I have to tell someone... finally under contract on a farm! 8 months later, it’s ours!

I’m trying to keep this on the down low in my real life circle of friends and acquaintances… so the logical thing to do is post it on a public forum! :rofl:

But we finally had an offer accepted on a small farm and are under contract!!!

Please cross every finger and toe you have that it’s smooth sailing until settlement day! We have been trying to purchase for YEARS and keep running into hot real estate markets with low inventory. Hopefully that is all behind us now! Although I’ll be nervous until keys are in my hand.

I will gladly update with more details when it’s official. I’m feeling superstitious, but also want to shout it from the rooftops after searching for so long.



How exciting!!! Congrats!!

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SWEET!!! Everything possible crossed for you and look forward to the update!

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No one here will tell, congratulations!

Jingles all goes well and you will end with those keys in your hands soon.

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YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Yes, I’m yelling and so so happy for you!

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@Texarkana CONGRATS!! :tada:

Pictures, of course, after it’s a done deal since you know the rules… no pictures, it didn’t happen.

So happy you are now under contract… the first step!

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@Where_sMyWhite Gladly! Once the key is in my hot little hands!

I will have to go back and see who it was, but someone on one of my previous real estate threads said their husband backed out of an offer and she was livid, only to have the perfect place appear a short time later. That is pretty much exactly what happened to us, too.


Mazel Tov~!


Yay!!! I’m so happy for you! I will keep all my digits crossed that this one works out!

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How exciting! Crossing everything for you!

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I think it might have been me cause that certainly happened to us.

Mr LS still gives me side eye over it lol


Yes! It was your story! Thank you for sharing because otherwise I was ready to throttle Mr. Texarkana. :joy: The other property was very nice, but this one has more to offer.


"Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait’. Finally it’s your turn.

We’re all so HAPPY for you!!!


Best post!!!
So glad to read this.

I am going to Jingle for a smooth closing!

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Lol! I know the feeling! Shopping for real estate is a frustrating process. We looked, off and on, for almost 4 years!

I’m so happy you found something and I hope it goes smoothly with minimal hiccups!!

We had a hurricane hit while we were under contract. Trees came down that barely missed the house!

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Ahhhhh how exciting!! It sure brings back the memories of us closing on ours.

We almost picked a piece of property that was just lovely with some cool trails through it. I was the hesitant one. We had a drought situation going on and right around the time we needed to finally make a decision, it rained and I told DH we needed to go look at the property. OMG so much flooding!

And then we did find the perfect place.



Yay!!! I know and love that feeling!

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It’s funny you mention this. We had snow covering the ground, then a day of heavy rain on Monday. I drove by the property to see how it “behaved.” We are close to sea level and very flat, so standing water is a real issue after a day like that.

I turned up the road and saw drainage ditches full and literal ponds in yards and pastures. The next door neighbor didn’t just have a pond, their property was a lake!

But the one we are purchasing (:crossed_fingers: ) had just normal levels of mud and puddles. Granted I couldn’t walk the land or anything, but from the road, the drainage looked quite good. It’s on a bit of higher ground than the neighboring properties and that definitely seems to be an advantage.

On the way home, I passed two other properties we tried to buy and were beat out: both had significant ponding in their pastures. Everything really does seem to work out how it should.


I think we’ve all seen instances where something we wanted to happen didn’t, leaving us scratching our heads in frustration. Later finding out that there is usually a reason something happens, you just have to wait :smiley:


It’s really amazing how we don’t now why something did/didn’t happen, until we have enough hindsight.

No doubt some land is worth it to deal with the occasional “water front” deal, but if it’s going to be a regular thing during regular weather, yikes!

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