I have to tell someone... finally under contract on a farm! 8 months later, it’s ours!

Hmm. I always had it in my head that you were in Frederick or Washington county. I guess not.

No, other side of the state! Eastern shore…

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The listing says “pending” now, yay!!!


Yes! Things are trucking right along! Inspections are next week. No closing date yet because of the additional parties involved in the sale, but we know it will be no later than the end of April and will likely be much sooner.


That’s wonderful, I’m so excited for you! Great time of year to move and settle your horses in too.

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Yay for you! Fingers crossed. And a little envy, because I would love to sell this place and upsize but no way we can afford it the way the market has blown up here :joy:

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The market has blown up almost everywhere! I hope you can find something.

Where I currently live, it’s not that we have an influx of people trying to move into the area, but there are a lot of things in place keeping inventory low. There was a thread on a local Facebook group recently about how the average person in this area stays in their home somewhere between 25 to 30 years. People don’t move. On top of that, the worst thing you can say around here is “new construction.” They actively try to prevent it. That makes it really hard for my generation to purchase.

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We’re not seriously looking now - there’s pretty much nothing with more land to buy except cash only major fixers and mobile home tear downs, or the million+ dollar mcmansions. I threaten to sell this place every winter when the mud starts choking the life out of me :joy: and I do keep an eye on area listings just in case.

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Inspections have been completed! There are two issues that need resolution: on with the well, one with the septic. Neither are dealbreakers or would cause us to walk away. Neither are particularly expensive to address. The well issue we were aware of, the septic issue is “new” over the past week because of a previous minor issue the seller never addressed. But both will impact our lender’s appraisal, so the seller seems motivated to address them so they don’t lose money on the sale. We shall see…


Things moving along for you, keeping fingers crossed all turns out for the best and soon.

:tada: :tada:

I had one fall through after inspection because they couldn’t find the septic tank or drain field. We would have had to just start digging with a backhoe to try and find it. Then depending on what was found $$$$ or $$$$$.

Then we found what seems to us practically perfect. The market is crazy. Farms are listed, then I see pending the same day. We were lucky.

Geez Louise @baybrio! That doesn’t sound like a fun project. I know at my farm in TN our 2 septic systems weren’t on file with the county. We could find them, but were never quite sure were the drain field was.

This issue is very fixable; the electric line at the float switch got detached (weed eater I think?). But they didn’t fix it and the tank filled up.

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Hope it continues to move forward!

Our place had multiple minor issues reported on the inspections but our sellers were motivated and got everything addressed! Hope yours will too!

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Updating because I’m going to lose my mind:

We were told we would set a closing date by the end of March. Ha! Hahahahahaha.

Three weeks ago we learned the sale had to be advertised as a public notice in the local paper because of the seller’s situation. Our realtor told us the judge would ratify the sale “in a few days.”

Today I learned the earliest the judge can ratify the sale is April 26. That doesn’t it mean it will happen that day, it’s just the earliest possible date.

We can’t set a closing date until after that. Again, it will just be “a few days” after allegedly, but I’ve grown wiser.

I am so frustrated but there is nothing we can do.


Will be sitting on pins and needles and thinking strong sales ratifying and closing date of April 26!!

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Oh, there is ZERO chance closing will be that day. That’s just the approval of the sale. Closing will be an undetermined period of time after that. :cry:

I’m coming to terms with the fact I’m going to need to put up my fans for summer at the rental farm because we won’t be at the new place anytime soon.

Doesn’t mean that I can’t hope that anyway :smiley:

Baby steps, but steps!

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with this.

I would really hate to walk away from our purchase, especially in this market. Though our offer does expire the end of this month. Surely we can extend it… but not for years…

I’m feeling sorry for myself as all my spring and summer property improvements I had planned fly out the window. First world problems. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll go get the window units for our rental farmhouse installed because it looks like we are going to be here awhile. Good thing nothing of importance is packed yet.


I suggest you put the fans up ASAP, because it will ensure you don’t end up needing them. :rofl: Kind of like how I just moved hay from my aisle into the extra stall today because I am temporarily giving up my horse search…I’m sure any day now the right horse will fall into my lap and I’ll have to move it out again!

Seriously though, that is super frustrating! I’m sorry for the delay and will be keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out.


@Libby2563 You are so right! And I thought the horse search was over? :confused: