grain. She ONLY ate peanut M&Ms as treats apparently (I don’t even know if that’s good for horses…but that’s what he gave her!).

And - she was THE BEST. She had a bit of mare face sometimes and had to have a red ribbon in her tail at shows. But the heart she had - oh my! I’d take an opinionated mare any day (as long as they allow you to at least be a part of the conversation - hehe). She actually rode better when she was in heat!

Love the mares!


Always been a mare person.

I might be getting a new one soon. Put a deposit on her today, and PPE is next. Apparently I have a type: palomino Morgan mares. Except this one is fun-sized, 14 hands.



I too used to be a gelding person… but since I have been refining my riding skills, learning to ask, not tell - I can get along with mares now (crazy I know)!

My current mare is an OTTB too. She is a lovebug, sweet, quiet, and an easy keeper. What’s not to like?


She’s a beauty!! :heart_eyes: Congrats!!

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:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Another beautiful OTTB bay mare. They’re the best! Ask me how I know. :racehorse:


The best horse I ever had was my OTTB mare. Loved her and still miss her every day (lost her at 23 to a pasture accident). She was the easiest horse to own, ride, train, love, show, and live with. She was my first mare and always got annoyed when people would stereotype mares and OTTB’s! OTTB’s are not all hot, crazy and NQR soundness wise. And not all mares are opinionated, moody or difficult. She was none of these.

I have had 2 more mares since her—one is sweet too, and very level headed----but had unfortunate health issues that caused me to retire her young. My other mare fits the mare mold better LOL—she is very good at giving mare glares and is quite spicy—but she is also a worker bee type that gives 150% whenever you ride her----there are no 80% rides on her!

Recently I bought a gelding for the first time in ages. He is growing on me—but I’m not sure I’ll ever have the same bond with him as I did with my first mare! She was truly my horse of a lifetime!

Enjoy your lovely mare—the good ones are gems!0001


Wow, she was pretty!! So sorry for your loss. I lost a much-loved bay OTTB mare to a pasture accident at 13. :cry:


Congratulations OP on your beautiful TB mare!
I love mares and Thoroughbreds in particular…
It makes me furious when people repeat unfair and untrue stereotypes about them, “hot, crazy. spooky” etc.
Just think about what those young TB babies see at the racetrack on a daily basis, and how they handle it incredibly.
Next time you watch a big race, listen to the huge roaring crowds, all the commotion, all the other horses, and remember, these are 2 and 3 yr olds! And they handle it!
(sorry for the rant - I have had a lifetime of loving Thoroughbreds, and hearing the misinformed comments about them!)
Right now I have a TB boarded at barn full of lovely WBs - and he is the only one guaranteed NOT to spook at anything!. :slight_smile:
Very best of luck with your new girl, and same to everyone else who posted with their lovely TB mares!


Oooh! Best of luck. You need “fun size” in your life. Please keep us posted.

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Congrats OP and to all the other mare owners. I only had mares for years (except for a stallion waaay back), absolutely loved them. Once a relationship was established, they gave 100% and took care of me as I learned about eventing. And I took care of them even making the hardest decision when necessary. They were wonderful, and several were OTTBs. I have my first purchased gelding now, and he’s got a great personality, but he’s not a mare.

Now @CindyCRNA would you please delete this thread? We HAVE to keep mares a secret so they stay available to those “in the know”. :wink::grin:


I only look at mares, haha. Congrats on your girl, she’s beautiful!


Another mare lover here! I too have an OTTB mare who is the kindest sweetest thing ever. Love her to pieces!